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Scam Email #1


Solar Energy and Wind Turbines Limited is employing individuals, small or large firm owners to work for the company as a Representative in the United States of America. This is in view of us not having enough outlets presently in the United States of America.You don’t need to have an Office and this certainly won’t disturb any form of work you have going on at the moment. We engage in sales, importation and exportation of solar energy products, turbines and Compressors.

Salary: 3350 Monthly and a 300 commission for every payment processed.
Position: Receiving and processing Payment Representative.
Experience: None – We will guide you through.
Requirements: Positive Attitude, Honesty and Integrity.
Schedule: Less than five hours a week. You choose your hours.

You will be in charge of processing and disbursing of funds from the sales made by Sales and Distribution Agents. Interested candidates should send information requested below for immediate consideration.

Full Address
Zip code
Phone Number
contact email

Send the requested information to head of Human Resource.

Name- Harry Williams

If the Human resource Department finds the requested information suitable, We shall contact you within 24 hours.

Harry Williams (Head of Human Resource Department)
Solar and Wind Turbines Limited.

Scam Email #2

Scam Email #3

You have been chosen to be one of our Mystery shopper.You will be evaluating Wal-Mart Stores and Western Union Services in your
neighbourhood, kindly check out for one Wal-Mart store and one Western union Agent outlet you will like to evaluate, make sure the store and the outlet you will choose are close to your area as much as possible.You will have to send the name and address of the two location to us, Please note that you are to act Cool, Calm and Confident through out the period which you will be carrying out your survey at the store, in order not to arouse any suspicion.You will be shopping at Wal-Mart stores and also make a transaction at the Western union, You will write a report about the customer services, you will send your report back to us via Email, you will have to use the following pointers to prepare your report :

1) How long it took you to get services.
2)Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet
3) Smartness of the attendant
4)Customer service professionalism
5)Reaction of personnel under pressure
6)Information that you think would be helpful
7)Your comments and impressions.


A package will be sent to you via courier,inside the package you will find your Compensation payment which would be in the form of money orders/ cashiers check,which you would be required to cash at your bank so you would use the funds to carry out your surveying process.You must not use your personal money to complete any of the surveying process and there will be no reimbursement of any kind since we are providing you with all the fund you will need to carry out the survey.An Evaluation Instruction will be given to you through email, this will tell you what to do at the Wal-Mart and he Western union location and how to expend the fund at each location.Please reply this Email and give us the name and address of the Wal-Mart and
Western union location you will be evaluating.

Full Legal Name :
Full Physical Address :
City :
State :
Zip code :
Country :
Nationality :
Home and Cell # :
Present Occupation:

Thank You
Franklin David
Head Of Projects
Business Evaluation Mystery Shoppers Services.

Scam Email #4

Abba Queen’s Gate Hotel
31 34 Queen’s Gate,
London United KINGDO
Tel: +448719965273,
Attn; Applicant

I am Mrs. Gloria Anderson of Abba Queen’s Gate Hotel, London.
This is a great opportune moment for exotic candidates (outside UNITED KINGDOM) who wish to work here in the United Kingdom in different skills such as Primary Skill

Labour (PSL), Secondary Skill Labour (SSL) as well as Semi Skill Labour (SSL2) under the management of our company.
Our hotel is eagerly in need of successful candidates to occupy our new erected branch in Manchester United here in United Kingdom . The salary to our candidates are

varies in nature of their professions

Account Department __? 3,500Pounds
Chefs__? 3,000 Pounds
Cleaning the Hotel Room __? 2,100 Pounds
Computer Operators __? 2,500 Pounds
Deputy Manager __? 4,000 Pounds
Driver’s __? 2,000 Pounds
Medical Attendant __? 3000 Pounds
Receptionist __? 2,500 Pounds
Reservation Desk __? 2,500 Pounds
Sales in the Bar __? 2,500 Pounds
Security manager __? 2,000 Pounds
Electrical engineer __? 3,500 Pounds
IT Department manager (Web Developer) computer engineer __? 2,500 Pounds
Network Administrator, Database Management__? 2500 Pounds
Administrative Manager__? 3,000 pounds

Your age must be 18 years and upward… * generally your education must be above secondary education. * Must be reliable and trustworthy… * Must be law-abiding and

adhere strictly to the Rules and regulations guiding the operations of the Hotel Those seeking for higher position such as Human Resource Manager ,Assistant Manager

e.g. must have must obtained qualification And working experiences which could be relevant to the position being Sort for.

If you interested, send your filled CV for a standard application and procedures.via email id( )

The Hotel Management offer every selected candidate free Air Ticket, free accommodation, and feeding only. Candidates will only responsible for his/her Visa charges in

his/her respective Country.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Gloria Anderson
Abba Queen’s Gate Hotel Managements.

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