Nine scams reviewed in three days. Not bad, eh? But keep the requests coming! For the next few days, we’ll be conducting mini-reviews of websites submitted by our readers. If you have a website, program, or business opportunity you want us to look at, please submit it through our contact form. You can reach that form by clicking here.

You might think to yourself, “C’mon, how good could your review be if you’re throwing it up after a short look at the website and by not signing up?” Well it’s like this: we have swum in scam sewage for a year now and it doesn’t take us long to spot a bogus claim. We’ve seen them all before. In fact, the day some scammer comes up with a truly original way to take your money, I’ll be truly excited. So even though these blitz reviews are short and fast, we’re right!

  1. Doubling Stocks at
    What they claim: They have all the secrets to the stock market, including which stocks are going to DOUBLE VERY SOON. So, you better buy their newsletter ASAP so you can invest and double your money instantly!
    What they are: Psyche! Don’t even think about buying into this one. What they’re doing is called pumping-and-dumping. They invest big in a small stock, hype the stock up to a bunch of suckers, then dump it after the suckers have invested the money. Big gains for them. Huge losses for you.
    What you should do: If you’re interested in investing, learn the proper way to invest. Follow the news and the stock market daily. There’s no secret robot that will help you become a millionaire. Sorry.
  2. International Data Entry at Home Institute at
    What they claim: If you can read English and type words into a box, you can make the income salary equivalent to that of some of the highest paid CEOs in the world.
    What they are: As with every data entry or rebate processing scam, you aren’t going to be making millions. In fact, you won’t make anything at all. You’ll probably end up losing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Not exactly what you think of when you hear the word job, is it?
    What you should do: Stick to real jobs from real employers.
  3. Home Staffing Experts at
    What they claim: It’s a real work at home job with unlimited earning potential! (Red Flag #1) Training so anyone can make $100,000 or more! (Red Flag #2) The opportunity of a life time! (Ding! Three flags you’re out.) All for $24!
    What they are: No idea really. I read two pages of fluff and I still have no idea what the hell these people do. From what I gather, you might be finding applicants for jobs then collecting commissions after they are hired, kind of like a finders fee. I guess? I don’t know. Someone help me out here.
    What you should do: Don’t even bother with this one. If you unsure of the actual work you’ll be doing, it’s obviously not worth it. Tack on a fee to join and you can be sure this is a waste of time and money.

This concludes round four of our online scam review blitz. Be sure to submit any websites to us by clicking here to visit our contact form. All you need to do is submit the name and the URL of the website you want reviewed and we’ll put up a review as they are received.

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  • Melody Johnson
    Melody Johnson

    On their website I clicked on the following links for more information :

    Contact Us

    Warranties, Disclaimers & Legal Rights | Earnings Disclaimer | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy

    ….and got nothing but the following message: ‘HTTP 404 Not Found’

    Their 90 second ‘timer’ also loops…indefinitely I assume because it looped the entire time I was checking their website out.

    Anyway, I didn’t send them my money….It seems very suspicious.

  • Thampi

    About your info is incomplete – true, they do a lot of hype about unlimited earning potential etc and also it is a kind of pyramid in the sense that they offer a commission on the commission earned by the agents that you refer ! But there is no money to be paid to join as an agent. They give you a lot of candidates (who seem to have registered with them ) to find suitable openings and also a set of requirements for which you have to find matching candidates ( from sources other than their list). Even after sending hundreds of matching pairs not even a single recruitment takes place – really frustrating …that is , unless one takes it as a kind of training to develop the patience for a real life recruiter job !!

  • Kirsten

    The 3rd one sounds like a typical recruiter/headhunter position, which can be quite lucrative, but my guess is they have it set up to be more of a MLM type deal. I don’t need to go to the website to know that. I’ve worked in recruiting, like I said, it can be quite lucrative, but it’s a sales and matchmaking job, and one that’s best tackled with the support of an established firm, who won’t take your money. Recruiting firms typically pay a draw on commission.

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