Have you ever sat watching a film or reading a book and thought to yourself “I know what’s happening here, I’ve seen this trope a million times before!”?

That happens to me all the time, but with internet marketing products!

Fast Furious Profits is the product in question that caught my attention for not being outstanding and for not standing out from the crowd.

Shall we dig a little deeper and see if this mediocrity runs deep?

The pitch

This is what made me start thinking that this product is just another cookie cutter internet marketing product with some glitter to make it look ever so slightly different.

The sales pitch is the same old things brought out again. Let’s see what we have here:

  • The ubiquitous proof of earnings that prove zip
  • The sob story of a failing marketer who managed to turn his life around
  • The idea that this will be a few simple steps (though it falls short of saying push button)

It is at least pleasant not to see the ridiculous highlighted text splattered everywhere, so perhaps there is something to this product after all.

Purchasing Fast Furious Profits

The front end offer is a cheap loss leader coming in at $6.95. It doesn’t appear to be on a dime sale so the price should remain static.

I was expecting a bunch of upsells especially seeing as the front end offer was so cheap, but surprisingly there was only one (this was also confirmed by the affiliate page).

This offer is an over the shoulder video course that complements the e-book from the front end offer. It is currently being sold at $17.00.

The product

The actual purchase is for an e-book. At 40 pages long, it isn’t an epic even by internet marketing standards. Also, once you chop off the introduction and conclusion (because let’s face it, those never have anything really worthwhile in them) then you are down to about 30 pages.

The preamble gives way to the ugly truth: the course is about building an email list and marketing to them!

From there the author lays out, and if I’m honest he does this well, a small glossary of the different marketing terms that relate to email marketing.

Fast Furious Profits glossary

After that the author discusses the tools of the trade – hosting, domains, websites, squeeze page programs, etc.

There is no real training on doing most of these (the squeeze page excluded), barring the helpful mention that YouTube has lots of videos about these things.

There are some affiliate links dotted about the e-book which is generally fine, but one caught my attention as it was for a hefty $200 bucks. This piece of software is for click tracking, and apparently it will “allow you to keep track and protect yourself from scammers. “ Whether that’s true or not is hard to say, there were not that many reviews of this particular product, though to be fair knowing your click stats is valuable information.

The e-book continues on by teaching you how to create a squeeze page, using a particular (affiliated) product. Even without purchasing the product I can see that the training is basic at best. It provides one simple example but doesn’t explain why it works or even provide any tips for making successful squeeze pages.

Fast Furious Profits make money online niche


In fact, after the helpful glossary the whole training became slightly vague about what to actually do.

The next part discusses traffic.  The author focuses on one particular method of paid traffic called “funnel clicks”. This odd term refers to purchasing adverts at the tail end of someone elses funnel in order to get people to sign up via your squeeze page.

As traffic methods go, it’s an unusual but seemingly popular one, as this type of advert is seen a lot at the end of funnels. There is also a variant where your advert is placed in membership sites.

Fast Furious Profits funnel clicks

The author provides a way to find funnel click sellers and some helpful hints at weeding out the dodgy ones. Though if you have to weed out potential scammers, it does make me wonder…

And that’s it.

The Bottom Line

Let’s recap this product and see if it’s anything new or yet another rehashed product.

Fast Furious Profits is all about:

  • Creating a squeeze page
  • Funneling visitors via paid traffic

Therefore, there is absolutely nothing new here. The only thing that could be considered different to the hundreds of other email marketing products out there is the use of a particular paid traffic method, and a half decent glossary.

And really that is just the glitter.

As well as that I found the training to be sub-par and often a little vague. The only thing that approached a level of detail was for the squeeze page, and even that left something to be desired.

This sort of system can work, it has been proven that email marketing is a good money spinner, but the question is is whether Fast Furious Profits is worth your cash.

Is it a scam? No, it is not. Is it high quality? No, it is not.

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