Quick Summary of 10K in 7 Days

Rating: 1 A standard Binary Options scam

The Good: None.

The Bad: The sales pitch offers nothing but hopes, dreams, hype and fluff.

The Bottom Line: Would you really invest your hard earned cash into something that only offers marketing hype as it's evidence of earnings? I didn't think so. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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10K in 7 Days Review

Most Binary Options scams out there tend to have a common factor: they exaggerate their earnings claims.

They say that you can earn not hundreds, but thousands of dollars per day, and usually this is on autopilot.

Of course, this is BS as not a single Binary Option scam has been able to provide honest, verified proof that they work.

The 10K in 7 Days Binary Options system seems to fit the bill of Binary Option scams, I mean come on, 10K in just 7 days? It sounds too good to be true.

A Binary Options Primer

If you are unsure what Binary Options is, let me give you a quick rundown.

Binary Options is a short term investment (normally 1 to 5 minutes in length), where you state at the start of the investment whether the chosen commodity of stock price will go up or down.

If you choose correctly by the end of the time period, you get your money back, plus some more money, minus a cut for the Binary Options broker.

If you guess wrong, you lose your investment.

Due to the volatility of markets over short periods of time, you are basically making a 50/50 guess at the outcome.

As such the FTC recommends caution with this high risk trading method. It’s so high risk, even gamblers shy away from Binary Options!

Also, unlike normal trading, you are not actually purchasing a stock, merely wagering on the direction the stock or commodity will take.

Add to the fact that you generally need to win a higher percentage of the time to cover losses as the reward is generally less than the investment.

And then the is the fact that most Binary Options brokers, especially those touted by Binary Option marketers are outside of the US and usually lightly regulated or even completely unregulated, meaning you will have little to no recourse should the broker behave unethically.

Are you scared yet? You should be, and we haven’t even gotten to the Binary Option system yet!


10K in 7 days bank account

Proof of nothing.

The 10K in 7 Days Sales Page

The first thing I noticed about the 10K in 7 Days sales pitch wasn’t the simplicity of it. No, the first thing I noticed was a lack of any terms and more importantly any disclaimers.

Even if they sit outside the rule of US law, they should provide at least an earnings disclaimer. If they are within the reach of US law, then the FTC demands a mandatory high risk disclaimer for any site involved with Binary Options.

This is the first sign that something is amiss here.

The sales video for this system is the only avenue to learn about how it can supposedly help you.

In typical Binary Options scam fashion, the video starts of by showing off.

The narrator shows you a screen shot of his previous month’s earnings, a hefty $59,000.  Screenshots mean nothing though, as they can and often are manipulated with ease.

The narrator continues, and tries to rub your nose in the alleged fact that he is richer than you and can afford to cavort with Playboy models on faraway beaches while you sit at home and eat canned tuna.

This tactic is obvious and rude, but sadly it is effective. It manages to affect many different types of personality, either making you angry and obstinate or depressed and desperate.

Either way his Hugh Hefner lifestyle can’t be proven by a stock photo!

10K in 7 days playboy

The video goes on to tell you that it can make you a lot of money, but only teases you with how you to actually do it.

This is merely to keep you hooked while the story unfolds and attempts to manipulate your feelings.

It then tells you about the basics of Binary Options, but says that while to you it is only A or B, to him it’s made him $2 million dollars (although this is only a screenshot!).

The video goes on and on cajoling you into desiring vast riches with little work.

All the video does is provide a story, there is zero evidence that any of this is real. The video is simply full of hype and fluff.

Inside 10K in 7 Days

After signing up to the system, I discovered that my suspicions were correct. This system is simply yet another Binary Options scam that uses white labelled signal software to deliver you worthless trading tips. Sure it will auto trade for you, but good luck making it earn $10K in 7 days.

The Bottom Line

The 10K in 7 Days system is a very basic Binary Options scam. It doesn’t try to baffle you with figures; it doesn’t even provide fake testimonials or trade data.

The sole way it tries to convince you to sign up is with pure greed.

Even though it is lacking a lot of the signs of a Binary Options scam, it obviously is one because:

  • It provides no real proof
  • It does not have an FTC disclaimer
  • It uses hype and fluff to promote the system
  • It uses Binary Options affiliates via Clicksure (an untrustworthy Binary Options marketplace)

My advice is to stay away from 10K in 7 Days. Your wallet will be thankful you did!

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