Quick Summary of Untraceable Trader

Rating: 1 A rating of 1 is too good for this garbage.

The Good: Absolutely none.

The Bad: If the software was real (it's not) you're more likely to lose money than gain money.

The Bottom Line: This "system" lies to you from the get go and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Untraceable Trader Review

Recently there has been a shift in how Binary Options affiliates are marketing their “systems”. Instead of being purely about just plain old greed, they are inter-mingling a level of distrust with corporations and brokers, jumping on the band wagon of the effect of the recent 1% revelations.

The champion themselves as saviors for the 95% and explain how their system will not only make you cash, poke a finger in the eye of big business.

Add a dash of conspiracy into the mix and you have the latest ploys for getting you to part with your hard earned cash.

Untraceable Trader is the latest offering to use such a marketing style.

The pitch

The video sales pitch starts with the narrator referring to himself as Bobby Guinn, though I highly doubt this is really his name.

To begin with the narrator discusses how he has spent thousands of dollars on bogus systems in the past but now he has a way to earn $19,000 (this would be just shy of $1 million per year).

Unsurprisingly he then shows a picture of a flash and expensive car.

untraceable trader fancy car

This is standard marketing fare: it’s there to make you greedy and to whet your appetite for the remaining spiel.

According to this particular marketer, all the other automated Binary Options trading systems are in fact operated by, dun dun dunnnnn, the brokers themselves!

This flies in the face of the fact that the brokers offer sizable incentives in terms of CPA and profit shares for affiliates, but let’s roll with it.

The narrator continues and offers proof of how his system can in fact offer you riches by showing you a PayPal account that is apparently his.

untraceable trader paypal

This all looks legit, until you look a little closer. The fonts seem off. I can’t be 100% certain but I think it’s doctored. I know for a fact that doctoring something like that is not difficult to do.

As such I would be wary of using that “evidence” as the sole thing to make you go with this system.

After this, he starts the story of how this all came about. To begin with he tells you that this system is free because he wants the brokers to pay for their (alleged) crimes against him. His story starts about 15 years ago when he spent thousands on trading software which didn’t make him any money. Fast forward 8 years and he bumps into a retired software engineer who he asked to look at this old software.

The software engineer makes a remarkable discovery and soon the pair is living the high life courtesy of Binary Options and a URL they found in the code.

But then the mean and nasty brokers got wind of this and blacklisted them and “stole” $2,800,000 of his money!

As a result (of this maybe, or perhaps just the copy writers feverish imagination) the brokers hatched a plan to blacklist and control their customers.

Fast forward again to 2015 and apparently the software has been updated again. It doesn’t earn as much but instead flies below the radar of the evil brokers who are tracking their trades for signs of potential successful traders.

This amazing story which bears absolutely no resemblance to 20 other Binary Options sales pitches, has led the narrator to offer you the chance to use this software for free to make money. All you need to do is sign up and make a deposit.

Apparently this particular software has 3 rules:

  1. The win rate cannot exceed 65 out of 100 trades or the nasty brokers will cut you off
  2. The account balance cannot go over $74,999 otherwise the evil brokers will steal your money
  3. You can only withdraw a maximum of $14,999 per day, but not specific amounts for if you do the evil wizard Sauron. Oh wait, wrong story. The evil brokers will blacklist you!

The interesting thing here is the win rate. This special software, which I actually doubt exists, will only win a maximum 65% of the time.

Let’s say you bet $10 a trade 100 times, and the software magically enables you to win 65 of these.

That’s about $17 per win or $1105 for the 65 wins. Great! Now deduct the broker’s fee (in this case 20%) which equals $884. As such this software would actually make you lose money.

This is one of the problems with Binary Options: you need to win consistently in order to actually make a return.

The Bottom Line

untraceable trader predict

Well, no, no you can’t.

Untraceable Trader is just hype. It’s trying to use a combination of greed and hatred of the 1% to make you sign up and try your best at beating them.

The reality is that they want you to sign up so that they can make a healthy commission from you depositing money in the brokers account.

Like with any Binary Options system, it is based on pure luck. No software will help you win, though some will provide “signals” of the expectation of how the trade will go, it does not reliably predict anything. At the end of the day you’re still just flipping a coin!

In my opinion, avoid Untraceable Trader and Binary Options in general!

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