Quick Summary of The 50K Mission

Rating: 1 Yet another binary options scam, plain and simple.

The Good: The videos can be paused and are available through YouTube.

The Bad: The biggest con here is that you must deposit a minimum of $800 with the broker. This is the most amount of money I've ever seen a broker require up-front. Oh, and the product is a total scam.

The Bottom Line: Don't buy into the hype and lose $800 or more of your money. Stick with our recommended way to build an income instead.

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The 50K Mission Review

“12 months ago, a covert group of Wall Street investors opened the doors to a few lucky people…”

So starts the (likely voice-modulated) announcer of The 50K Mission. This cryptic voice then describes how those lucky people made more money in a day than most people earn all month.

“6 days ago they re-opened enrollment with new system tweaks designed to deliver the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.”

We then see the following testimonials from individuals who talk about how they made $35,720, $521,200, and $37,390, respectively, in about a week:




What is The 50K Mission?

The 50K Mission is a “new project” created by David Howell and his colleagues. The mission of The 50K Mission is to get 25 new users to sign up and make a whole bunch of money in just 30 days. To do this, the users need to use a “new and improved” version of a binary options trading software.

This software is completely automated- in other words, you just turn it on and let it operate in the background. Unlike traditional binary options trading, you don’t need to wait for signals to place calls/puts on stocks, indices, commodities or currencies. In fact, you can even activate the software, then turn off your computer and leave for the day. You should still have thousands of dollars in profits by the time you return.

What might you expect to pay for this software? David states the price in his video:


David wants no money from you to purchase The $50K Mission. However, there is a price for using this software…


David expects that you will donate some of your binary options earnings to a charity or non-profit. Exactly how he plans to check up on you and make sure that this has occurred is never explained.

Should you accept this mission…know that it’s a scam.

David Howell, if that’s even his real name, is operating a pretty slick scam operation to take your money. Here are just some of the troubling clues that The 50K Mission is not the charity-loving operation it makes itself out to be:

1. The testimonials are performed by actors.

Remember those glowing testimonials I referenced at the start of this article? They are all done by Fiverr actors for $5/testimonial.


2.  The 50K Mission is listed on Clicksure.

This product currently occupies the #1 sales slot on Clicksure, having been launched August 24th. If you are new to Clicksure, be aware that this affiliate platform has a 50% refund rate and carries many (scammy) products that Clickbank won’t touch.


Notice also how The 50K Mission pays out an incredible $250 CPA to affiliates who get new users to sign up. This generous commission is made possible because…

3. It will cost $800 to try out The 50K Mission.

Despite David telling you that his software is completely free to try, it actually isn’t. While the software is technically free to download and use, there’s a catch: the “trusted” broker who works with the software requires that you fund your account first before placing any binary options trades. In this case, the trusted broker is Bee Options.


When I went to this broker’s sign-up area, I was prompted to make an initial deposit of $800. That’s more money than a lot of other brokers ask. Without this $800, you can’t proceed and use the “free” software.

4. Bee Options is an unregulated broker.

The Bee Options brokerage is based in the U.K. and is not regulated by the CySEC. In fact, being unregulated is the reason why Bee Options can accept traders who are based in the United States.

With an unregulated broker, you have no legal recourse should something go awry with your $800 deposit. Likewise, you will not be able to withdraw your deposit if you accept Bee Options’ bonus money. Many brokerages automatically add bonus money to your deposit.

In the case of Bee Options, its policy regarding bonus money is stated as follows:

In order to withdraw funds from an account that has been credited with a trading bonus, the trader will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of (bonus amount + Deposit) x30.

5. The positive reviews all contain affiliate links.

When you search on The 50K Mission, Google returns over two pages of positive reviews of the product. However, there’s a very big reason for all these positive reviews- they all contain an affiliate link that takes you back to Clicksure or some other affiliate network. In other words, those reviewers are only giving The 50K Mission high marks because they want to collect its $250 commission.

You can see the affiliate link in the following positive review of The 50K Mission:

http://50kmission.com/? clickID=2156081570&aff=9840232213&c= US&tid=102cfa28913a1e60bf6ed029ba30cc&aff_id=5755

Summary: Avoid this scam!

If you’re still unsure about The 50K Mission, read the SEC’s warning letter about binary options scams. The bottom line here is that the “software” probably doesn’t even exist, and the entire purpose of this scam is to have you fund your account with $800. Once that is complete, you can say goodbye to that money.

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