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Rating: 1 The Oracles see's its future rating, and that rating is zero!

The Good: Fancy video

The Bad: So many cons, where do I begin? The lies? The fake testimonials? The insecure credit card handling? The lies?

The Bottom Line: This is not a real system! The company isn't real, the software isn't real. Nothing about this is real! If you're looking to build a REAL, sustainable income online, check out our number one recommendation here. It's free to get started and you don't have to gamble away your hard earned money.

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The TradersOracle Review

I got thinking today about death.

I know, it’s a bit morbid, but luckily I wasn’t thinking about people dying or even animals.

No, instead I was thinking about what happens to Binary Options systems when they die (and die they must!).

You see, most binary options systems are transient: they arrive with a fanfare and a bucket of hype, and disappear quite quickly once they have bled people’s wallets dry.

I then wondered whether they were digital vampires, but that’s another story.

This day dream of mine made me want to find out more so I started looking at some of the older binary systems out there, the ones far at the bottom of the pile in places like ClickSure.

As expected a good chunk of them were already dead; their sites with general maintenance warnings, pages saying they were “full”, or just plain old dead websites which had been closed.

Surprisingly though there were still some that lived, simply waiting for the unwary to stumble upon them so they can launch their frantic sales pitch in the hopes of snaring a victim.

Even more surprisingly, I found one that I’ve Tried That hasn’t reviewed yet.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:  The Traders Oracle.

The pitch

Binary Options sales pitches are a little like a Venus fly trap: they give off a sense of legitimacy but this is just a trick, a false scent, to lure you closer to the trap!

With The Traders Oracle, there are a few of these tricks. Firstly is the countdown. Apparently after 15 minutes the limited offer expires. Well I can assure you this is a lie, because I started watching the video just before my lunch and when I wandered back with a full belly, the countdown was on zero and I could still sign up with no issues.

The next issue was the counterfeit Trust Guard buttons. These were not active, in that you could not click through to the Trust Guard website, and honestly I doubt they ever were active: it’s just another ploy to increase your sense of security.

Traders Oracle - fake trust guard badges

And lastly, they one that was really in your face, was the promise of being sent $500 just for watching the video. I’ll come back to this one.

The Traders Oracle video

Where to start with this? I’m sat here looking at my notes wondering how the entire team has missed this pile of stinking garbage.

The video itself is quite professional: it uses a quality British accented narrator and barring some minor spelling errors and the narrator swapping between pounds and dollars, it manages to pull off a fairly professional air.

It starts with a pretty extravagant statement: it says that with this system you will (not maybe, but will) be a millionaire in 3 months.

The narrator states his name is Philip Sterling and he’s the CEO of TOT or Traders Oracle Technologies.

As always I stopped the video and did my due diligence, but found absolutely zero about the company. On continuing the video the writer cleverly states that we will not find them on the internet as they are a big secret.

Traders Oracle - companies

There’s no proof this company is real or that they have had dealings with Google et al.

What B.S.!

The video states they work with huge international companies including Google, and that they have earned these companies billions, yet they are a big secret? Sorry guys, but it simply doesn’t work that way.

Any company that can turn $100 million into $500 million within a short period of time would be all over the grape vine.

Any way, they go on to say they have a $12 million dollar “robot” (computer…) or maybe 1 £12 million pound one, they seemingly can’t decide.

This “robot” is how they are so successful at trades. It’s so fast it that it can earn $1 billion a day and in effect predicts the future.

OK I need to interject here. If anyone had a computer like that they would not be promoting it on the internet under a crappy little website that actually only promotes Binary Options in order to get a commission.

Everything so far in this video is a lie.

The video goes on to spew even more rubbish.

Apparently the Oracle has made more millionaires than the lottery has worldwide. Evidence? None.

Traders Oracle - never lose

Never lose with a win rate of 99.2%! Huh?

Apparently the system never loses as it has a 99.2% win rate (do you see the irony there?).

My favorite part comes next: the “live undeniable proof” that this system works.

We then get subjected to a video of some checking the account at several points during 24 hours. The video isn’t live. In fact it’s done in such a way that it is merely a video of some screenshots that can be very, very, easily faked.

The screenshots supposedly prove that you can earn $17,952 in one day.

Nest comes the testimonials. The two video ones are awesome. The first I easily found on Fiverr.com selling their video testimonials for a small amount of cash.

Traders Oracle - fake testimonial 1

The second, well, I didn’t even need to look this guy up on Fiverr, I have seen him in so many different Binary Options sales videos that I think he is on retainer with “Evil Marketers of Binary Options Inc.”.

Traders Oracle - fake testimonial 2 - a regular

I feel I know him so well I’m going to send him a Christmas card this year.

Labelling fake testimonials as “undeniable proof” is simply undeniable proof that this is a scam!

The video goes on and on, all in the style of a practised marketer, slowly trying to convince you of the virtues of signing up.

Suddenly, the video switches pace and then starts to scare the bejeezus out of you by proclaiming that the new world order will be starting soon and that will need to bow to our new robot overlords.

Well, not quite, but it was quite insistent that you will lose your job, replaced by a robot or computer.

Traders Oracle - age of the computer

Welcome the robot overlords!

Free money, tomorrow

What about the $500 dollars promised to us? Well, this turns out to be merely a deposit bonus added to your account if you hand over real money. You will never actually see this money.

Signing up to The Traders Oracle

As usual, this involves handing over your email and then handing it over again but this time to the brokers. I’ve done this so many times now that I keep on finding systems that are all done by the same person, as my email address gets rejected from their mailing list.

The thing that worries me here is that in most cases, you send your deposit via the broker. Here, you are still in the Traders Oracle website when they ask you for your credit card details.

There is no SSL security…

In fact there is simply nothing trustworthy about this site: I would never hand over my card details here as I would be very worried that they would commit credit card fraud against me.

I would urge you to walk away from The Traders Oracle at this point!

The Bottom Line

This is no miracle system, far from it. It provides Binary Options signals which are rough (read inaccurate) pointers to which way a trade will go.

The problem with these signals, and Binary Options in general, is that no one, not even a computer can predict which way a trade will go within a micro amount of time. Binary Options mainly deals with micro amounts of time…

Will The Traders Oracle earn you millions? No, it will not.

Will The Traders Oracle earn you any money? Maybe, but honestly I think it will be more down to luck than any secret computer algorithm.

Will you have your bank account cleared out due to fraud? Quite possibly!

At the end of the day, this is just another unethical Binary Options affiliate, willing to spend some time and money trying to convince you to deposit money in the brokers account. There’s no altruism here, only greed.

Avoid this one!

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