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Should You Trust Davison Inventions with Your Big Idea?

If you have ever had an idea for an invention, you’ve probably had an online encounter or three with Davison Inventions. This company has operated under several different names since 1989, including the following:

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Davison Inventing Method
Davison & Associates Inc.
Davison Design and Development, Inc.
Manufacturer’s Support Services, Inc.
Davison International
Davison Innovations

What is Davison Inventions?

Davison is an inventor services company that advertises that it will help develop and market your invention idea to manufacturing companies for eventual distribution of the actualized product to stores. Davison provides a number of invention services, including patent research, patent filing, product development/design, manufacturer research, commercial/retailer match, and royalty negotiation.

Here is an example email I recently received from Davison:


If you go to the company’s website, you’ll find the following information displayed:


For an aspiring inventor who is struggling to get her product to market, Davison sounds like a good idea. The company offers to help with the invention patenting process, find manufacturers to create the product, and even negotiate with area stores to stock and sell the finalized product. Davison even features several videos highlighting inventors who turned their ideas into store products.

So, why would you not trust this company to help you realize your big idea?

The problem with Davison Inventions

Unfortunately, the company has been criticized numerous times by burnt inventors, who state that they paid thousands of dollars to work with Davison and saw nothing come of their collaboration. Online complaints include the following:


To be fair, Davison has faithfully replied to and addressed many of these online complaints. However, there are many upon many such complaints, and far more than would be normal for a standard invention help service. Searching online, one finds many scam and review sites listing complaints about Davison.

Back in 2006, the complaints reached a crisis level and the FTC became involved. The FTC case against Davison, as well as its resolution, is posted here.

My personal experience with Davison

A while back, I submitted a product idea of my own to Davison. The product in question was what I called a “Human-Powered TV.” This product converted energy generated by an exercising human into voltage that could be used to power a device such as a TV.

Davison emailed me immediately after I made my submission. Keep in mind that I had not yet paid any money to the company at this point in time.


I found it heartening that Davison had addressed its involvement with the FTC and had provided at least an acknowledgment of its many critics.

I replied to their email and emphasized my concern about paying thousands of dollars for services that might result in me getting no closer to a realized product than when I’d first begun putting my idea to paper. I also asked why Davison had hundreds of online complaints about its services.

Within a day, I received a rebuttal email that addressed some of my concerns. Here is an excerpt:


While this is a great rebuttal to some of my concerns, it doesn’t completely answer why there are so many complaints about Davison even on third party review sites. Shouldn’t such review sites be populated with all kinds of reviews- negative, neutral and positive?

I eventually had a phone call with one of Davison’s agents; however, at this point in time, I decided to ask other key questions. For starters, I asked which specific companies would be approached about my invention idea.

My Davison agent, to his credit, provided me with actual names of existing manufacturing companies. He did not say if these companies had been approached about my specific invention, however.

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We then discussed whether Davison had ever blatantly refused to develop any invention idea. This topic came up because one of the criticisms about this company is that it will claim any and every invention idea has potential and is worthy of being marketed. I also asked how my invention had been deemed worthy of being developed.

Davison’s agent was more vague about answering this particular question, stating that it would be up to the manufacturers to decide.

The agent then gave me a ballpark figure for moving forward with my invention. I would need to pay  $600 to initiate a patent search on my idea. Prototyping would run another $5K-$8K. There was also a “marketing package” that would require development and cost $1K-$2K.

I replied that I would “need to think about it” and the conversation ended there. I received a few more emails and voicemails from the Davison agent, but after a month had passed, they ended.

Why did I not pursue a collaboration with Davison?

Sloppy research

Davison presented me with a good pep talk for filing an invention patent and building a prototype. Everything sounded great until I happened to do an online search for human-powered devices, including TVs. Without too much effort, I quickly discovered that human-powered electronic devices had not only already been introduced, but even sold.

Had Davison chosen to do even five minutes on pre-research on my behalf, we would’ve known that my invention idea was a bust.

So, had I agreed to pay for a patent search, I would’ve already been out $600, and for information that was freely available through Google.

Numerous complaints

Although every company has its share of negative reviews, the many complaints against Davison are worrisome. Likewise, there are no review sites or former Davison clients providing positive reviews about this company.

There is also the FTC filed lawsuit to consider, wherein Davison was named as one of 11 companies involved in an invention scam.

High cost of commitment

Davison asks for several thousand dollars up-front for services that may or may not result in a marketable product- or even a product at all. Meanwhile, there are far cheaper ways to build your prototype, including using an area hackerspace. You might also fund your invention idea by using crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter or submitting your idea to a business pitch contest.


While it’s challenging to call Davison Inventions an outright scam, there is enough evidence and negative customer feedback that you are well advised to be wary when dealing with this company. If you do plan to work with Davison, don’t invest any capital that you need for essentials like food, utilities or your mortgage. Finally, keep in mind that seeing any invention pay off is a gamble no matter who is handling the marketing and negotiations.

65 thoughts on “Should You Trust Davison Inventions with Your Big Idea?”

    July 18, 2008
    The owners of an invention promotion operation have agreed to pay $10 million in consumer redress to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceived consumers across the country. The settlement includes a cash payment of $6.9 million, plus other property valued at $3.1 million.
    According to the FTC, the defendants charged up to $12,000 to evaluate and promote consumers’ inventions. The defendants enticed consumers with false claims about their selectivity in choosing products to promote, their track record in turning inventions into profitable products, and their relationships with manufacturers. They also deceptively claimed that their income came from sharing royalties with inventors, rather than from the fees consumers paid.
    Under the proposed settlement, in connection with providing research, patent, marketing, and/or invention promotion services, the defendants cannot misrepresent that they’re selective in accepting inventors, and that they have a stake in an invention because they “work for free” and/or receive significant income from royalties. They also can’t misrepresent how many consumers have contracted with them, how many of those consumers realized a net profit, or how many product licenses they obtained for consumers.
    The settlement also bans the defendants from misrepresenting that they’ve helped inventions become products without disclosing whether consumers have profited from the product, and that they have a vast network of corporations with which they regularly negotiate licensing agreements. They also can’t misrepresent that their services are necessary for consumers to license their ideas, and that they prepare objective and expert analyses of the marketability or patentability of ideas.
    The settlement requires the defendants to post on any Web site or advertising, and to furnish to prospective clients, an affirmative disclosure statement that clearly and unequivocally states:
    How many consumers submitted ideas within the past five years;
    Of those, how many were offered, and how many signed, agreements for defendants’ several services including research, presentation, and licensing services; and
    How many consumers succeeded in licensing their ideas, how many made more money in royalties than they paid the defendants in fees, and the percentage of the defendants’ income that comes from royalties earned from their customers’ inventions.
    The statement must include, in bold print, how many consumers in the last five years made more money in royalties or sales proceeds than they paid the defendants, and the percentage of the defendants’ income that came from royalties paid on licenses of consumers’ products.
    The defendants are Davison Design and Development, Inc., formerly known as Davison & Associates, Inc., and its principal, George M. Davison III; Manufacturer’s Support Services, Inc. and its principal, Gordon M. Davison, and his wife, Barbra M. Davison; and relief defendant Barbara L. Davison, who is George M. Davison’s wife. The settlement ends the litigation between the FTC and the defendants.
    Earlier, after a trial, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania entered a $26 million judgment in favor of the FTC against the defendants, except that it limited Barbra M. Davison’s liability to $8 million and imposed no liability on Barbara L. Davison. The proposed settlement will suspend the judgment once the defendants transfer cash and other assets valued at about $10 million, including residences in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania. The cash payment includes $6.8 million specifically listed in the order, plus approximately $105,000 in interest on a cash bond. The FTC has established a telephone line for consumers who may have been harmed by the defendants’ conduct. Consumers may call 216-263-3434 for more information.
    The Commission vote to authorize staff to file the proposed consent order for permanent injunction was 4-0. The order was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania on July 14.
    The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). The FTC enters complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database available to more than 1,500 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad. The FTC’s Web site provides free information on a variety of consumer topics.
    (FTC File No. X97-0085)
    Contact Information

    Frank Dorman
    Office of Public Affairs
    Steven W. Balster
    FTCs East Central Region
    Related Cases

    Davison & Associates, Inc., et al.

  2. Disabled and start paying Davidson for invention I thought they was going to get going for me been too many years pay over 4,000 I need help trying to get my money back information below there’s so many years now I’m not sure I think 5 or 6 years now

    • Correction on my reply. They didn’t ask me for $400 more. It was $4,000 more of which I had given them over $15,000 already. Stay away from them!!!

  3. I can attest to the same bad experience with Davison. They got me for $12,000.00. Has anyone thought of filing a class action lawsuit against them?

    • Hello, many of us thought about a lawsuit. They scammed me out of thousands. This needs to stop. I would love to help with a lawsuit.

      Sylvia B.

    • The FTC filed one against them in 2017 & they have a 10 million judgment against them. There should be another one to put them out of business.

    • I am in too.
      It seems since 10/2020 to now 10/2022 Davison claims the prototype is made and the Maketer has it and it is ready to be pressrned to prospective companies.
      I asked for a photo of the prototype and they claim the photo of the vital is the photo. NO…
      I like a real photo of the product that took 2 years to make a simple product and cannot not produce a real photo of it but sent me a vital page of it in 3 D.
      I am in that civil law suit to find out why the exorbitant charges and fees for portal design.
      Amount paid: Over 14,000.00 dollars.
      The research and development failed to search out if there is a demand for such product rather then going ahead and tell clients it’s all good and continue to make a product that has no value to companies.
      A Law Suit should go foward to get a honest answer and some back pay.

    • They got me too. I was really excited about my invention and how it could help families everywhere. Felt like they were on my team. I drank the koolaid and was scammed pretty hard unfortunately. If there’s any information regarding a class action lawsuit, I’d very interested in submitting a claim. Where can I look/check for something like this?

    • Me too. Yes I would like to sue them. I had given them 3 of my ideas paid over $15,000 and I waited and waited and waited and when I called, they wanted more money and more money and I never got the product example as they had mentioned . Also because I didn’t have the xtra $400 they asked again for, even though I had paid the thousands and thought I was done as per our conversation, they said they can’t continue… They never picked up the phone again

  4. Thought I would leave a current to date comment relating to the hideousness known as Davison. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND ESPECIALLY NOT YOUR MONEY! Davison is good, albeit that much, but good only stems to the sales tactics they exude. Each and every individual that is hired by Davison are hired for one purpose, to employ any tactic necessary to extract the max amount of monies from unsuspecting individuals. They use tactics such as empathy to your current financial troubles, sympathy for your struggle and and compassion for how strong your belief is in the idea that you are presenting. They sell reassurance using passive tones choosing just the right verbiage that meets the inventors intelligence level in order to articulate in a way each individual inventor will understand and respond too. This takes talent people. One does not simply take control over anothers mind with ease. In a way they are brain washing you into thinking they are the best and they are the only ones despite their previous lawsuits, despite their lack of integrity, ethic and moral standing. Last I knew a company is only as good as its employees. Exactly why Davison has survived this long; a great legal team that sees things just as dirty if not dirtier than Davison, reinventing themselves after each lawsuit with a simple name change and restructuring of staff and the consistent use of their disgusting tactics that unfortunately are the only thing to weather every storm.

    Be smart, think outside your current financial problems if there are any, consider all your options, dont fall for the guy that tells you everything you want to hear, dont settle for half truths or commitments given verbally and not on paper, have your own set of requirements, NDA, confidentiality agreements and with legal ramifications if breached, develop your idea to the best and he the most thorough you can be depending on your abilities. The more you present to any invention company, the less you will have to pay as the work will mostly be done. Research every company before speaking to them so you if need be you have developed a set of questions to engage in and depending on their response may guide you away, be diligent in your communications and record keeping. For every conversation had, require that a synopsis be emailed to you for review and agreement of within 24 hours, but create your own as a back up and send to them if you do not receive one. Hold them accountable .. LESS NOT FORGOT THAT VERY REAL FACT, YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DEMAND, REQUIRE, REQUEST ANY THING WITHIN REASON PERTAINING TO YOUR IDEA AT ANY POINT BECAUSE YOU ARE PAYING THEM TO WORK FOR YOU! IF MORE HELD THEM ACCOUNTABLE THEY MIGHT JUST CRUMBLE UNDER THEIR CONSCIOUS WHICH SADLY IS BURIED DEEP BEYOND SELF AWARENESS AT THIS POINT. ALSO IT WOULD BE GOOD TO REMEMBER THAT OUR CURRENT ECONOMIC TIMES ARE BECOMING DESPERATE IN NEED, NOW IS THE TIME THAT MANY COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS WILL BE PROWLING FOR THEIR NEXT VICTIM. DONT LET THAT BE YOU. IF THEY CAN SELL YOU THE CAR YOU ALREADY OWN, STAY CLEAR!

    • I’ve sent them$600 and now they want$13,000-$22,000. I was suspicious at first and googled them and found nothing negative till now. I work hard for my money and live paycheck to paycheck.

    • I dealt with them for 5 years. & spent thousands. All I got out of it is an info commercial with a guy who looks like someone’s dad & my sample looks cheap. They wanted to duplicate if 3,000 times got 21k & I told them no. I called some manufacturers myself & none of them had heard of Davison. They are a smoke & mirror company & they keep the money within their company. I have to start over with the manufacturer because they told me my sample wasn’t viable & wasn’t worth reproducing.

    • Invention City is a BBB A+ rating. Do your own DD on them though. That’s who I’m going with after Davison basically told me they’re going to steal my idea and file for patents when I asked these same questions of their fees. I have emails and a NDA that was accepted though.

  5. So the biggest question now is:
    Does anyone know of any honest company that can help take our invented products to the stores, without scamming you and having you pay unnecessary exceedingly extra costs?

  6. After sending 13000.00 to T he Davidson Company I was let down . Instead of making My vision they made their interpretation of my idea, a poor excuse of an interpretation. Be very careful, do not sign off designs. I was send a photo of what I liked and I signed the paper work. Come to find out they Never even made the design I approved. If their is a Class action against this Company count me in. Remember this, once they get your account paid in full they are done with you. They offered me a plan B, which would cost me another 6000.00. This is to make my original vision. I feel the 13000.00 I already paid was to make my idea. Even after they have tricked you once they still try to get more money from you. DON’T DO IT.

    • so what did you pay for. That is why they kept asking me to sign and in my portal i told them i was not satified with the draff and i was told it was going to be done over the way i wanted it. This is horrible so many people are saying the same thing. My husband told me after the Money was collected that the lady i was was working with changed he was listening to every conversation she then lie and gave me to another gye the project manager. Now this all explain it a Patten that they are doing to clients and that is why they do not want any communication with the graphic person or designers. OMG i am reading the same complaints over and over they get money and mislead different clients.

  7. I have paid over $9,000.00 dollars to Davison for my product idea. I have sent emails, texts, and phone calls with no response. My agent Lindsay Leda sounded promising at first, but after sending in all that money, she won’t respond to any form of communication. If there is a class action suit, count me in. I regret giving my idea to this company. Is there a legitimate company to work? And how can I get my idea back?

    • Do they have your ideal have you check the market how long have this been? Yes some thing can be done there is no way these people can do this to clients. I will stay in touch with everyone. I work for the state of TN this is such a shame I am glad that i found all of this information out. All of my instinct were right. God told me today men and my husband to end this relationship to many false lies.

  8. Hello my name is Fred Huckabee and I’ve been involved with your company for several months now assistant vice president David Graham has been walking thru all the steps we are now wrapping up packaging getting ready for presentation , and I’ve been reading reviews on your company and I must say it’s very troubling to here most of these reviews taking peoples money and not really helping them I only hope and pray you will treat me right you see my wife and I are simple country folks but believe me you dont want to wrong me I would walk a mile out a my way to help someone and I expect to be treated the same , thank you so much for addressing this issue.

    • What has happen now are you having problems these review are really SAD. I found out myself that the 2 people that i had are not true to there words. This seem like a real MONEY GAME. This is too too many people saying the same thing.

  9. Davison is the company asking for more than $10,000 money for making sample of your idea. However, the sample they made will never meet your request. They can only create something very simple. Moreover, don’t trust if they promise you to present your idea and sample to the production company or distribution company. They may give the excuse saying why the sample they made is simple and not like your idea, they will tell you the sample they made is request by the production company, and they will present to those production companies. If you trust them, you will be fool. That’s their another trick to ask you invest more and more money. Therefore, if you want to waste your money, you can go for them. The reason I wrote this here is because I spent more than $10,000, and got a garbage sample.

    • you are very right that is where I am with my project they came up with a draft that i did not want and said it would be done over that has not happen lies after lies miss meeting and misleading one they collected up to $14,000 for a project that has been stilling. But i and my family will not just step away from the 2 people that are takeing people money and not doing the work in the contract. I will see what is next. I have requested my money back and to void the contract. Too Too many lies on my emails and text messages all not making sense. YOU WILL FORGET A LIE when you have to remember what you told the person and what you have in writing. I will stay in touch with everyone this is very hurtful to here this.

  10. My name is Artieshia and I also sent my idea to Davison co. I played out a suppose to been a one time fee of 795.00 and I got the same run around as others on this site. They told me there were steps that they had to work up to with my product idea, and I would be talking to different people with Dan New step. I only talked to two people and I deceived and email on July 19, 2019 my product idea just arrived at there firm. I paid and started the contract with them back in April 2019. They sent me a CD in the mail showing old inventions from past inventors. Didn’t send me anything about my product idea. I want my MONEY BACK. Can you say REFUND!!!!!

  11. I am a new inventor I read your comments and was shocked about what I read.If the company is so bad why are they still in business? I talked to a representative who sounded sincere.I hope this company is not a scam I can’t afford that kind of money. I hope they have at least one representative who has dignaty and truthfulness.If Davison is so bad why didn’t the FTC close them down in 2006?That was 13 years years ago.I have never heard of a company stealing money and staying in business.I hope they are legitimate because I am on a fixed income due to health problems and cannot work any more.

  12. Davison is just another example of a shady invention company. It’s got fast talking business development front men who want your money. It’s basically a pay to play scheme where you start out at $695 or more to get going on your invention. Next they want to pay for the NEXT level which is marketing and product development. This ranges from a large % of license revenue derived from your invention, to a large out of pocket for a smaller % of license revenue. Either way, what is offered is far from the value you establish for your patent or idea. These companies are a dime a dozen.

  13. I had submitted my product through their online submission process. The first call I got was from Joseph Geffert and ended the second I answered the phone, said good morning Joseph and informed him that the call was being recorded. He said he could not continue with the call being recorded. Nuff said?

    • This is horrible each person should have took this to the internet and LIVE TV you would get some actions.

  14. I wish I would have researched this company better. So far I have given them 2.000 thousand and when hard times hit and couldn’t send anymore money , Leo said they would accept 50.00 dollars a month to keep my idea fresh and up front. After I was told by another representative from Davison that the 2 thousand was all that I would have to pay. Well now I’m being told they need another 6.000 thousand for proto type and packaging. They don’t need a prototype I sent them 2 that I made. I probably won’t get them back. And that sux. I thought my dreams and worries about how I was gonna survive on one very small income after my husband passed away very suddenly, and left me nothing for security for me and our kids future. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed that my kids know that I was scammed. I’m always telling them to beware of strangers with candy , and here I more or less got in the damn car. Where can I get in on this new law suit with this so called caring company. ? PLEASE can someone help me.

    • I also dealt with them I put in about 1000$ scraping to pay these people at Davison. Till one day I realized what if I give them all this money and it didn’t get all the money I thought. The guy I talked to Ted Morse SR. Told me I could make a savings fund that could go to my children. I am so mad that I developed a friendship with this man and he talked to me like he cared, all the while stealing from me. I’m a Child if God. He can’t do me like that, I left it in The Hands of The Lord. You reap what you sow. But in my heart I forgive them. Cause they took enough from me I ain’t giving them my peace.

  15. OK how do I know I Gonna be taking by them You have to understand you not put in is much into it so they are so records hes gonna get most of the profit from it you’re not going to unless you got millions of dollars to put still lots money in and then you don’t have to Mori about going out there and just pain is certain amount to get your ideal out there so he is putting the rest in everything today is a scam so you have to be careful you deal with by is only a scam if you let it be for Jeff to understand to if you have more money you would need Davison you would be out doing it yourself

  16. Is there a new class action lawsuit we can use. I paid the initial amount of $900 in 2013 and there was practically no research done on their part, it was for a new clothing line, so nothing to actually make, except to do research and see if no one has already done it, and contact retail who would be interested in making it or that was what I told. But I got a CD with my name on it with a background of Davison ‘literally’ and few bunch of papers. There was no patent either. I guess even if you do it on your own it would cost less. Ofcourse after that I get an email and calls saying I need to spend more money to make and sell the product? I said I made it clear that I do not have the money to make or market my product, isn’t that what they are supposed to do, but I did not pay them any more money.
    If there is a new lawsuit I would definitely like to be a part of it, to get my money back. I even wrote to BBB and no one responded

  17. I should have listened to you all at the start but the Company Davison or whatever it’s being called out of six names now. I invested over $14000 in Davison to complete the project but they say they’re not responsible for patenting the invention or licensing. When I was first told about the ridiculous idea of them taking the $14000 I was told by a Mr. Francis Kapp that it would be completed in all stages. Well, I was either lied to or misled. Well lets see what happens in 3 days when the BBB will get in touch with them. But I guess that’s his method of working. Karma comes to all Mr Francis Kapp. I talked to him again today and now he’s taking back what he said he has nothing to do with patenting or licensing. Just like he won’t be working there long. Do not ever call me again Mr Francis Kapp.

    • Hi , I want to correct myself I said that Mr Kapp is not nice well he is very nice cause I left a voicemail for him that I had spent $ 14000.00 and I was broke well he got me talking to this Mr Matlock and he helped me send off the provisional patent yesterday . thank God thank you for all your help.

    • Hi, I tried to delete the first comment in the discussion but once it’s online it’s online forever. But I did try to correct it. You can only add to it but now my opinion of the Davison Co. is that they are great!

  18. I received a phone call from the FTC with a tracking number to call back. I did and spoke with a supervisor with the FTC. I explained my situation and that why was I not included in the class action lawsuit against Davison in 2006? She told me that the monies were divided among the people in the lawsuit in 2006 and stated where was it and what was I doing at the time. I replied to her that I was homeless between 2005 and mid-2006 back and forth between friends and family, before then I did have my apartment and sacrificing my bills and paying late for making payments to Davison hoping, because I was told that a company was interested in my product and they had a meeting set up for me to attend to present my product which Never happened… Any way to make a long story short. The Supervisor told me the rest of the money was set aside in an account for 6 months to one year in case others came forward. No one else did and she cannot account for where the rest of the money is now because it has been so long ago. At this time I was frustrated! I was told, what they can do now is take my paperwork and information and add me to the next class action lawsuit. I was also given a reference number. If you were done dirty by Davison you better get in on this class action suit as well… Hope this information was of good help to you all.

  19. I had told edward rossetti about an idea I had he said it would be confidential between me an him he also ask me not to discuss it with any one as he wouldnt dicuss it to anyone I had got busy with my son in an out the hospital an he called an said it would be in he’s file but had to move on cause I didn’t make his time line an no payment well I got a call 6 months later for another guy there Brandon balcher wanting to know more about my idea kinda of werid when only me an this Edward is only supposed to know so they got my idea now it’s not confidential now they got me running stop signs almost racked cause im not thinking straight cause i dont know how many people might know my idea an this might be the biggest an best thing that ever happens to me an just wanted some help but when I was on the phone with Brandon he was trying to get my information on my idea I told him I wasn’t supposed to talk about my idea then he just hung up on me not very good for the Davidson company that’s trying to be the best company for inventions just pretty sad

  20. I was scammed by Davidson back in 2003 for over $7,234. This was for research and monies to go towards a prototype of my invention. I haven’t heard a word from them since. I just heard about the lawsuit against them in 2006 with the FCC for over $26 million dollars. I called the FCC, I’m waiting on a call back from them.

  21. I’m not too sure it’s I’m gonna be doing mine that quickly I’m checking out some other places to go and I have somebody else in mind that I’m gonna go and ended in talk to so I’m not really sure yet if I’m going this route or not I told him my ideal but if they take it and they do anything with it then I know their word is not what they say

  22. They got over $10,000 from me and I haven’t heard from them in over 1 1/2 years. When I did hear from them they wanted $500 to show me a new package that is done on the computer. I’ll be making a visit with my attorney. This is so wrong on so many levels.

  23. i also have give davison over 6700$ plus 385$ for a interview with razer and kelter. razer replid asking to sin a contract but just to store the idea. and i gave them a nothere 385$ to present it to kelter and 6 mouths latter davison tells me they never reply’d . so… how do i know were my 385$ even when? then askt for to present it to a nother comany for 385$.

    • They “claim” that’s for repackaging, with is done on a computer screen. Maybe a class action lawsuit is the way to go! I’m in!

  24. Yup, they got me for around 4K a few years back. I explained to my “advisor” that I was on disability and really couldn’t afford it, after the initial payment (I can’t remember if it was 695 or 795), I was told the process was beginning, then it was another I think 1,000, then I was told research, then I was told the company that produced the “club” (car theft deterrent) would be making the product, then blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada 2,500 more, then that company didn’t wish to proceed, but if I sent in another 6,000 dollars, we could proceed and it would come to fruition…..
    So, here I am, years later, no invention, down 4,000 dollars and still on disability with shattered dreams. Thank you very much for ripping me off and leaving me disillusioned about being an inventor.
    (Oh yeah, I’m sure if there is any kind of response by them that they will spout about how they have “legal disclaimers”, how there is “no guarantee” as to a product making it to market, etc….. But nothing will be said of how I was “encouraged” by the representative about how “likely” we would be able to “market and succeed” with my invention. I’m not a lawyer, and the “legal disclaimers” look like gibberish).
    Live and learn I guess…

  25. Davison liked my idea although it took numerous calls for the guy to ‘get it’. Then $795.00 or upfront $695.00. Senses tingle. On fixed income with some financial situations started paying by month. Then their rep got actually nasty when I explained a major car accident would put me on hold for a couple of weeks. I’m a veteran on disability and unfortunately or fortunately I have been scammed to small degrees. Davison rep ridiculed me unmercessily despite 4 concise explanations of my position. Unprofessional and in my opinion a scam. Run from them. I’m fortunate the rep pushed too hard to the wrong guy.I know there are people out there with great ideas,but Davison isn’t the way.I truly think his scam was developed from him being beaten to the punch on a very serious invention with extreme monetary value. Now we think and he reaps. It fits psychologically. It’s a good show but in the end it’s a SHOW.

  26. I spoke to Davison the other day. They sounded and looked promising to me. I agreed to deal with them. I paid them $50 to start. I was ready to submit my idea to them via email, but guess what? My email won’t work. I feel that’s The Lord’s way of telling me not to do this. I am going to call them for a refund of my $50 and keel it moving.To everyone out there, if you have gut feelings and red flags, listen. Thank You

    • Don’t do it!!!! They are getting rich off everyone else’s money with no results. I got taken for $11,450. Since I haven’t heard from them in way over a year I’m sealing legal action.

  27. I submitted my idea to them they called instantly and I paid 695$. After reading these reviews I’m afraid that they took my great idea! What can I do now??? Please help.

  28. I have signed on with my invention idea over a year ago and paid upfront $800 and am paying them $100 a month till $8000 is reached. I’ve had two persons in charge of new inventions, the first fast talker no longer works there and now the second one doesn’t send monthly receipts any longer. Man, you can’t trust anyone anymore. I’m locked into monthly payments but can’t afford an attorney to get me out of this and get my money back. Help!!

    • Good luck to you Ted. Back in 2012 we paid off Davison to the tune of over 10K to proceed on what they told us they were doing. We had to request a prototype so we could see what they were submitting. It was just awful and looked like some grade school project. We were disappointed beyond words. Phone calls were a joke at that point. Not every invention will get through the red tape, but please be sure you understand you will probably lose your money and have nothing but paperwork to show for it.

  29. Hi Halina Zakowicz, thanks for the review. And just reading the contract they want signed set off the alarm bells for me. How deep could a person spend? I just want something out for people to use and benefit from. Not to be capped by a lack of funds. Thanks a gain.

  30. I submitted my concept of a graphite base electronic cigarette to Davison roughly 2 years before electronic cigarettes manifested in abundance. Yes, someone patented the e-cig concept way back in 60’s or 70’s but they didnt exist until much later. My concept included an air filtering vapor mechanism that “cleans the air when you inhale”, ironic huh, to get cleaner air than if you weren’t smoking. (not sure if this design exists yet, but if not, go ahead, make it, Ive got a zillion even better concepts). My gut feeling when electronic cigs surfaced was Davison was involved. I may be wrong, but after reading all this shady hype about them now, that reinforces my feeling. I will be extremely mindful of who I share my concepts with, I’m an idea warehouse and have difficulty keeping up with all of my concepts, but I’d love to team up with someone or company that is trust worthy and interested in what I have to offer.

  31. They stole my candy cane bone idea.I thought of out of Log for my dog sweet potato.Aka Taters.He died last year.I go in Walmart there my Taters bones.I know it was tatey way of wishing me a merry Christmas I know they took my idea n sold it and our making 100,000 while I can’t keep food on my table or at least someone at the company stole it.

  32. Deafly a big switch at here pay $800 for that you so-called research that one and then wanted to charge me $20,000 for my idea and still take 25% of royalties

    • Hello Teddy,

      I am considering working with them, but I don’t have the money and they seem to be not too interested in the idea itself, but more pumping me up for it. I have this advisor, John, he’s ok, but he never replies to e-mails and only sends me these TV appearance videos…..Are they really fake? How did you leave it with them? Thanks

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