My Premier Business is promoting itself as the answer to all of grocery shopping woes. They claim that all you need to do is sign up, tell a few friends how great the program is, help them tell their friends and then you will never have to pay for groceries or worry about money again.

I claim, bull.

What is My Premier Business and is it a Scam?

I always get worried when the only way to make money with a program is to get other people to sign up under you forming that all too familiar pyramid shape. Below is an actual still from the MPBToday presentation…

Clearly they’re not trying to hide anything here.

Essentially, My Premier Business is just a 2×2 Matrix Cycler which is nothing more than your common pyramid scheme. You have pay $200 to join and you are tasked with finding 2 people to join under you. After that, you need to help those two people find two more people to join for a total of six people in your little pyramid. Once you fill up your matrix, you get a $200 Walmart card and $300 in cash. After that you move to the top of a new pyramid and the process repeats.

Problem is, it’s incredibly hard to completely fill up a matrix. The FTC estimates that only 14% of people who join a 2×2 matrix will ever get paid. This means the company is making a killing from signups while having to payout very, very little. The only people getting rich in this case are the people running the matrix and experienced marketers who can sell this to massive lists. The average consumer (YOU) will lose money in a 2×2 matrix.

Basic math and reasoning skills tell you that this type of business model can not go on indefinitely. A company cannot simply double in size over and over. Growth will eventually stall and there will be a ton of people left out in the cold.

I know the videos make it seem like MPBToday is the answer to all your financial woes, but in reality, the program is only going to contribute to them. I recommend you stay far away from MPBToday and anyone who is pressuring you to join.

MPB Today Contact Information

Name: MPB Today
Phone: (850) 466-2160
Address: 8812 Grow Dr. Pensacola, FL 32514
Principal: Gary Calhoun, Owner/Manager
Customer Contact: Gary Calhoun, Owner/Manager – (850) 466-2160

Why I don’t try MLMs

Since starting this blog, I have never done a full review of a multi-level marketing program. I try and stay as far away from them as possible. Really, the only people who make any money in MLMs are those at the top. Running this blog puts me at a severe advantage. I have thousands of readers and could easily promote any MLM as the answer to all your financial woes and make a TON of money. Unfortunately, the majority of my readers would be hard-pressed to make anywhere near the amount of money I could make with the program.

I’m not about to compromise my integrity just to make a few dollars. I run this blog to help you guys, not profit off of your misfortune. So, that’s why I stay far away from MLM programs and why you’ll never see me promote one here.

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  • George

    Hi Steve,

    I saw your review posted when I was researching for info about the MPB Today program. I would like to say that, in my opinion, your analysis is right on target.

    The “grocery delivery and make money concept” has been tried many times in network marketing ove the past 25 years. All have failed and for some of the reasons you have stated in your review.

    Cycling, or recycling programs, only work for the first few hundred people who join. After that it becomes very difficult. A company called My Harvest America tried last year to make this concept work and ended up filing for bankruptcy. I’ve been exposed to the recycler concept in mlm for 25 years and never seen work long term for the average network marketer.

    Good job!

    George Bordy

  • Jon

    I was sent the from 1 of my FB friends and as I watched it I thought exactly that another pyramid. I passed on it and it’s great you posted it for others to see.

  • Steve

    Thanks Vince. I’ve fixed it.

  • Vince Lucena
    Vince Lucena

    I tried to hit the FB like button but rcv this error:

    You failed to provide a valid list of administators. You need to supply the administors using either a “fb:app_id” meta tag, or using a “fb:admins” meta tag to specify a comma-delimited list of Facebook users.

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