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I’ve Tried That Investigates: The Online Business

I started out looking for a J-O-B, and then I found this website. Now, I earn six-figures every year working from home. Oh yes, dear reader, you too can be earning over $100,000 from your home. It’s absolutely true. Wait, what’s that? You want to know what you’ll be doing to make money? Well, you’ll be earning money of course! Not satisfied with my answer? BUT YOU’LL BE MAKING SIX FIGURES FROM HOME. GIVE ME YOUR MONEYYYYYYYYY.

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The above is an actual rendition of a conversation you’d have if you were able to contact the people behind The Online Business.

The Claims

Nothing new. For just $50, you’ll make tons of money sitting on your ass. You will collect thousands of checks working for yourself. That’s right. You send them money, they send you an “information kit” and you dance in the money that is literally pouring through your front door.

I couldn’t really find any information on what you would be doing. There was some mention how the business had over a billion dollar in sales back in 2005. Obviously, you’ll have to sell something but they never come outright and tell you that. I already know what you’ll be selling and if you read some of our previous reviews, you should know by now what it is as well.

The Truth

Surprise! Another Herbalife scam.

Click here to learn more about online scams and how to protect yourself.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Herbalife is a scam. The scam is that the guys behind, and Online Business Systems are deliberately hiding the word Herbalife from you. Not only that, they charge you $50 just to tell you about the company! That’s it! You’ll receive a packet stuffed full of fake testimonials on how great it is to work with Herbalife.

This review is short, but I’m sick of talking about Herbalife. Read our Partner with Paul and Crazy Fox reviews if you want more information.

Don’t visit their website.

Don’t give them your email.

Don’t send them your money.

23 thoughts on “I’ve Tried That Investigates: The Online Business”

  1. This company promised to generate me cash and all I had to do was sell their lead products for fax machines. Now I haven’t started it all it has is a success story and I can’t talk to the person who makes all the money. I have emailed him but got a computer generated response. They want a small fee and I get the products and sell it. Thing is I don’t trust this company if you have to pay for the products then there is something wrong you shouldn’t pay for a product unless you are the one using it. And they won’t tell me how much product they actually sell and how much they really make off of it. It all sounds like a scam. And if they are a millionaire why wouldn’t they take a portion of the check and give you the rest it is all risky business besides how many businesses actually use faxing machines that don’t already have a supply of ink and isn’t lead kinda not supposed to be used because of the fact that it is toxic. So if your selling lead when even pencils have been replaced with graphite then what is the real in come hmmm not jack it’s a scam to get you to buy the product and then you are stuck trying to sell it when really your payment keeps them generating cash. Don’t try this company

  2. I sent off for the information pack….$9.95AUD for a 15 day trial.
    I received a pamphlet and a dvd that was basically worthless. I straight away sent an email to Patrick (who had sent the info pack) telling him I wasn’t at all interested in selling Herbalife. The next day I placed the info pack into an envelope and sent it back.
    Fifteen days later I was charged another $39.95. When I questioned this I was told that it was because I had kept the info pack. When I explained that I had returned it the day after receiving it I was told that they hadn’t got it and basically unless I could prove they had……I was out of luck!

    That’s what I call a SCAM

  3. If anyone has an address to return the “Packet” they send you let me know. I had a call prior to getting the packet and they asked how high my credit limit was on my credit cards; that did it I of course did not answer and I was done with it, but would like to return the packet. I have already cautioned my credit card company not to pay the $39.95 and only the shippping I already agreed to

  4. Herbalife is a classic pyramid scheme. If you want to make money online you should try affiliate marketing. I looked into Herbalife by accident actually. I clicked on a work from home online type of add and it turned out to be them. They claim to be an online business now – I guess anyone with an online presence can make that claim.

  5. Thank you sooo much for posting this! Herbal life should go to hell as far as Im concerned. I’ve been constantly invited into their “business” from replying to job adds. It is disgusting that they make money off of people like this. Especially when you point out that only 5% make aprofit and your trainer leaches off of all your easy contacts. I just got a reply for a “position that pays $15/hr” but they wanted me to register for the site and email them my confirmation number to make sure I paid my hard earned cash. I went to one of their meetings in Torrance a while ago thinking it was a legit job and it was a full out soap opera of followers and “wellness coaches” saying how herbal life gave them energy (hello, they products have more caffeine than a cup of coffee), saved their life (highly doubt they had serious condition), help them lose fifty pounds (yeah, sure with what other aids). Sorry their products, prices, and convenience level for clients who MIGHT be interested is not competitive with similar products on store shelves FIRST OF ALL. It is DISGUSTING that everyone is so quick to get your money. After the meeting they pressure people to poney up $$$ for catalogues to get started. I was shocked when the guy sitting next to me gave his credit card number and RIGHT THERE in front of us the “Coach” called his wife and was like “honey, run this credit card number…” I would never want to be apart of this sneaky company; they should be shut down for the amount of FALSE JOB postings they create. Waste of my time, but I can assure you that they will NEVER get my money!!!!!

  6. HINT: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This site answers the question “How many suckers are born every minute”. If you are dead set on giving your money away, by all means, just send it to me. I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed. Really. haven’t you heard about all the work from home success stories? Gosh I don’t know how it is that you don’t know ANYBODY who works from home in a successful business. I gues its because they haven’t shared the SECRET information! How gullible can you folks be to send you money off like this. Are you 12 years old?

  7. I want to cancel my “free” kit i just ordered from “partnering with paul” how do i do that? Who do I call? I just realized after I bought it that there were no #’s given for us to contact them etc…oh man i feel so dumb!! Help!

  8. actually if you look at the income disclosure it does tell you it is Herbalife … i did a little research before making the commitment. Now i just gave them $199 and i don’t know for what. Have my next interview tonight at 730pm;

  9. I am now dealing with the reprocutions of my actions by submitting my $10.
    I then had buyers remorse and thought I should find out whom I am giving my money too and just investigate more. Well, there is NO contact info. given up…this is always a bad sign, I found it in the “privacy” section at the very bottom where you would think to find out what the terms of privacy are.
    Also, they don’t disclose to you that it is HERBALIFE which you will be representing. Why do companies do this…simple, bring in the suckers for a measly $10 and then $40 to return there goods and they’ve pocketed $50 x how many suckers….you get the idea. I realized my misjudgement in making this non thought out decision and immediately contacted them after they called which by the way is a human being but reading from a script. I indicated I wanted to cancel my order and she would pause but then carry on with the script. The have recieved my CANCEL this order via email and then sent a second email asking to reveiw my decision to give me more info and by the way, we sent you the pkg. already. I bet you did! Now, if this was a legitimate company they would have said who they are and what they do and how to find us. If you were a displeased customer and they wanted to keep you happy even though they wanted to make a return immediately, they would have taken back the item and made it right for the customer. End of story. Customer happy no bad words. PLEASE, don’t be a sucker like me and give them your hard earned money. This to me is how they make theirs by poor suckers like me.

  10. I have NOTHING against Herbalife products. I have been on them for two years and feel great! I DO have issues with Online Business Systems. I bought into the whole package, almost $5,000 worth. YES STUPID! But I believed in the hype that Tanya W was giving me. I am still with Herbalife and sell to my many satisfied customers, but, OBS…Run! OBS is out for OBS. Not Herbalife! I still can’t believe that Herbalife lets them represent them. They are a Rip-Off!

  11. hi, I have read the following comment from the writer above,: Mysti

    ” I am always looking for a way to make extra money. I found & signed up with a company I am very satisfied with!
    Anyone interested is welcome to email me!
    Thanks, Mysti”

    If you are there Mysti, could you please tell me urgently what you found to be satisfying? I am really desperately looking for a way to earn big online. Please help, I am being scammed one after another since year 2001. Thanks. (Perhaps the answer to my question is that there really is no way to earn online. Can anyone please help?). Please dont use my email address- if you can post your comment to this site, it is better.

  12. geeeh i did order mine hehe ……i ignored the fact that it lacked information on the website, to later realize that online business systems is essentially a back office operation of herbalife

  13. Wow, I am glad I found these reviews. What really gets me is that the well known radio personalities that are endorsing this scam. Well, I know one thing this company did for me… saved me $9.95 in shipping because I ain’t ordering.

  14. This is hilarious. There is a get rich quick scheme advertised on radio called

    Just for kicks I went to the site. Absolutely nowhere on the site does it say what their product is or what their company does. It just promises to send a package of info when you send them $39.

    So as I tried to click off, it went to a chat form. I decided to have some fun and the following is the exchange between them (Kelly) and me (shown as YOU) in the chat.

    Here goes:

    Kelly Says: Just type ‘HI’ or ‘HELLO’ in the space below to let me know you are there…

    Kelly Says: Learn how to save thousands of dollars in cash every year with a home based business — you’ll get our free information-packed guide 100% free. CLICK HERE

    Kelly Says: Just let me know you are there…

    Kelly Says: Whenever you are ready, just type ‘HI’ or ‘HELLO’ and we can get started…

    You: what is the product you are selling? Maybe I missed it but didn’t see it on your website

    Kelly Says: Understandable, but please don’t hesitate, this is a limited time bonus offer that I am authorized to give you right now through this chat. CLICK HERE because this offer may not be available tomorrow.

    You: No, I’m sure it will be available tomorrow. Please tell me the product that you are selling

    Kelly Says: Let me explain a little more. OBS is a cutting edge marketing system that allows you to build an internet-based business from the comfort of your own home.

    Kelly Says: We are associated with a company that does over $3 billion in sales and is publically traded on the New York Stock exchange.

    You: selling what, exactly?

    Kelly Says: OBS will help you launch your business and give you all of the tools that you need and a personal business coach — the time is now! CLICK HERE

    Kelly Says: We are so sure that this package will work for you that not only do we offer a 90-day money back guarantee, less shipping, but we will include the Home Business Tax Guide for FREE!

    You: what will the coach be coaching me to sell?

    Kelly Says: Just CLICK HERE for the secret order page with this bonus offer.

    Kelly Says: The Home Business Tax Guide for FREE is only available through this chat and for a limited time. Please don’t miss this great opportunity.

    You: I don’t intend to order until you tell me what it is you sell

    Kelly Says: This is a Home-Based Business that works for regular, everyday people… and we guarentee it!

    Kelly Says: With our guarantee what have you got to lose?

    You: ok, sounds great. Just tell me what you sell

    Kelly Says: Congratulations! CLICK HERE and you will soon discover a faster and easier path to working smarter, not harder. We are excited to be in touch and look forward to speaking with you soon!

    You: I’d love to speak with you…just as soon as you tell me what you sell

    Kelly Says: Not only do we include the book, video and computer DVD, but we actually include the name and direct phone number of your personal business coach!

    Kelly Says: All this for just $39.95 plus shipping. It’s an amazing offer! Just CLICK HERE

    You: Wow! But what is it you sell?

    Kelly Says: Would you like to take advantage of this last minute bonus offer?

    You: sure

    Kelly Says: Fantastic… just CLICK HERE to get back to the order page.

    You: ok, but one more question….

    You: Can you please tell me what exactly it is that you sell?

    You: Are you still there?

    Kelly Says: I’m still here. what can I help you wth?

    You: oh, I’m sorry. I guess I was a bit confusing in the way I posed the question. Would you kindly tell me what it is that you sell?

    Kelly Says: Just remember, the ONLINE BUSINESS SYSTEMS Decision Package comes with our 90-day money back guarantee (less shipping & handling fees) and now for a limited time we’ll give you the Home Business Tax Guide for FREE and get a Prioritized Home Business Consultation.

    Kelly Says: Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED CLICK HERE for this last-minute offer.

    You: ok. You win. You must have lots of fun at this game. Good night.

    Kelly Says: Alright, thank you for your time and have a nice day :) CLICK on the “X” in the upper right to end the CHAT.

  15. I am always looking for a way to make extra money. I found & signed up with a company I am very satisfied with!
    Anyone interested is welcome to email me!
    Thanks, Mysti

  16. Yep. I would always hear during the commercial breaks on the Mike Gallagher radio show about “” I actually thought that was the name of the company.

    Mike Gallagher was talking about what a great company it was and how “there’s no cold calling, no telling marketing, no selling soap to friends, and no door to door selling.”

    So of course I was interested, having been in Scamerica, errr, Primerica. (And I had been in Primerica for 2 years WITH a securities license).

    I paid the 10 bucks for the dvd about the “business” and it goes to a second part where you put in a code and it gives you the run down of how the biz works. I was cool with everything. The guy in the DVD even tells you “You don’t have to be the guy that shows up to every family reunion and everyone hides from you because they think you’re trying to sign ’em up for something.”

    I was happy hearing that. But then at the end they get down to the nuts and bolts. YEP. It’s M.L.M. You have to recruit two people and they give you a bunch of health products to sell when you first get started. You pay $199 start up fee (just like Primerica)and they send you a bunch of product. Once you sell the herbal life products and recruit two people, THEN you get to use the online and radio advertising means.

    I HATE M.L.M.

  17. I do agree that it’s shady practice of Online Business Systems to do what they’re doing. I don’t agree with it at all, but I do have to say that Herbalife as a company is an outstanding company with great great people involved. I never had the chance to meet Mark Hughes, the founder, but I have met Dr. Heber and Dr. Jamie McManus. I am a part of Leslie Stanford’s team under Chris Carley. I went to an Extravaganza and met so many wonderful people. I was invited to a house party and got to see first hand how much they make. I’m not trying to start anything here, just would like to say that Herbalife the company is awesome!


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