Do you like the sound of an automated trading software that will accurately predict you winners, over and over again?

Would you like to have it for free?

I bet you do, and I bet you would. Unfortunately though, as you’ll find out in this Push Button Commissions review, no such thing exists.

What Is Push Button Commissions?

What the program claims to be is the story of a millionaire who is giving away money. He promises to wire you money to a bank account of your choice at the end of the video.

Of course, once you get to the end of the video, you find out that you really need to use his special software to make money through trading.

That doesn’t sound so bad though, because he’s giving you the software for free, and he’s proven to you (well, not really), that it works.

It doesn’t work though. Not at all.

Push Button Commissions is definitely one of the more up-market binary options programs out there. They’ve put a lot more work into their production, a lot more effort into everything.

Do you know why?

Because it’s not the first one they’ve produced. The team behind Push Button Commissions is JVConnect, and they’ve made several binary options programs before.

In fact, I’ve even reviewed a different one where they used THE SAME HOUSE in the video. I tried finding it, but I honestly couldn’t stomach sitting through all the binary options trash I’ve reviewed in the 6 months trying to find it.


At the end of the day though, the fact that this program is created by a team who create similar programs over and over again should be enough to tell you that you’re being duped.

The millionaire story video? It’s just a lie.

The sad fact is that binary options programs are so effective at making money (for their creators, not for you) that they just recycle the same concept and do it over and over again.

They dupe you into thinking there really is some millionaire out there with a super system, some automated trading software that makes you money without knowing anything, and then they give you the push you need by telling you it’s free.

They tell you that you need to deposit some funds into a brokerage account, then their free software will do the rest, and you’ll become a millionaire too.

They sometimes even give you some BS reason why they’re doing this, but sometimes they just let you go ahead and sign up without explaining why.

Once you’ve deposited your funds, they earn a massive commissions (we’re talking $250 USD and up) and you’re left with some crappy software that doesn’t predict winners, it just helps you lose your money. They then pay their own affiliates a commission for helping them dupe you.


The broker won’t return your money until you’ve made a certain number of trades, by which point most of your money and enthusiasm is gone.

The product creators meanwhile, start working on their next crappy binary options program. The next one will probably be called Push Button Give Me Your Money.

You’d do well to stay away, and try something else to make money. Binary Options will NEVER be the answer. Ever.

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  • Althea

    So glad I came here! They had me convinced and was going to give this a try, are there any real CO’s out there that are legit?

  • val

    I am so sick of these guys, tons of emails in my in box from all sorts. Why did I think push button was real? dont know, I’m gullible I guess. When the video ends, I wondered, where is my $300 for watching? duh again gullible. Then it sent me to pay for what I thought ok, was the fee he briefly mentions, (though I didn’t see the guy in the promotion that made $12,000 in ten minutes do this). I ended up paying almost $600 us no doubt for web hosting through cool handle. I did manage to get a refund. All the push button information disappeared from the computer. But cool handle says they do hosting for push button. glad I got out, not listening to any more of this crap. They are all liars and scammers,(that say they are not liars and scammers, lol. making their millions selling us on how to do the same I guess. Stick with what you know, there is no easy money. Finally I give up on thinking that, but there are ways to make money on line. Go with a company that teaches you how, will still cost a few grand and lots of learning. Maybe worth while to learn from scratch.

  • terri

    I got scammed by push button ,they got me for over $400.00. I thought I was only paying $14.95 for the month , I DIDN’T know they were changing me for the year. So when I used my credit card , it said it was declined , so I just thought that ( sometimes it doesn’t work for credit only debit ) I would use my HUSBAND’S CARD. Well it took all my money from my card and $197.00 from his card. I’ve been trying for a month now to get a refund ,what a joke !!!

  • hitesh maharaj
    hitesh maharaj

    hi i received email from push button commissions that i earned a commission of $5553.25 on 04/4/2015 and it says click here to claim the price.when i click goes to your recommended page binary boom stick concept.may be all of this are a scam

  • silvia

    Jack, how did you lose $5,000???? wow! on which program?

  • sello jack
    sello jack

    It is a scam because it suppose to pay me the ammount money $23.453.00 but the don’t pay I am still waiting a lost almost $ 5000.00

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