I have been reviewing a lot of Binary Options products recently, as I feel that you deserve to know as much about them as possible. In fact I feel obligated to try and stop you from falling into the trap that so many other people have fallen for: actually signing up to them and handing over your money.

The fact that new ones keep popping up all the time is indicative of how many people are still being caught out by these so called systems.

Barely two weeks into the New Year, we already have one that is only in it for the short term: 2015 Millionaire’s Club.

These systems pop up, grab as much cash as possible, then disappear. They are then recycle under another domain, perhaps with a slight graphics refresh as well.

The sales page

This particular product is consistent with virtually every other Binary Options product out there: it promises you the earth (well, the money) and does so by blatantly lying to you.

“Today, right now, 15 new millionaires are going to be created, and you my friend are going to be one of them”

Now that is some hype to start a video off with, promising you the gold at the end of a rainbow.

It goes on to guarantee you that all of its members become millionaires within a few months. That is a pile of B.S. – if they did no way would they be giving you access to it in return for a commission from the broker. If they really could guarantee that, they would be selling it for a lot higher than that or not even selling it at all.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true then it’s a lie.

This is then followed by a typical sob story and then the flashing of riches: flash car, big house, random hot girl in a bikini.

All of this is just to send your inner greed demon off on a rampage so that you lose your sense of objectivity.

It goes on and on and on about how it will turn your life around and how you will be guaranteed to become a millionaire.

2015 Millionaires Club guarantee

Signing up to 2015 Millionaire’s Club

After handing over your email, you are sent to the next step. Here you are gifted with another hype and lie filled video urging you to remember that you will be a millionaire in 3 months and that you just need to sign up.

As well as that the sales page contains other fake data such as:

  • The number of people on the page  – it is just a number counter, it isn’t real.
  • The countdown of membership spots available – it never goes to zero.
  • The chart showing live data – this comes from another site which goes to a site that says “Welcome to Bot Admin”. Does that fill you with confidence?

If you choose to ignore all of that you are then taken to another page where you have two choices: deposit $250 dollars or leave.

The one saving grace of this page is that at least it is using HTTPS (SSL) to secure it.

Naughty parent (company)

If adding your money into a Binary Options system that lies to you isn’t scary enough, how about I tell you some things about the broker’s parent company that will make your hairs stand on end?

Behind the scenes is of 2015 Millionaire’s Clubs is a Binary Options broker called LBinary.

These guys are, allegedly, based out of Gibraltar in Europe, so there goes any hope of you making a complaint against them should things go wrong.

And things are most likely to go wrong…

  • The government of Cyprus has issued a warning about the parent company Chelestra Limited being unregistered.
  • Even the Gibraltar government has issued a warning about this firm.
  • There have been numerous complaints about people being unable to withdraw money.

This means that even if you manage to beat the odds weighted against you and make a profit with Binary Options, you may still never see that cash, nor the money you invested in the first place.

The Bottom Line

Do not sign up to this!

It is at best a risky proposition, by simply being Binary Options, at worst the company that will be handling your money is fraudulent and criminal. Why waste your time signing up, just burn your money instead, it will be the same outcome with fewer headaches.

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