Have you considered signing up for Yaro’s Blog Mastermind blogging course that we’ve been promoting, but you want more information? Now is your chance. Yaro is making available one of the lessons from the program for free so that you can take the course for a test drive before you sign on the dotted line.

The free lesson is titled “Marketing Through Conversations,” and it’s lesson 11 of the program. It’s just ONE of the high quality lessons teaching you exactly how to drive traffic to your blog. One of the best things about this lesson (and all others) is that it contains specific action items to help you apply what it teaches. It doesn’t just drop an idea in your lap and say, “God speed.”

So go get your free lesson. If you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll personally refund your purchase price. Then email Yaro (yaro[at]blogmastermind[dot]com) and tell him you’re ready to sign up for the I’ve Tried That discount rate of $47/month, down from $77.

And as you know, Blog Mastermind is closing its doors to new students as of December 10th. I won’t say “Act Now” because then Bob would call me out in the comments. But if I were you and thinking about taking the course, I would get my butt in gear.

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  • bob

    I guess the main thing ’bout making some bucks on the Internet is generating quality traffic, quality traffic, quality traffic. All efforts, no matter which Internet endeavour, are directed into doing that. Unless its investment – stocks, options trading etc. :-)

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