I Was Scammed: Tales from the trenches


If Steve and I had our way, everyone on the internets would come to I’ve Tried That before signing up for stuff. They could look for reviews of the program or offer they’re considering, and if Steve or I haven’t covered it, they could learn from the other scam-savvy readers here.

Unfortunately, not everyone comes here first. So people who just want to have more time at home keep giving money to scammers, who keep coming up with new ways to sell you a dream. Are you one of those people who’ve swallowed a pre-sell page and lost money based on hope? Then we want to hear from you. I’ve Tried That reader Julia is the first honorary member of the club. She shared her story in the comments section of my Dataentrybusiness.com post. Here’s what she said [lightly edited for clarity and to get rid of the mud wrestling vampires story, which, while amusing, had little to do with her scam experience.]

eck! i fell for it! i saw the website on workathometop10.com. i was deciding between this and the dataentrybusiness.com because i was desperate to stay home with my baby. i picked the sixfiguresyearly.com because it sounded like i just had to manage “accounts”.

I spent my money and got a 20-page-ebook and i’m a very, very slow reader. I wasn’t happy to see the book, and I definitely was not happy because it sounded like I would have to create a website and “advertise”. Well, i didn’t finish reading the book.

In a way, it’s not a “scam” because i’m sure if I put in the work, I MAY make that much money… it’s an expensive $70 lesson to learn about web marketing AND that don’t spend any more money to make money. Of course, i made an attempt to get a refund because i don’t intend to use the idea. Surely, there was no reply. I guess I used the idea: acitivtyassistant.com/freemoney.htm. it’s just a list of those cashcrate.com, fusioncash.com, inboxdollars.com sites. for people who like to make those pennies. =) I made $40 on fairytaletreasures.com in a month, not bad, huh?

Also, i recently joined homeworkingmom.com and it has a free e-book that gives basic info. on working at home.

I suspect you’re in good company, Julia, and we’ll see if other readers will cough up their scam stories. So how about it, folks? We’re all friends here…step up to the podium, tell us your name. Accepting that you’ve been scammed is the first step to recovery.

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  1. I have been scammed a number of times. I am still looking for the right one, that actually does what they say it will. I need to find a legitimite way to work from home. Can you please recommend anything that you have tried yourself and are making money with? Would really appreciate some feedback from anyone who has found one that works!


    Pam Brigham

  2. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah One for the scammed guy :) It only took 2 months & a large migrain but I got my refund from (paypal) not The Work@hometop10 jerks “Jessica Miller” but in all I’ll not be going thru that again (I hope) Let this be a lesson for all to read. Do the research & LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP it can happen to you, and like you I just want to spend some time @ home and make a little $ while I’m here.

  3. I am looking at the sixfigures yearly website but they are not
    returning my emails when I ask questions.

    Such as,is this email processing?
    No answer

    What do you know about them?


    Steve Bradley

  4. Oh, and P.S. You can start the BBB report process here. I looked, but they have nothing on workathometop10.com

  5. Thanks for speaking up, Carl. Welcome to the Trenches. Sneaky, aren’t they? Advertising themselves as “National Business Association” members, as if that lends legitimacy. Kind of like me bragging about my library card as if it’s a membership to an exclusive country club. I’ll contact you soon for more details about your story.

  6. Yup you’ve got it right from the guy (me) who thought it was a great idea to work at home so I could spend time with the wife on her days off. good ‘ol “Jessica Miller” (after getting my $69.95) sent me on this money back 100% guarentee work at home Data Entry bee line to wealth program that took me to Data Entry Inc. and another $19.95 on my Walmart cash credit card I purchased just for my web purchases,(thats another story later) and some time later I’ve yet to get the information or the yahoo web site ready and waiting for me with in the 24 hour promised by her web site. I then went to the BBB and tried to look up her and her company (web site) and you know she don’t exist and then I went to file a complaint with the NBA (National Business Association) that in itself is a scam becouse there is no way or anyont to file a complaint with. this was my response from them,

    “Since our members are “in good standing” simply by paying their dues, and we do not endorse any products or services they offer,
    I would recommend you visit the Better Business Bureau at http://www.bbb.org to find these kinds of answers about a business.”

    Connie French
    Member Services
    National Business Association

    I have filed a complaint with the BBB But have got no where. Wish I came here first!! I found this site just surfin’ around


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