What started as a potential new feature has now evolved into a week long blitz. For the next few days, we’ll be conducting mini-reviews of websites submitted by our readers. If you have a website, program, or business opportunity you want us to look at, please submit it through our contact form. You can reach that form by clicking here. The next three reviews in the blitz are all reader submissions. You guys are the fuel for the blitz.

  1. Work at Home Paid Job Search Review at http://paid-work-at-home.com/
    What they claim: They claim to have a top-secret list of work at home companies that will make you a fortune. They claim to have tested over 300 different programs and have chosen only 30 that really work.
    What they are: These types of websites are rather frequent. They are just looking to make commissions on sales made by suckers. In this case, you’re the sucker. Don’t believe the hype. They haven’t tried anything and will say anything to make a quick sale.
    What you should do:Stay away from this website and don’t give them any contact information. Odds are your private information will be sold and the spam count in your inbox will increase ten-fold.
  2. Top 10 Work at Home Jobs at http://best10workathome.org/
    What they claim: This website is eerily similar to the previous review. They make the same claim that they have tried x number of programs and found the majority to be scams, except a single one.
    What they are: The single non-scam they claim to have found is going to cost you money to find out. No surprise here. $70 total to be exact. You’ll most likely receive an outdated list of survey companies or a book on how to do affiliate marketing. Both, of course, are useless.
    What you should do:Don’t spend any money here obviously. I wonder how many times we’ll continue to see this ‘bait-and-switch’ tactic used on people looking to make money online?
  3. The Best Online System at http://thebestonlinesystem.com/
    What they claim: Not much. The website is super shady. They are saying there is an $85 billion technological revolution coming soon and you need to take part in it as soon as possible. Unfortunately for you, you need an invitation access code to get in.
    What they are: I couldn’t gain access to the member’s area, but reports around the web all point to the same thing: selling. They weren’t clear on what would be sold, but I’m assuming you would have to sell subscriptions for the system. My awesome detective skills are also pointing in that direction: click here to view Google’s search results.
    What you should do:Don’t ever buy into a program that is forcing you to make a decision right then and there. High-pressure sales tactics should be avoided at all costs. Also, avoid websites with cheesey names. The Best Online System? Come on! What’s next? MakeMillionsWhileYoureOnTheCan.com! (Actually, that might not be a bad idea..)

This concludes round two of our online scam review blitz. Be sure to submit any websites to us by clicking here to visit our contact form. All you need to do is submit the name and the URL of the website you want reviewed and we’ll put up a review as they are received. [Note from Joe: You might think to yourself, “C’mon, how good could your review be if you’re throwing it up after a short look at the website and by not signing up?” Well it’s like this: we have swum in scam sewage for a year now and it doesn’t take us long to spot a bogus claim. We’ve seen them all before. In fact, the day some scammer comes up with a truly original way to take your money, I’ll be truly excited. So even though these blitz reviews are short and fast, we’re right!]

Missed round one? Don’t worry, click here to read our review of Software Millions, Unique Marketing, and Earn by the Hour.

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  • James Link
    James Link

    This website is named GDI. There selling Domain names and websites. They claim vast wealth for subsribing.

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