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Scam Email #1

> Subject: Re: Bookkeeper/Office Worker – Craig’s List
> From: David Whitehead
> We have a job opening for Versa Check Processor in Printing, Packaging &
> Mailing Out, you can work full time or part time, this is a straight forward
> employment opportunity and does not require any special skills. You will be
> working solely as a Processor Dispatcher. Its require no experience and you
> will be working from home office to do this job. Pay $1300 Monthly
> Requirement:
> You must have at least 2 boxes of VersaCheck Paper Business Form #1000 to
> purchase at any OFFICE MAX close to you. Computer with internet Printer for
> the Versacheck printing.
> If interested fill below info:
> First name……………….
> Middle name………………
> Last name………………..
> Address Line 1……………
> Address Line 2……………
> Sex……………….
> City…………………….
> State…………………..
> Zip/Postal code…………..
> Age…………………….
> Nationality………………
> Home phone……………….
> Cell phone……………….
> Time/Day (Work Hours) You prefer………
> Full Time Or Part Time……
> And also come online immediately on your yahoo instant messenger to chat
> with our rep for the next step and further instruction. If you don’t have a
> yahoo messenger you can download one and sign up for a user name then add us
> on this user name (
> Waiting to read from you.
> David Whitehead (Accounting Dpt.)
> Fill the Application and E-mail It back to get started Asap!!!

Scam Email #2

We are happy that got your reply letter. I am acting as a hiring coordinator in U. P., my name is Tina Allen and my main current task is to deal with all applications for the position of Administrative Office Coordinator.

I will be glad answer all questions you have, anytime they arise. Please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail to find out any information about the position, which was not mentioned in the offer.

You will have to do the following things:

– deal with business communication and correspondence with our company’s partners, you will have to make all the replies and keep records ordered
– make reports for the internal use and deal with classification of tax information (including all stages: starting from data collection up to the way how this tax information is organized)
– deal with paper formalities: processing of direct payments from company customers to our programmers
– opening the branch of our company (research and analyze current situation, be able to provide diverse help)

You will work from home.

As soon as you make a decision to work for us you will be assigned a corporate account, because it is necessary to accomplish all your assigned tasks. During the probation period (first two weeks) you will be using your personal account – this is done for training purposes only, all taxes and expenses for that period are covered by our company.

During the training period you will receive 1,800USD as a compensation (for 2-weeks time) and working as a full-time employee you will be paid 4,500USD per month.

Payment scheme is the following: money you receive is directly deposited to your bank account 2 times per month.

You may find the Employment Agreement in the attachment, please read through it carefully. If something is unclear we will clarify it through e-mail. If you agree with all mentioned conditions, then please print out the document, fill it in (please use block capitals), scan the signed document and send it to us via e-mail or fax (the number is +1-718-5320339).

You are also asked to attach a scanned copy of your document (i.e. Passport or DL).

Unfortunately we are not able to hold a face-to-face interview, since the company headquarters are located in Australia. This is the main reason why the current position is home-based.

Waiting for your response. Sincerely,
Tina Allen

Scam Email #3

Thank you for your reply.
> We would like to explain to you in detail the entire process that will
> possibly be the best job you will ever have.
> You will work from home until we open our US branch. This job is possible
> because our company has its headquarters
> in London, United Kingdom. As such we do not yet have our offices in the
> US. Until we do we will always need representatives
> in the USA to take care of some financial matters. At this time we cannot
> accept direct payments and orders from our clients
> and customers. Due to the local and international law the only way we can
> sell our insurance products internationally is to open local sales
> offices/branches (our 1st US branch will be opened in New York by the end
> of May 2011) or use a company representative
> for these purposes. That is why we are hiring you as our Key Account
> Manager. You will also assist our company in all collection efforts from
> non-paying customers in the USA. You are a part of our team and you have
> full rights, authorized to negotiate, execute any agreement on behalf of
> our company.
> The problem we are facing is the time necessary for our company to receive
> the funds from bank transfers paid by our US customers
> after they have received our insurance services. Bank-to-bank wire
> transfer is considered the safest international payment method. Please
> note that we do not deal
> with the cheques due to the safety reason and to protect our associates.
> The reasons why a bank to bank is a very safe method are because every
> account
> holder must show proof of identity which will be thoroughly checked. But
> it takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to clear these funds in UK.
> Being our Key Account Manager you would speed up the process tenfold. We
> have already made a signed agreement with US officials and
> we are paying all the necessary taxes for our business.
> We do make background research on all our US customers before we sell our
> insurance products and/or services. In some rare case of any issue
> arising we guarantee to cover all the fees. This way you can feel
> absolutely protected and safe.
> $725.00 per week is your guaranteed basic salary, plus you will receive 8%
> from each transaction you process.
> I would like to confirm once again that this is a unique job offer from
> our company and this position is limited. So do not waste your time, join
> us, you have nothing to lose.
> Please visit our web site to find more about our company

Scam Email #4

We are glad to receive your response. Our enterprise is entitled MS Company My name is Mary Kay and I`m a hiring coordinator. Thus, if you have any issues regarding our opening or hiring process, please contact me via email and I would answer you at the earliest convenience. Since I travel a lot, you could be got in touch with some delays, please don`t worry about them.

So here are the job particulars:

You would be working at home. No traveling is involved.
Your major responsibilities include: keeping up the connection with the local customers, elaborating some internal and tax reports (you would receive the examples), timely distributing the payments from the customers to our free-lancers, opening a new office branch in your area. All the details would be clarified during the training process.

At first, you would have to walk through the 2-week training period that would be covered by the company at the rate of $1800 for 2 weeks. Afterwards, you would become our full-time employee and you would be paid $4500 per month.

To distribute the payments you would get access to our corporate account as soon as you become a full-time employee. While you go through the training, you would have to use your personal account.

Hours of work: 9am to 3pm Mon-Fri (while you are training); 9am to 6pm Mon-Fri (full-time).

If you agree with the conditions, please find attached our employment agreement. You should print it, fill it with a pen, scan it and forward to me via email. Also we need a copy of your ID (driver`s license or passport).

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Mary Kay

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  • Steve Razinski
    Steve RazinskiFounder

    It’s a scam. Real companies do not hire workers who are inexperienced in their field and they 100% do not hold interviews over Yahoo IM.

  • kendra h
    kendra h

    I got a job offer with USV Limited Heath Care. They claimed to have seen my resume on and was interested in hiring me as a customer service rep. They constructed an interview vía yahoo IM. Everything seem Fine until they offered me money to purchase a printer and supplies for accounting payroll. I have no experience in payroll but they say theyre going to train me on everything but im not confortable printing payroll checks from home and mailing them out. They did not ask for any personal info and went over my job duties and bebefits like an actual job would. I just need to know if this is a scam before I proceed

  • Shawna Miles
    Shawna Miles

    Yesterday I posted an ad to craigslist that I was looking for Accounting/Bookkeeping Job, that I have 8 years experience and an associates degree in accounting, very honest, dependable and hard working. I only left a phone number to be contacted, and i started receiving text messages from a 267-607-9093 number saying to log into and add so that we could yahoo instant message and she could explain the job opportunity and also told me it would pay $1100 a month. When I instant messaged her she assured me it was NOT a scam and that I needed to go buy Versa Check Paper Forms 1000 or forms 7000 and when I returned home with them, she would then provide me with the software that I needed and give me all the information that I needed to begin. She also told me to get Fed Ex Envelopes while I was out. I explained to her that I had three children and had a tight budget on a fixed income that I could NOT afford to be scammed. Once again she assured me it was NO scam. At first I was so excited, thinking, finally at last a job opportunity and I can do it from home without the cost of gas and being away from my children. Then I went over her messages a little more and there were spelling errors, and things that just did not seem right, and sent me into the paranoid stage. So instead of running right out and spending money on the gas to go all the way to a Staples or Office Max to purchase these Versa Checks that she told me to do, I started to look on the internet for scams and it brought me to you. I am seriously in need of some information, I guess I just do NOT understand, how it could scam me out of money when I can just return the checks if I dont want them???

  • BmomB

    Thanks Steve,

    I’m currently unemployed, and I keep getting all these emails claiming
    big bucks for stay at home jobs. I just wasn’t sure where to go to find
    out if they were legit or not. Your sight is really helpful – I will keep
    following in case I come upon something that seems to good to be true.

  • Audrey Kroll
    Audrey Kroll

    Thanks, Steve for your weely updates, also for the Beginners book you E-Mailed. I lost a few Dollars on the “Free Credit Reort .com” spam you reported on. Of all the *! blanketety BS that is on the Internet,
    it is refreshing to be able to know there is some excellent information such as yours to study. Do you have any information of the folowing? Anthony Morrison, Adv ertising Profits from Home” and Kip Elliot Affiliate Marketing? Thanks , Audrey Kroll.,

  • Peg Krumlinde
    Peg Krumlinde

    I keep getting emails from JobAlert; do you know anything about this website and whether it is what it says it is. The emails offer over 400 work at home jobs; sounds a bit much to me.

    Peg K

  • Camille Accardi
    Camille Accardi

    Dear Steve,

    I love your website–it’s very informative, and the style is quite beautiful as well. It has very clean, modern lines; it is almost Zen-like.

    Have you heard of a company called “Varolo” ? It is a Viral/Network-type opportunity that I saw advertised on Craig’s List. It sounds good.

    Also, I’ve not been able to download any of your free reports or samples of your ebooks about working from home, because I don’t have the correct (newest?) version of Adobe (which I think is a bit expensive, if I’m
    understanding things correctly.) Any way around this??

    Camille Accardi

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