Quick Summary of Paid Instantly Club

Rating: 1 It's yet another ad pack Ponzi scheme.

The Good: It’s relatively cheap to join this program at just $3. You can also gain access to the site platform simply by signing up.

The Bad: Paid Instantly Club relies completely on new member recruitment to pay out its current members. There is no product being sold through this program. The founder of this program is most likely operating under a fake name.

The Bottom Line: Save your dollars and stay away from Paid Instantly Club. Stick with something like our top recommended program instead.

Paid Instantly Club Review

The Paid Instantly Club (PIC) is an advertising network where members purchase ad packs and also earn money through referrals. Those referrals end up making the older members a 200% return on investment, or ROI. Referrals eventually make their own 200% ROIs when they get their own referrals, and so on.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to buy membership in PIC. The ad packs cost $3, $6 and $12 and make ROIs of $6, $12 and $24, respectively. Shown below is the $3 ad pack offering.

Members that buy ad packs get placed into a 2×1 matrix cycler consisting of the original member at the top position and referrals at the two lower positions. When both of the lower matrix levels are filled with new referrals, the top member earns double her ad pack investment back.

Members can maintain up to six different matrix positions. They also must receive payout at least twice from a single position before they can move out of that position.
Ad pack advertising credits can be ‘spent’ on the PIC site in the form of text advertising. After receiving three matrix payouts, members are required to purchase a new ad pack.

Is Paid Instantly Club a good online income opportunity?

I say no, and here are my reasons why:

1. Paid Instantly Club is an ad pack Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme is defined as any income opportunity where the majority or totality of existing member profits are earned from new members and/or their recruitment instead of retail products.

PIC certainly depends on its members for generating profits, and especially because this club has no real products to sell.

However, PIC skirts around FTC law regarding Ponzi schemes by claiming that it doesn’t rely on member recruitment for its existence and payouts. How is this possible?

PIC requires that current members who get more than three payouts from their matrices purchase additional ad packs. In this way, cash continually infuses PIC without the technical need for new blood (or an actual product).

Interestingly, should a disgruntled member bring up the fact that PIC is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, the site notes the following in its Terms & Conditions area:

“For the good of the entire memembership and the well-being of the program, if any member mentions the words lawyer, attorney, attorney general, police, SEC, FTC, FBI or any other potential threats to PaidInstantly.club, management reserves the right to remove them from the program immediately and close their account without refund and without further negotiation.”

2. The founder is likely to be fake.

Michael Morris is the supposed creator of PIC, but he has no online information on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. A Google search on Michael Morris turns up no one associated with PIC, text advertising or online income opportunities. More than likely, this is a fake name.

PIC was registered on July 5, 2016 and Michael only created his Facebook account on July 7th. Michael’s Facebook account is brief and sparse, the product of a presence that might disappear at any point in time.

3. Your ad packs are kind of useless.

The ad packs that PIC sells can be posted on the PIC site itself; however, the problem with doing that is that the PIC website is a traffic graveyard. Only PIC members make up the actual “traffic” of PIC, and they aren’t there to look at your ads.

Also, unless you already have a product to sell, the only other item that you can advertise through the PIC platform is PIC itself.

Finally, I saw no members that had any ads on PIC.

4. It doesn’t appear that anyone has been paid.

The promise of Ponzi schemes is that your downline will pay you once it’s set up as your referral. However, at least on the PIC Facebook group page, there are no members claiming to have been paid out.

Instead, the group page has loads of questions about when payment will occur, when the ad packs “mature,” and why no one has answered member support tickets. These are not encouraging signs of a thriving online business opportunity.

So much for being “paid instantly” with Paid Instantly Club!

It should be noted that most ad pack Ponzi schemes run their course and collapse when new member recruitment dries up. The members at the top of the pyramids end up losing their investments when the site eventually shuts down.

Stay away from Paid Instantly Club

You can do a lot more with your $3, $6 or $12 than blow it on a non-paying Ponzi scheme like PIC. Steer clear of this scam.

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