What do Binary Options programs all have in common?

Let me answer that question for you first. It will make reading my review of Larry’s Cash Machine a lot easier later on.

First of all, they all claim to be unique, to have found some hidden loophole, or secret.

With Larry, the claim is that it’s a Harvard secret. I think that’s what he said. The hype and fake testimonials got in the way.

Next up, every Binary Options program claims to be giving you away the secret for free. They don’t want your money. Adam, the man speaking to us in this particular video, tells us that they couldn’t even take our money if they wanted to, they don’t have payment processing!

Apparently they’ve not heard of paypal..

The third thing that they all have is a ridiculous amount of screenshots, testimonial videos, and all that other “proof”.

You can disregard all this, because it’s so easy to fake in 2015 that it’s not even worth paying attention to.

Besides, it’s always a paid actor. I’ve exposed them in the past, and I’m going to do so again here.

Let me introduce you to “Adam”, the protagonist.


Adam has a good story and he tells it well. By the end of the video, you’re pretty much thinking that he’s going to change your life, and that he’s the hero.

Unfortunately, Adam is a paid actor, and his story is false.

Here he is again staring in the eMobile Code video, which I reviewed in June 2014. I even thought he looked familiar in that one.


I knew it all along!

The Truth About Larry’s Cash Machine

So we know that Binary Options or “trading” programs like this are all the same. They’re flat-out lying to you with their stories, and lying to you about who is telling them, but what else is going on?

Well, they also all have one particular aim; to get you to sign up for an account with a brokerage that they’re affiliated with.

This is why they create a story, give you something for free, and tell you it only works with a certain trading platform.

By this point, you’re hyped up and believe it works, it’s free, so you go ahead and sign up, and then….

Well then, you deposit your funds into the trading account, and everybody is a winner. Except you. Poor old you.

Once your funds are deposited, in most cases you can’t get them back until you’ve made enough trades. Of course, since the software is fake and not something that’ll make you rich, you’ll basically lose your money. You might get lucky and win…but it’s not worth  the risk.

Just go toss a coin instead.

As for “Adam” or “Larry” or whoever these people are…they make off with a handy commission worth $300 USD, and pass on $250 of that to their affiliates.


That’s the one final thing all of these programs have in common, they get paid a massive reward just for getting you to deposit funds into a trading account.

Does it all make sense now? It’s an amazing con that they’ve got going here.

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  • Garen Waddell
    Garen Waddell

    I too was a victim of this scam. I am a big boy and I accept That I made a mistake, so I disputed the charge to my credit card. Boy did that open a can of worms. The Respondent was not Porter Finance (who I had opened the account with), but an outfit I had never heard of called GRAYMOUNTAIN MANAGEMENT out of Dublin. It appears to me, these are the very yahoos that are responsible for “Larry’s Cash Machine”, AKA “Larry’s Money Machine”. The response they made was an attempt to make it appear it was from Porter Finance by concocting the following: “We received notification from Greymountain Limited stating the claimed services he purchased were not rendered.” {How would GreyMountain know about it if my so-called transaction was supposed to be with Porter?} GreyM then proceeded to play the old hat-trick and trying to make it appear that all their so called evidence was from Porter. To make a long convoluted story short(?), I will let you see my response and you can glean and deduce how they running this scam. Apparently, I was not on the Porter site, but Greymountain (AKA “Larry’s Cash Machine”). My response was as follows:

    1. On the 11th of November 2015, I was directed to the Porter Finance website by “Larry’s Money Machine” (which turned out to be a scam. Instructions were to deposit in the account $200 and then press the green “GO BUTTON” and watch the money roll in. 2. On the 22nd of November, after thoroughly scrutinizing the about me section of the website, I determined the only “FEES” that would be incurred would be if I purchased one of their “Packages” . 3. Respondent clearly admits I did NOT purchase any of their packages. 4. So I deposited the money and started searching for the green “GO BUTTON”, to no avail. Frustrated, I attempted to contact “Larry’s Money Machine” with no success. 5. On the 25th of November, I logged back on and after an unreasonable amount of time I did manage to initiate a chat with a Representative(?). She told me she didn’t know what I was talking about and that I needed to talk to my Trader. I told her I apparently didn’t have one. She said that was impossible, because they cannot, by law, allow U.S. Citizens to do their own trades! 6. From that moment on, every time I attempted to log on, a verification of identity page would come up and no matter what I inserted, I was now surreptitiously blocked from (a)access to my account, (b)utilization of Respondent’s staff for any questions, concerns or discontent. It is important to note, from that point on, I had no opportunity or ability to contact or communicate with Respondent. 7. The $200 in dispute was labeled by Respondent not as a “FEE”, but a “MINIMUM DEPOSIT” in my account. 8. According to Respondent’s own “terms and conditions”, a withdrawal of that “MINIMUM DEPOSIT” in my account would close it, which I attempted to do a plethora of instances. 9. Even if Respondent desires to construe the disputed $200 as some sort of “FEE” for services, then by their own “terms and conditions” and sound business practice should be their watchword and motivation to return the disputed $200 posthaste, for services I was never allowed to use. 10. Conclusion: In Respondent’s own words in its “2. Conclusion”, the disputed $200 is referenced five times as a “DEPOSIT”. Respondent also stated, “Mr. ***** ******* at the time of his deposit, chose not to purchase a package with Porter Finance Ltd.” This is not semantics. This is their own words and an empirical examination of their own terms of service. My question is, who is actually being fraudulent and making false claims? This is not Buyer’s remorse, but Consumer’s Disgust for a Company that claims to be so prestigious.
    What do you think folks? Do you think Porter Finance is in cahoots, or a scamee like the rest of us?

  • louise

    Its a scam indeed people! I have deposited the $250 and in south africa that equates to R2800. I wanted to believe this would be the very thing that released me from my debt, but unfortunately its all fake. The brokers that call you 20 times a day are trained convincing professionals. No doubt, you will fall for it … But do your research, don’t become a statistic as I did. After you deposit your monies, they dissappear like they never existed. Don’t be fooled as I was. I did not make one cent back.

  • Thomas Case
    Thomas Case

    Yes i recognized adam right away and new the scam was on but i was not surprised! beeoptions.com took me for 250.00 and i never even got to make a trade.Stupid as i was i checked after i signed. right after and asked for a refund right away.Of course there were many people on the scam sites a couple that i seen were in the same exact circumstance as my self and had not gotten a refund after a month, refund-what a joke! stay away from binaries–Thomas

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