20 thoughts on “Is the Secret Formula by Bob Patrick a Worthwhile Investment?”

  1. This punk Bob Patrick better hope I don’t ever run into him in person

    Like some below, I too fell for this – I usually do my due diligence but I follow a reputable marketer and trusted their recommendation. I figured why would they have this punk on their webinar and if they didnt trust him themselves. STUPID ME!

    And this punk has currently opened up the same course again today – I wish I could access those that get on his webinar to warn them about his SCAM! Hopefully, they research and find this site for reviews.

    PEOPLE BE WARNED! His On Target Mail and Email Funnel courses is a major SCAM! Youll lose access to the course after a few weeks and he won’t reply to any of your emails

    • Yeah I was scammed by the course too. BEWARE Dan is the kid who made it and Anthony Mastellone is the one who has the Email Funnel thing, and they are boh scam artists. Beware they are both crooks!

  2. I just watched his webinar and looks like genuine. All that sounds too good to be true. At the end I was like I really wanted to join it. Thankfully I don’t fall to these jaw dropping secret formula, I prefered to do my research first and found this great website with honest reviews. I feel sad for those who lost their money on this scam. But the logic in this is nobody in the world will share a method like this where you only have to get traffic to earn. Do your research well guys. Though I had to say I learned some interesting stuffs, most of what he says are true, like the email system, finding leads and convincing them to buy your product. Whats a scam is the system he is selling. With a 100 bucks you can have a domain, hosting, build a squeeze page, sign up for a free trial autoresponder and start building your own business. If you are stuck then just buy a premium wp plugin for creating any landing, squeeze pages or a store and all you have to do is just drag and drop. Anyway I must say learnt a few marketing tricks from him…

  3. I had a student of mine sign up for the program. They offered him help getting into PPC networks and finding offers for that. Support answered they do not do that. ( i have screenshots of these promises) So he wanted a refund. They told him they do not do a refund.
    But there was a follow up webinar, called on the fence, where he says after 1: 02:14 where he says: refund within 14 days, just contact support. So he is scammed BIG time. Do NOT buy OTM or On Target Mail, as the program is now called in 2018.

  4. I got warned about this shyster, months ago….thank GOD! Don’t BUY…don’t BUY don’t BUY from that (Bob) guy! All the best – The Dirty Cap Guy – Jim.

  5. I’ve been scammed by Bob Patrick, too. Same story, with a few different details. I didn’t buy into the suggested webhost, because I use a hoster I have a long history with. After a couple weeks I get an email asking if I want to purchase more emails. Since I’m thinking, yes, bigger has to be better, I buy into that and the upgrade on the server. I get a email that says great, we’ll get you setup. A week later still no setup. I check the url and now it is redirected to some link I’ve never seen before. I ask what’s up with that and they say “It’s just the changeover. It will be working shortly. Oh and you are using the wrong url – it should be .com not .net.” What?! I check out the supposed url I should be using and it is a webpage for auto bicycle racks in Bangkok, Thailand. Still not working today. I implemented chargeback processes against them. Don’t know if I will get anything back or not. I just wish I had been smarter in researching first. However, in my defense, I was taken in by the referral from a marketer that I do respect that introduced (as an affiliate I assume) me to the webinar. You see it all the time, one host sending out a webinar call for another product. I certainly learned my lesson. 1) Research on the first and 2) Don’t think that referrals from a known good marketer are totally vetted. They should be, but everybody makes a mistake, intentionally or otherwise. I am telling any marketer that sends me messages to buy-in to Bob Patrick what a scam it is and that it will make me think twice about their stuff being related to it.

  6. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this review site before I fell into one of Bob Patrick’s Money Trap’s.

    Anyone going to any of his webinars should check Bob out first.

    In the webinar, Bob Patrick gives a 14 day, no questions asked for a refund and he repeated it 3-5 times.

    That should be a warning as most legitimate web businesses give a 30-60 day refund policy to allow you to take a real look.

    Kind of looks like Bob Patrick doesn’t want to give you time to figure out what’s really going on with his operation?

    After about 4 days of problems logging in to both sites,
    I requested a refund without Bob responding for days.

    Finally, someone else sent me an email saying, Sorry to see you go.

    However, Bob said he could reduce what I paid by 50% and keep everything in place which was 10,000 emails per month on my own servers (that he was putting together just for me) for the next 12 months. So, I went with it. Too bad for me, it wasn’t 50% it was more like a 20% refund. Even the problems still persisted and never a response from him. Of course, he kept sending me emails with an invitation to more webinars. Is that nuts or what?

    Again, I asked for a full refund which I only got part of it returned. This was all within the 14 day refund period. Bob Patrick is still hanging on to just under $1500 of my money. He could have reached into my wallet and extracted that money and walk away with a big smile on his face.

    I would consider that a felony, wouldn’t you? Thank you, Bob Patrick!

    I can’t even get him to respond to any of my emails.
    So I’ve filed a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General’s office. I’m not even sure he’s in New York.

    For anyone who’s been stung by Bob Patrick, you may want to file a complaint yourself. This is a case of consumer fraud. The more complaints filed, the better the chances to help other people avoid these types of situations.

    As I’m writing this, the Attorney General’s Office in NY just called me back and gave me instructions for filing my complaint.
    Their number in NY is 212-416-8433

    A.G. in NY online https://ag.ny.gov/filing-consumer-complaint

    Federal Trade Commission:

    You can file your own complaint online with the FTC or
    call 877-382-4357 to speak with an FTC counselor

    Be careful, Bob Patrick’s a sweet talker.
    He sounds good but doesn’t deliver the goods…
    and his level of honesty is somewhat SUSPECT!
    You Think??
    I’ll be checking back to this site so if anybody has
    additional info, please post it. If you run across any
    other place to post complaints in reference to Bob,
    please let me know by posting it here on this site

    Thanks to the site owner Steve for allowing me to post.

  7. Thank goodness I found this review site. Exactly as above, yes this is the EXACT same pitch used over a year and a half ago as per the screenshots above. I emailed John Crestani (scammiest internet marketer out there preying on the hopes of those who are looking for the golden egg of “no work all play, live your dreams” internet marketing and the support email for this to find out EXACT pricing. Five emails later not a single response AND the support emails actually BOUNCED BACK!! Stay away from this system. Just as said above it is simply spam and impossible to sustain as a long-term business model. Email marketing is a respectable business when done right. This is not a business. As mentioned it is spray and pray. Not a business at all. Remember as with most of these guys. 1. The methods they preach are likely outdated as they have sucked all the profits they can out of it. 2. Anything that is “that good” or a “secret” would truly be kept to themselves for mass profits. Don’t fall for these types of secrets guys. Clickbank (most popular marketplace for these offers) has ZERO barrier to entry. With any sort of research online you can start small and build over time.

    • The fact that they’re using the same webinar from years ago has me thinking they haven’t bothered to update their methods either. You’re correct that email marketing done right can be lucrative and a very valid business, but the methods being advertised here are far from “done right.”

  8. I tried Bob Patrick’s Power Mail Pro and Power Cloud Host and I do feel conned. As a part of the signup, you have to buy a domain and hosting. Powercloudhost took my money, then sent me a different domain than I claimed. I sent countless emails about it, asking me to either give me the domain I did claim, or to refund me. Never got a decent reply. $ 120 down the drain.
    Powermailpro did give me access to something that looks similar to the instruction videos. But their support is nonexistant. I have not been able to use the system and never got any support despite countless emails. Another $ 1497 lost because they never answer any emails. Don’t buy this.

  9. Hello Steve,

    This Secret Webinar offer is being promoted again this week and what I found most interesting is how it “has never been revealed before.” Based on that I figured I wouldn’t have a ghost of a chance of finding a review on it but lo and behold… here we are.

    Google Bob’s name and “Secret Webinar” and there are plenty of ways to learn the gist of it all before the pitch fest begins.

    Mitch Sanders recently ran his mass email marketing offer so it looks like “email marketing” has made a full course run from being dead to the latest money making discovery.

    I signed up for the webinar to get more info and what I did find exceptional (and figure will likely to increase engagement) was having access to worksheet that can be filled in during the webinar.

    That was brilliant.

    Thank you for your most in depth and REAL review of this program.


  10. Thanks for saving me the bother of wasting time on the webinar. Sounds not just very bad practice spamming but also illegal.

  11. I tried the program as a sucker, and it simply did not work.

    I sent 1 Million email for the entire month, it simply did not convert. Don’t try folks.

    • I also tried this it just did not work I had more unsubscribes and spam which is damaging to your business.
      It may not be classed as a scam but to not offer any refund says it all do not waste your money.

  12. Hey Steve,
    Thank you for this objective review. I saw this offer back on the 1st week of October, watched the webinar and didn’t go for it as I was skeptical.

    This I received another email for this one, watched the webinar again and decided it may be worth a try to improve my numbers but thought I might want to do some research on it and my search got me to some reviews, yours included.

    Looking through the photos above, I noticed that they’re the same as the one I watched just now. I guess this webinar could be a replay of what was done a year and a half or more ago.

    Thanks again.


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