Nigerian Scam

The continuing saga of a typical Nigerian scam.

To find out how everything started, read the initial emails.

Round 2 (updated May 21, 2007), pictures are exchanged and the true form of “Richard Williams” begins to shine.

Round 3 (updated May 22, 2007), in which I get a bank statement and bank contact instructions and email the bank (with full email header for technophiles!).

Round 4 (updated May 23, 2007), in which she finally cuts to the chase and I ask about sex.

Round 5 (updated May 24, 2007), Richard Williams talks tough

Round 6 (updated May 25, 2007), where I send another picture and slam the door shut to sex talk because, ew.

Round 7 (updated May 30, 2007). Game Over

4 thoughts on “Nigerian Scam”

  1. Get his location and ip address…then report the ip address with a copy of all the interactions with him/her to his/ her local authorities. The problem with Nigeria, is we don’t have jurisdiction. Best of luck.

  2. this person already took money from me for $13.000.00 i got upset because this is my saving for almost 2 years. and i have trouble to report this person. is anyone knows where i can report this person? because until now he still sontact me and ask for some more money for many kind of reason. if anyone can help me to find this person,i really appreciate it.

  3. people should be careful with responding or palying with Nigerian Scammers or and thing like that ,some people have been killed and you don’t now where they are ,eastern canada toronto are some work out of there and in the states ,they can track your ip address throughty your e-mail ,there’s some good sites out there about scam baiting i’ve don it on and off last few
    years .all i say is have fun play safe.



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