Online marketers have a bad reputation: they cheat and lie and don’t give a damn about you unless you open your wallet and even then once they have your cash they run for the hills.

Now, if you have any experience in internet marketing, you know that this isn’t true. Sort of. Mostly. OK, there are enough bad eggs out there to ruin everything for everyone else.

Even though the vast majority of us are hardworking business people, some loose cannons simply don’t care about people.

I find this mostly in the Binary Options section of our vast industry. These affiliates will try every dirty trick they can to con you into parting with your money.

Verified Trader is simply the latest in a long, and seemingly never ending line of con artists pushing Binary Options.

The Pitch

The sales letter page is surprisingly professional and as is the normal nowadays its main focus is on the sales video.

The sales video is standard fare, with professional voice overs, wording to make you sub consciously open to making vast amounts of money, and crappy testimonials probably bought from

I especially liked the second guy as he seems to have his own green screen!

Looking at the rest of the sales page makes me very angry.

Let’s start with the awards given to this most spectacular system.

verified trader awards

What do any of these mean? Absolutely nothing: all of them are made up, even the SSL one which, while SSL is real the badge isn’t. Oh and the site doesn’t even use SSL…

What about the list of twitter user after twitter user? Again, this is all made up.

Let’s take the last on the list, a verified user called vFana:

verified trader vfana twitter

This poor lady is an amalgam of various users. The photo comes from a German lady who only tweets in German and the name comes from an Asian lady who made one tweet back in 2010 in an Indonesian language.

Expanding on this, Verified Traders twitter moniker @verifiedtradero07 is fake, it doesn’t exist and there are only 2 tweets on twitter that even mention their username.

verified trader number of tweets

All of this is absolute proof that the authors of this site are liars.

Hang on though; let’s give them one more chance as they have these fine testimonials whose profit has been verified by an outside source

I wasn’t able to track down these specific testimonial givers, but I did learn something interesting about VeriTrades which puts doubt on their legitimacy.

verified trader veritrades

Guessed what it is yet? That’s right; their board members are using stock images. Which legitimate company does that? Answer: none!

This company provides no address or phone number either. I would happily put money on saying that this “company” is just a fabricated website that helps provide a sense of legitimacy to the Binary Option affiliate websites.

The reality is that it is just a bunch of lies like the affiliate sites are.

As with any Binary Option affiliate, there purpose is to get you to sign up to the trading broker and deposit $250, and then they will make there commission and that’s that.

Inside Verified Trader

If you do sign up, you are taken to a member’s area where you are asked to deposit $250.

This members area is still NOT using SSL so it is unsecure, and oddly enough is just using an iframe (a website within another website) to the brokers site.

What this means is that any software you end up using is more than likely going to be the brokers own software bundled up in Verified Trading branding.

There won’t be any special algorithm designed over ten years. There won’t be any bias free data. Everything will route through the broker, who only wants you to deposit more and more cash.

Oh, did I mention that this broker is in London, England?  The likelihood of any complaints being upheld are remote as they are over 5000 miles away across the Pond.

The Bottom Line

Binary Options trading is already a huge risk, akin to gambling. The FTC has provided many warnings over this type of trading before.

Even if this type of trading did provide the type of returns suggested in the video, would you trust Verified after learning about its deceitful tactics?

I know I wouldn’t!

Those lies and tricks combined with the fact that Binary Options are a huge risk, make it clear that you should avoid this product and Binary Options in general.

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