100 percent profit bot sounds like a dream come true, but in this review I’m going to refute that for you.

Whenever anything has the words “profit” or “bot” in it, you know it’s going to most likely be some sort of binary options push-button software. The idea behind these things is always the same. Use some magic software to exploit some loophole, and get rich on autopilot.

This 100% Profitbot review is going to teach you a thing or two about how binary options scams work.

What Is One Hundred Percent Profitbot?

Have you ever heard about a secret software that will let you click a few buttons to exploit a loophole in a trillion dollar industry? This is what the product I’m reviewing today is billed as.

If you’ve never heard of that before, then it probably got your attention. As for me, I’ve heard it before. Dozens of times. Every week in fact.

The claims in the video are that you’ll be one of the lucky beta testers who is given access just for turning up (wow lucky you!) and will be able to test the software, and turn it into…oh I don’t know, how about $43,000 dollars a month?

This is an opportunity that doesn’t require any experience, technical knowledge, or even thinking. In fact thinking is probably not a good idea.

You just have to sit back, let the software do its thing, and watch your money roll in.

If any of this sounds too good to be true, that’s because yes, it is too good, and no, it is not true.

What Is It REALLY?

Every one of these programs presents itself as different from the others. 100% profitbot claims to be saving you the BS, and claims to be the only multi-broker binary bot.

The problem is, binary bots are always hyped up junk, so it doesn’t matter if you use them one 1 broker or 500. They’re still going to fail. 100% failbot!

Binary Options programs are all over the place right now. There are multiple ones rolled out every week. They are popular, easy to promote, easy to make profit with, and you don’t even have to worry about refunds.

Please, I’m talking about the people who make them, not you. You won’t make profit.

Here’s how they get your money.

The Binary Options Formula

1.) Create a video about a software that makes money online automatically.

2.) Talk about the fact it always works.

3.) Use phrases like “exploit loophole,” “push-button,” and mention money as much as possible.

4.) Mention that access is limited to a certain number of people, in a certain number of places, for a certain time.

5.) Put countdown timers and various other things to show that time is running out.

6.) Mention that it is free over and over again.

7.) Create supporting back-story. In most cases the back-story is that you’re planning to release this product for thousands of dollars in the future, but you first need some beta testers. Which is strange, because you already have 50 videos of beta testers anyway.

8.) Fake screenshots and testimonials. This is easy to do and costs you about $5 per fake video. It’s very easy to put a “verified” stamp on a screenshot to make it look real. See?


9.) Once people have signed up for free, tell them they need to deposit some funds into a certain platform to get it to work.

10.) When people deposit funds, that platform pays you a massive commission.

11.) Make your own affiliate program and give commissions to people who help you earn commissions.


12.) Start working on next fake program while people are trying to get their money back from above mentioned platform. They won’t.

Like all good formula, there’s room for flexibility, and you might come across other binary options programs that have a different story or angle.

They all have the same ending though (don’t you just hate those Hollywood endings?). You think it’s free, you think it’s a guaranteed win, you deposit funds with shady broker, you can’t withdraw anything afterwards, your magic software is junk, you feel sad.

How Do I Know All This?

I don’t pretend to be a smarty pants who knows everything, I just write from experience. Every Wednesday I review a different one of these things, and they’re always basically the same. Check out my other reviews to see what I mean.

On top of that, whenever you search for any real reviews, all you find is people offering their made up reviews in order to get you to click an affiliate link.

There’s never any positive reviews from real tech or business websites. You’ll find spammy ones saying it’s good and anti-scam sites like this one saying it’s bad.

Real opportunities make it into the news, these things never do.

Is It Worth Trying To See?

If you want to lose your money yes.

The real danger is that while you CAN get access inside for free, and you can join the brokerage for free, you’ll need to deposit money if you want to trade.

I’m not going to even bother going into whether or not the software works (it never even exists half of the time), because you aren’t able to withdraw anything from the brokerages anyway.

Most of them are based in Cyprus, outside good law enforcement, and they’ll gladly steal your money. I mean, look after it for you. I mean steal it.

Please do me a favor and just let this one pass you by.

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