Have you ever had trouble getting traffic to your website? I know I have. And as a marketer, it is the most frustrating thing in the world. You have the product and you have the copy, but where in darnation are the potential buyers?

This frustration is something that all of us have felt at one point or another and often basic SEO techniques are slow to build traffic.

When I came cross Traffic Ignite I was very interested as it stated that it has helped someone generate enough traffic to make $3000 dollars in 72 hours.

Of course, I’m not fooled by marketing tactics like that so I decided to pick up a copy and see what it was really all about.

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The Pitch

The sales letter here is classic, and it preys upon the insecurities of any marketer that is struggling to get traffic or wants it quickly.

It offers the usual unprovable proof, and promises to make it so easy that it is just a 10 step process.

The sob story that it tells may well be true, but it is formulaic: had a problem, had no money, needed it urgently, looked online, had an epiphany, now I’m rich.

Traffic Ignite Undeniable Proof

This undeniable proof really is not proof.

Purchasing Traffic Ignite

The product is on a flat fee sale at $9.90 and there is a single upsell for $17 dollars.

The upsell is about how to automate and outsource the work outlined in the core plugin.

I was a little surprised that there was no more upsells, as the affiliate page states that both the front end product and the upsell are on 100% commissions.

Still wondering how I was likely to get stung for more money I took a look at the core product.

The Product

The “members” area consists of some videos, a link to a webinar and some downloadable resources.

The product itself is comprised of two short videos: 15 minutes and 6 minutes long respectively.

The first, longer video is the core training and I was surprised to learn that this focused around generating an email list rather than generating traffic.

The theory is that you no longer will need traffic in the conventional sense when you can promote directly to your email list.

While I agree that having an email list is amazing, this is not what I was expecting from the product.

I re-read the sales pitch twice to make sure I hadn’t missed a reference to building an email list, and I had not.

Putting the confusion to one side, the process of generating an email list that Traffic Ignite suggests is not a bad one, but one that has been used many times before.

The basic premise is that you create a product, find people willing to promote it for a 100% commission and gather a targeted mailing list from the sales of the product.

After that it is merely a matter of then promoting alternative products in the same niche to that list.

This is what a large number of marketers are already doing, and I suspect this is also why there was no large upsell with this product, I’ll see those in my emails shortly.

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The way the host of the video goes about finding people to promote the product is interesting.  He is targeting people who are successful in their niche and have either a large email list themselves, a large Facebook following or a large number of viewers or subscribers on YouTube.

The key thing is that they may not actually be internet marketers themselves, but have within their grasp a sizeable market for a particular niche.

The secondary video is about niche research and goes into details of how to find people to promote your give away products.

Traffic Ignite 10 steps

I never actually found 10 steps…

The Bottom Line

Traffic Ignite is not a scam as such, but it is also not quite what you may be expecting when buying it.

I for one was hoping to actually increase the number of visitors to my site, rather than building an email list.

That being said, the information contained was reasonable and gives you a fair idea on how to go about leveraging other peoples traffic and popularity (and greed) to build up a large niche specific mailing list.

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