I’m feeling cynical today. You have been warned.

Have you heard of ReGenesis? No, not the Canadian TV series. The “automated recruiting system” that promises to help you earn an income from home “today.” It’s been around since at least 2006.

If not and you haven’t had your dose of “tacky” today, then take a quick look at regenesis2x2extremeteam.com. Make sure you have a bottle of eye sanitizer handy because this sales page makes the Las Vegas strip look classy.

The page is a monument to the worst of Internet marketing: its showers of cash, the obligatory Lambourghini, the promise of $6,000 per month or more—all meant to push your emotional buttons while giving no real information.

Aren’t you offended? I mean, are your buttons so big and easily pushed? Please tell me that these tired tactics don’t still work…that people won’t sign up for something based solely on the shiny people fanning their $100 bills and the testimonials from “Mike C” and other “real” people.

If you want any real information about ReGenesis2x2, it’s not to be found here. You have to find the tiny buttons at the top to read about the “Recruiting System” and “Pay Plan,” but don’t bother.

Basically, here’s the deal: when you sign up and pay your money, you get a commission center. Your goal is to recruit two people, have each of them recruit two, and so on. You also get placed in the matrix (their word, not mine). You don’t have to actively recruit because The Matrix (my capitilazation, not theirs) finds the two sots for you and then finds their two sots and so on until everyone is sipping Coronas on a beach.

What Does ReGenesis2x2 Claim?

The same things they all claim:

  • Easy money
  • An automated system
  • $3,000 – $6,000 per month, OR MORE
  • Freedom to live your dreams
  • Yadda, yadda, yadda

They’re all interchangeable, these sales-campaigns-in-a-box. I’m convinced that scammers just pick up the templates that have worked before and fill in new names. Data entry becomes rebate processing becomes auction processing with no end in sight as long as the fish keep biting. And the fish are always hungry.

I could take the ReGenesis2x2 page, swap in some text about making money by pounding sand and sucking on rocks, and people would buy it. “Bob S. says it worked for him,” they would think. “I know I can pound sand better than Bob.”

The Secret Service Smackdown

The good news is that the scammers who think this stuff up and the affiliate marketers who sell it can’t hide forever. The Seattle Times reports:

But the Secret Service says that what’s billed as a “proven moneymaking machine” is really just an old-fashioned, pyramid-style Ponzi scheme. And it has apparently reeled in more than $1.5 million from those who bit on the lures of “extraordinary income fast.”

And that global team? The Secret Service says it’s just a pair of Eastside suburbanites — a 46-year-old woman who works as an elementary-school aide, and a 41-year-old man who is on federal probation for an investment scam he pulled in Nevada

Hahahaha! You’ll have fistfuls of something in prison, my friend, but it won’t be cash. Check out the whole article. It includes many more interesting details than I can quote.

Why Is ReGenesis2x2 Still Running??

Let’s see the Secret bloody Service raids your office, takes your computers and records, has tabs on your bank accounts and is tailing you (really! read the article). I’d say it’s time to call it a day, wouldn’t you? Stay down, Rocky! Don’t get up! It’s not just a flesh wound, your arm’s off.

Here is one way to see the slimy underbelly of affiliate marketing. ReGensis2x2 is closed. But you can still sign up for the Ponzi for $325 at any number of affiliate and recruiter sites all over the Web. This is the equivalent of a cell phone service provider suddenly disappearing one day, but the little kiosks in malls all over the world still sell its phones and service contracts.

How can they get away with it, you ask? Why doesn’t somebody do something? It’s all up to you. The Secret Service isn’t going to rescue you from people who want to separate you from your money. Neither is the FBI, FTC, the FCC, the SPCA, AARP, SPEBSQSA, PETA, Barack Obama, or Glenn Beck.

The only way to shut down scams like this is for you to get smart and then grab all your friends and family by the throat and force them to get smart. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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  • Deborah

    Joe, I did not even try the sign up button–I think instead of kudos the term chutzpah would apply!

  • Deborah

    I had to go right away to see this “tacky website” and in fact it is still there however in the middle of all the garbage is this message:

    The company is no longer in business
    due to product issues…
    NEW business opportunity
    coming SOON !

    Even though in bold red letters the rest of this information continues to promise you the world.

    I suppose I shall just have to wait for their next business opportunity–maybe in 1-5 years assuming good behavior!

    • Joe

      Yeah, the page gets kudos for that, I guess. However, if you continue down the page, the sign up button is still active. It still brings up an application and instructions on how to join and where to send your $325.

  • Tina

    A bit late…
    They have been gone for over 2 months !!!

    • Joe

      Hence the final section of the post, “Why Is ReGenesis2×2 Still Running??” It’s not about them being gone…it’s about the fact that slimy Internet marketers still have their sales pages up.

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