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Over the course of the past week, I’ve received five emails regarding ‘Project Payday.’ Two were from I’ve Tried That readers, two were spam emails, and one was from someone named Patrick who claimed to have worked for Project Payday. I’ve figured I’ve put this review off long enough and it was time to bite the bullet and just do it already.

[Update 3/14/09: Click here to read our newer, more complete review of Project Payday.]

You Don’t Have What it Takes.

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After submitting my email address and my name (Franklin McNugget!), I was taken to another page that told me I don’t have what it takes to make money online like he does. First off, who is he? There is stock photo of a guy with his pockets turned out next to the paragraph. Is he my competition? If so, I make more than pocket lint per day online.

I skimmed further down the page and saw beautiful yellow backgrounded text and plenty of PayPal screen shots. Frankly, I don’t get it. The previous page said there was no investment involved and I created an account, why am I looking at another presell page? Oh, that’s because…

Complete One (1) of the Free Sponsor Offers

In order to actually access the Project Payday member section, you need to complete a sponsor offer and we all know what that means. The creators of Project Payday are getting paid a ridiculous amount of money just so you can access their program. Not to mention, you WILL need to invest money to join. This means you will have to give out credit card information and potentially ruin your credit. I’m stopping my review right now because I’m not contributing a dime to these scam artists.

I’ve researched a few online forums and found that the way to make money is to rip companies off. You essentially ‘hire’ another user to complete an offer so that you make commission on whatever action needs to be taken. From there, you pay the person you hired with a part of the affiliate commission you make. This definitely breaks the rules of almost every affiliate program and you will be kicked out of whatever program you are in without a shadow of a doubt. Yes, this means that your “earned” commissions will be taken away. I also would not be surprised to hear that companies have pressed charges against Project Payday members. You are stealing money. That is illegal.

The Only Text Worth Reading on the Entire Site

“If you aren’t thrilled with Project Payday, let us know within 60 days for a ‘no questions asked’ refund.”

If you paid to join this program in the last 60 days, I highly suggest you do what the quote says and get your money back.

Project Payday is a Scam.

Stay away from this website. Far far away. This is easily the most diabolical program we’ve reviewed so far and there is nothing but trouble in it for it’s members. To quote Dave Ramsey, “Honest hard work is the best money-making scheme. The best place to go when you’re broke is to work.”

Always remember, there is no get rich quick scheme.

Update: We’ve decided to take another look at Project Payday. Click here for our latest review.

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  • Driea

    Thanks everyone, so much.

  • AB

    I joined them at the end of August 2014. I am only doing the referral program. I have seen over 2 doaen youtube videos with people claiming they only do the referral program and are making 100.00’s of dollars per day. That, is a bit far-fetched in my opinion. I have been doing the posting, blogging and usisng forums and many many classified ad sites as told and in 4 weeks, I have made a whopping 1.50

    I find that the people bragging on youtube are being secretive and liars. I saw one video of a guy who claimed (using only the referral program) he made 65,000.00 in two days. Again, thats a lie.

  • Ashley

    I definitely appreciate the honest review before I joined and made a mistake. I am desperately looking for legitimate work from home jobs but I am coming up with nothing but schemes. Any REAL LEGITIMATE companies anyone knows of that I can look into? I would seriously appreciate it. Thanks for any help in advance!

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