‚ÄčTrade Sniper isn’t anything new. In fact this is basically just a relaunch. Does that mean it’s not going to work? Not necessarily. Companies relaunch successfully all the time in dozens of different industries.

The problem is, Trade Sniper is in the Binary Trade industry. As you’ll see over the course of this review, nothing in binary trading is what it claims to be.

This isn’t my first review of this nature. In fact, as you’ll see here, I make a habit of checking out and reviewing Binary Trade programs. I quite enjoy it. They all claim to be unique and not like the others, but they’re actually the same as all the ones before.

Just like people then.

Binary Trade Products – Worth Looking Into?

The process of reviewing a binary trade product begins with a look at their squeeze page. You often have to listen to a zero to hero sob story, but thankfully that wasn’t the case with Trade Sniper. The program’s creator, Justin, tells us a bit about his software, then goes into a live demo of the product.

I’ll talk about the demo later, first let’s take a look at what Trade Sniper is.

Some binary trading software promises to trade and bet for you automatically and you’ll make millions overnight. What others do is just give you signals for what trade to make. This is the category that Trade Sniper falls into.

The thing is, while something giving you a signal so that you can act on it might seem more believable than automated millions, it still isn’t any more likely to work.

Trade Sniper claims to know which way a trade will go at any given time. You select a currency or trade, such as “gold”, and the software tells you whether the price will rise or fall over the next 60 seconds. You then copy what it tells you, and win the bet. Easy right?

So how does Trade Sniper know which way you should bet?

This is the fundamental hole in the theory, and the reason TS is just another BS program. There’s no way to know. A binary trade is a coin toss.

You can’t tell me it analyses trends, market data, and price movement to get a winning formula, because the way trades work, at such fast pace, it’s impossible to predict a price movement on such a small timescale.

Even when a trade is trending in a certain direction it is still bouncing up and down every seconds (this is why they are called “tickers”).

But What About The Demo In The Video?

Well, what does it really show?

1.) Justin logs into a trading brokerage, he fires up some “software” that tells him to “call” the bet.

2.) He calls the bet.

3.) The screen changes and he has won.

Now the second screen showing the “win” could have been filmed a lot later. You can notice the difference in audio volume for a start. All he had to do was keep flipping the coin and hitting “call” until one of his calls won.

Proof? Hardly.

Do it again 10 times Justin!

So if Trade Sniper doesn’t work, what’s the real point?

Great question, glad you’re still with me.

As with all other Binary Trade programs, Justin will get a commission when you sign up. Now he SAYS that he will earn 5% on top of your earnings, so he only makes money if you do. In fact, he gets a commission when you deposit funds at the brokerage he recommends to you, which you’ll need to do in order to test out his “software”.

This deposit isn’t refundable, so once you put the funds in the broker account, Justin gets paid, and your money is gone. You can make trades if you like flipping coins and hoping for the best.

Say goodbye to your Trade Sniper induced dreams though.

All these programs are exactly the same. The might use a different pitch, a different line, or a different type of software, but they are all designed for one thing. You deposit funds, they get paid.

Why do you think they give you their “software” for free??

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  • Randy baith
    Randy baith

    These things are popping up like mad. I have made several videos about them on my Youtube Basictech channel. I cannot keep up with them. They are playing on peoples desperation and greed, all designed to suck money out of your account faster than a Kirby salesman.

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