Quick Summary of Lifestyle Payments

Rating: 1 Another scam built on fluff and nonsense

The Good: There are no pros for this system.

The Bad: Fake testimonials. Lack of proof. Promotes a high risk trading method. Insecure website for financial transactions.

The Bottom Line: This "system" lies to you from the get go and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Lifestyle Payments Review

I know how it feels, to be broke, to be struggling. The stress you feel over which bill you can pay this month, and which ones need to be pushed back. The sickening worry in the bottom of your stomach over how you will put food on the table and keep a roof over you and your families head.

That’s why I know it’s easy to fall for the numerous scams out there that offer you the hope of clawing out of your financial predicament.

It’s easy to look at things like Binary Options systems, which state they can make you not just hundreds, but thousands a day and just wonder whether it really could be true.

After that it’s not a big step to actually risking your money, it’s only $250 after all, you can pay that bill next month, or tomorrow if the system works!

And you do it, only to be suckered by a system that’s really just a crock of something stinky.

You lose your money, maybe more than you thought you would risk, and end up in an even worse situation.

Systems like Lifestyle Payments, which suggest they can make you $18,000 a day, are to blame for generating more misery in this world rather than easing it as they say they will.

What is Lifestyle Payments?

Lifestyle Payments is a Binary Options system that states it can make you $18,000 per day, every day.

While it isn’t clear from the outset, Lifestyle Payments is a Binary Options system. It promotes this high risk trading method, stating that its software can beat the system and the odds.

Unfortunately, even though I have reviewed dozens, maybe hundreds of Binary Options systems, I have yet to find one that is honest and actually does what it says. Lifestyle Payments is no different.

lifestyle payments the miraculous algorithm

There’s no evidence to back this up.

Binary Options after all are very volatile and there is no known software that can accurately predict the outcome as the trades are made over 60 seconds and the commodity/stock price swings wildly every single second. No broad trends or algorithm can accurately predict where it will end up.

The Lifestyle Payments Sales Pitch

There’s a lot to be said about being street smart, but there’s just as much to be said for being internet smart too.

The sales video is the main focus of the sale pitch.

It focuses heavily on ramming money down your throat, because every 10-20 seconds or so it reminds you that it can (allegedly) make you $18,000 a day. It must have said that number 30 or 40 times in the whole video.

Its evidence is some screenshots of bank accounts that show a million dollars and daily snapshots of $18k.

This is not proof!

Screenshots, even websites, can be manipulated to say whatever the hell you want them to and then saved or recorded with false information. I would not trust those as evidence because they are not evidence.

Lifestyle Payments indian actor

The testimonials are lies.

The video also focuses on the fact that this software is free. It states that it’s free because they want as many people as possible to benefit before the software is sold to some Wall Street group.

This sounds like BS to me: it’s just a way to overcome your objection of “why is this money making software being given away”.

The video also talks about how you must act now, as this is a limited time offer.

Apparently it’s only available until the end of the month, which is weird seeing as we are in October 2015 and the video was uploaded to YouTube back in May 2015

lifestyle payments youtube datestamp

In its entirety the Lifestyle Payments sales video tells you precisely nothing. It states plainly that it will make you $18,000 a day, but gives no real supporting evidence or detailed explanations: it’s just fluff and hype.

Moving Forward

Signing up to Lifestyle Payments is like signing up to any other Binary Options scam out there.

First you hand over your email address (better to spam you with my dear).

Then you are sent to a second page which contains more information designed to prod you along the sales funnel. The video is fluff and nonsense aimed at scaring you into rushing the process.

The live results are data from a third-party website that is used by numerous other Binary Options scams. I’ve never been able to validate that data as to whether it is related to the Binary Options system in question or even if it is real. It’s no different here either, so I would advise you not to trust what you are seeing.

The static evidence screenshots are screenshots, so again cannot be trusted.

From there you sign up again, but this time to the Binary Options broker. Once that is done you are sent to the members area where you are asked to deposit some money.

Please don’t!

Not only will you be handing over your cash to scam artists, and investing in a high risk trading method that the FTC requires a disclaimer about*, but you will be doing it over an insecure system.

The website does not have the SSL/HTTPS security system that protects your card details. As well as that your card details will be routed through another third-party website that is not the broker.

*Lifestyle Payments only shows this disclaimer once you are inside their system ready to deposit some money, and even then it is not very obvious at all.

Are you scared yet? If not you should be!

The Bottom Line

Lifestyle Payments is yet another Binary Options scam.

It offers no believable evidence of the $18,000 a day being real, nor does it offer secure financial transactions. In fact, all it does offer is the hope of riches wrapped up in fluff and hype. The reality is binary option programs are akin to gambling. Would you trust someone who guarantees you’ll make $18,000 per day at your local casino? No? Me neither.

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