Google “data entry jobs” and you get more than 42,000,000 hits. In January 2007, 12,347 people searched for that exact phrase, and Google Trends shows that the search term peaked in popularity in about July of 2006. (I’m thinking it’s because that’s when 1 billion Chinese signed up for DSL and suddenly decided they wanted to telecommute. It’s been a nightmare for the Chinese economy because nobody goes out on their lunch break for dim sum at the corner 7-11.) So what you have to ask yourself is this:

  • Are there 42 MILLION data entry jobs out there?
  • Are the 12,347 people who searched for it in January now working in data entry from home? Are three of them?
  • Do I feel lucky? (Well, do ya?)

If you answered “no” to any of the above, it means that your odds of getting a data entry job are nil or next to nil. I’m going to make it my personal mission to bring down the data entry house of cards by debunking data entry job ads. I’ll sign up for some just to show you that you have a better chance of making money by renting your chest to advertisers than by typing for jobs you found on the ‘Net. And it’s cheaper to get started. So this is a shot across the bow to all those data entry scammers. And it lets both of my loyal readers know that they should check back here for the ongoing takedown of data entry jobs.

What YOU can do
Scams like this one thrive on ignorance and emotional appeal. You can help put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the dirty tricks of scammers that want to kick you when you’re down. Help us get the word out:

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  2. Learn more about this and other online scams by reading the Related Posts below
  3. Report fraudulent activity at Scam Victims United and to your local police

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