Quick Summary of The Private Society

Rating: 1 Utter garbage!

The Good: None, not a single one!

The Bad: It lies to you, it over hypes what it can do and is basically just another Binary Options scam.

The Bottom Line: If you want a way to build a real business, without having to rely on false hope and hyped up marketing, read my top recommendation.

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The Private Society Review

When it comes to internet marketing, and trying to make money online, there a few things that make me really very angry.

One of these things is “push button software”. Surely you have heard of this type of system: you click a button on a website and you make money.

Of course, these types of systems are complete and utter BS –how can it be that clicking one button will make you a millionaire? IF that was the case, everyone would click the damn button.

The reality is that this is poor marketing technique designed to catch the attention of those who may not have experience, skills or desire to make money like the rest of us do: hard work and determination.

The next thing that winds me up is when a marketer insists you can become a millionaire “overnight”. Normally the have some sense to state overnight does not mean 24 hours, but even so, the fact that they tell you that you can become a millionaire in a few months is laughable and infuriating.

When I came across The Private Society I almost blew a gasket as this system uses both of those techniques to try and get you to sign up to their Binary Option scam.

The Private Society autopilot

Push button software just doesn’t work.

The Pitch

The sales page for The Private Society starts by telling you that you can get paid $12,000 just for watching the video.

The video is an auto playing video with no pause button which means you are glued to the webpage, focusing your attention on the lies it spews.

It starts by confirming that the person behind the video, one George Taylor, will give you $12,000 for watching this short 2 minute video.

Shortly afterwards it explains that this money making system will be explained in 7 minutes and 11 seconds…

After this he continues to explain how you too can make $15,500 per day, and $1 million in just a few months.

He underlines this with a few pictures of expensive cars and so on.

He then states, and you’ll love this, that 1 minute of the video has gone by (actually it was already at the two minute mark) and once you have watched this 2 minute video you will be earning money: “I keep my promises, always” he says.

Well you suck at promises then! This short 2 minute (or 7 minute 11 second) video is nearly 20 minutes long (yes, I timed it), so there goes any hope of me thinking you are honest.

The Prviate Society 2 minutes

The Prviate Society timer

Not quite two minutes…

The next ten minutes or so of the video is a constant cycle between how The Private Society system can make you $15,500 per day with just one minute of work, to how the system will not cost you any money, then to how no experience/skills/brain is required to use the system, and how the 1% suck so why not become part of the 1%. And then it repeats it with different wording.

Of course, he provides “proof” to show the system is valid and legitimate. There is a testimonial video (Fiverr.com job from the looks of things), and the account balance screen shots, and even a video screenshot of an account balance.

These screenshots show vast sums of money, between $1 million to $27 million and are enough to make you wonder whether this system truly works.

These can also be very easily faked. I couldn’t grab the screen shot (and no I am not sitting through the video again!) but the video screenshot had the word privilege misspelt so I highly doubt it was real.

The Prviate Society balance 1

If you can add an arrow to a picture, you can just as easily fake the amount.

From there the narrator intertwines his sob story of struggling to pay the bills, sleeping on his friends couch even though he is 40 and other sad facts, with how this amazing system saved him from all that.

It’s a typical marketing spiel with little substance.

Then he starts planting the seed of the $250 dollars in your mind – you only need a small sum to start, $250 turned into $15,000, it’s a tiny deposit of just $250.

The $250 in case you don’t know, is the default amount most Binary Options brokers require you to deposit in order to trade. By getting you to deposit this money the person behind this atrocious video will earn a commission – he isn’t earning from this system, he is earning from your wallet!

The Prviate Society lies

More lies.

After watching the full video, I realised I had been conned – I would not be receiving my $12,000, instead the payment of this money is used to “purchase” the use of the system.

How convenient.

Signing up to The Private Society

Unsurprisingly, signing up is typical of these Binary Options scams: hand over your email; see some fake stats, sign up to the broker.

The membership page is also typical in that it is standard Binary Options signals software. This software provides you with predictions of whether a commodity will go up or down, and will auto trade for you.

Sadly, they are about as useful as a brick when it comes to trading, about as intelligent too.

Depositing money is done on the page, and while it has an SSL security certificate, the card details run through a third party website, rather than being handled directly by The Private Society or even the broker.

I would strongly advise you against handing your card details over. If you must deposit money, click the links to get through to the actual broker site. Whether it is any more secure and whether it has less possibility of fraud is debatable but at least it doesn’t route through an unknown website.

The Bottom Line

The Private Society is yet another Binary Options scam. It uses the combined techniques of push button software and becoming an overnight millionaire to coax you into trying the system out. All the person behind this wants is for you to make an initial deposit; they don’t give a damn about you after that.

Avoid this system, it’s a scam.

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