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  • Beth

    I sold DT when it first started out, 35 years ago! I even got a tour of the warehouse! Back then there wasn’t the competition in educational toys that there is now. I never made a lot of money, but it was enough to be worth my while; plus it got me out of the house a couple of nights a week. You make the real money when you get people under you and you get a percentage of their sales. It was easy to sign people up for parties at the parties. And I got 5 crates full of toys to show, that my kids got to play with. I actually still have marbleworks; my grandkids play with it. Also a few of the board games!

  • Steven

    Wow, thanks for your advice for the EC business! It seems like someone would be struggling just to make ends meet. I like how you did the pros and cons of that business. You were very thorough in your explanation on how the business works and operates. I haven’t tried it but I am sure glad that I read your page.

  • NathanG

    Thank you for your report here, Steve. I have not heard of Discovery Toys, but it looks good on the surface. It is great that you actually crunched some numbers to figure out that this compensation plan benefits the company more than it does the reps. The fact that you mentioned that you can find thousands of their products on eBay is another good reason to pass on this. I am sure your other recommendation is much better.

  • Jamie

    Thanks for the read. I really love the straightforward way you tackle this subject. I have heard of discovery toys, but did not realize it was a Avon style business. I have tried another business like that recently and found there to be very little support for making actual sales. I appreciate the warning, and will definitely not be attempting to throw any discovery toy parties!

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