Quick Summary of Point click Cash

Rating: 1 Such a poor product, I wish I could give it ZERO!

The Good: There's a potential thriller novel plot here.

The Bad: It's a really bad thriller plot, and it has no hopes of making you any money: from writing or Binary Options!

The Bottom Line: If you are serious about making money online, then you need proper training, support and guidance, not schemes like Point Click Cash. There's only one support network that I would recommend.

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Point click Cash Review

Do you know what push button software is? No? Well it’s a type of system or software that is marketed as being so simple to use, usually to make money with, that it only requires a click of a mouse button to make it work.

This automated software is generally billed as being the most amazing thing since sliced bread and the end to all your financial worries.

It’s also a bunch of BS.

This is why I want to tell you about yet another Binary Options system that is promoting itself by means of pushing alleged push button software: Point Click Cash.

Point Click Cash push button

Point Click Cash’s Sales Pitch

The sales page of this particular system is no different to the other multitude of Binary Options affiliates out there: it’s a video pitch with a call to action.

The sales video is long, poorly made, with a myriad of spelling errors and insulting. It not only insults your intelligence, but also your previous choices – literally. At one point he says something like “if you have fallen for scams before, it’s your own fault”.

The video starts by slamming into other ways to make money online such as SEO, affiliate marketing, FOREX, and more.

While I agree that some of the methods he outlined are not great, how he can say things like SEO and affiliate marketing don’t work is beyond me, as there is plenty of evidence to show that if done right they do indeed work.

The narrator of the video is obviously an actor, but calls himself Seth Warburton, so that’s what I’ll call him too.

Seth states that the software he is offering is free for 30 days and he is offering it not because he is a good Samaritan or because he pities you but because he wants to make more money: after the 30 day period he will charge you $997 per month.

I saw no evidence of this charge, but I’ll come back to that later.

After mentioning that this software can be used to earn hundreds or thousands a day, all with only 17 minutes of clicking a day, the sob story comes out.

Seth talks about how hard it was for him, how he continually failed to make money online, all the while he poured $18,000 into the “gurus” pockets by buying scam after scam.

Maybe the actual author of this product had that happen to him, it’s not far out there. More likely though, he’s guessed that you will have spent at least some money on systems and methods that were either out and out scams or just didn’t work for you. He’s building on this feeling of failure and trying to build trust by telling you he was also scammed.

From there he mentions how he got out of this hole and discovered the “hidden underworld of wealth of there”, all by using a secret glitch.

Point Click Cash patent

Point Click Cash patent – this cannot be confirmed, and judging by the blurring I think there’s an alien at work here…

Shhh! It’s a Secret…

What is it with Binary Option marketers and conspiracy theories? Really, it’s nuts how often they talk in virtual hushed whispers about secret methods of making money online that no one wants you to know about.

Like all good conspiracy theories, they offer no proof, or proof so vague and unsupported that it is meaningless.

But then they swap tracks, just like Seth does and shows you what your life could be like, with fast cars, hot women and big houses.

And then he does a U-turn back to conspiracy theory land and talks about how the marketing gurus are trying to keep this big secret out of your hands so they can keep selling you marketing affiliate products.

Point Click Cash gurus

What is this amazing secret that people talk about in dark rooms and behind closed doors, only with their trusted friends and anyone that may happen to stumble across their public website and all the thousands of people the marketers affiliates have emailed?

Binary Options. Yes, you heard me right; I have let the cat out of the bag!

The Truth is Out There

Of course, Binary Options is not a secret, and no one is trying to stop you from finding out about it.

In fact, I personally WANT you to know about Binary Options, I want to shout about it from tall buildings and get you to help me spread the word about it.

Why? Because Binary Options is one of the worst ways to try and make money online that you could choose.

While Point Click Cash and countless other Binary Option affiliates talk about how amazing it is and how easy it is to make money, I want to tell you about how hard it is to make money with Binary Options.

Fact 1: The FTC warns that this is a high risk endeavor and should be treated with caution (not that Point Click Cash warn you of this.

Fact 2: Binary Options is more akin to gambling that real trading, as it’s a 50/50, flip of a coin way to make money. Systems like Point Click Cash try and turn this into a positive by suggesting their “special” software can turn your 50/50 chance into a 92/8 chance in favour.

Fact 3: The Binary Options brokers take a slice of your winnings, meaning that breaking even is difficult let alone turning a regular and consistent profit.

Comparisons Are Not Equal

Point Click Cash’s video continues with a comparison of Binary Options versus standard trading options.

Now, while I am no trader, the comparison was based on a day trading in Binary Options and a day trading with regular stocks. This seems skewed to me as most stocks are considered long term investments, so focusing on a single day is completely pointless.

And more conspiracy…

Seth tells you that he thought that the brokers were swindling customers and weighting trades. In order to find this out he hired a Polish hacker called Tomasz to hack the brokers and lo and behold they were biasing results, but they also discovered a secret glitch and have now used this to their advantage by creating software to abuse this so called glitch.

This sounds like the plot of a really bad thriller.

Firstly, would you trust your money in a system that was born from a black hat hacker? I wouldn’t!

Secondly, would you put your trust (and money) in a broker that has allowed itself to be hacked? I wouldn’t!

Thirdly, if the brokers really were weighting the trades against you, surely they would be monitoring their statistics and notice the anomalies of people winning more often than not.

The Bottom Line

After signing up to Point Click Cash, I discovered it was just another “binary signals” program that automates trading. This type of software does not significantly improve your chances of winning or losing. Often the software is the same one used on countless other Binary Options systems, some of which are even provided by the brokers.

There was also no mention of the $997 monthly fee. Now I wouldn’t rule that out as the affiliate might be greedy enough to push his luck and ask you to sign up to it. Or they may be just as likely to forget about it once you have handed over your cash to the broker.

At the end of the day, Point Click Cash is just another Binary Options affiliate that will say anything to get you to hand over your cash to the broker so they can make a commission.

Nothing in this video is real; nothing they do will increase your chances of making money with Binary Options.

In my opinion: avoid Point Click Cash.

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