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  • Glenn Sievert
    Glenn Sievert

    Don’t forget about Demo Sales. We partner with independent contractors to execute demos in Publix!

  • Kristian

    I read your post with interest and note that you refer to hourly rates of pay including benefits.

    I just wondered whether these demonstrator positions were regarded as employment positions or whether they were freelance gigs like Fiverr etc?

    Who sorts out your taxes? You or the “employer?”

    Do they guarantee a certain number of hours each week as part of a contract or is it fully flexible and ad hoc?

  • Crystal Doc
    Crystal Doc

    Me again,
    I subscribed to your Website so you will be seeing me here a lot lol. I just love the idea of “I’ve tried that”

    So these are great opportunities as usual but I am still not seeing anything nice and simple like these for people in the Caribbean :(
    You Americans and Canadians have all the fun. I would love to try one of these! I wish they were available here. Sigh.
    Thanks for the great suggestions though. Some lucky folks will appreciate these.

  • Carol

    I am excited about this article and can’t wait to share it. I spoke with a friend earlier today about my desire to earn some extra cash. She mentioned checking out being a product demonstrator because we were at a store a few days ago watching a demonstration of the best knife ever. Now here I am reading an article that is giving me the information that I need. I am so interested in Healthy Bites Demo Company. I hope it is in my state.

  • Finn

    I loved your article, it was very insightful and a very interesting read, I’m definitely going to share this on my Facebook page

    Thanks for the great read Steve, I never knew I could make extra money and freebies by demonstrating products

    I’m definitely going to try this out, wish me luck !


  • Ron Kirby
    Ron Kirby

    WOW! Sounds like a great way to pick up extra cash on a part time basis. Well thought out article. Being 68 and sorta retired, its something I will be sure to bookmark and check out. Great information, presented in an easy to understand way. It would seem to me that anyone needing extra money would benefit from this post.

  • Andrew

    Hi there! Great article, I really like he sound of doing this sort of thing and it isn’t badly paid either. I live in the UK and although we don’t seem to have too much of this kind of work, there is a little. One of my friends recently got a job demonstrating the latest Microsoft products for PC World. There was a bit of training involved but the money was really good.

  • Bradley Boschma
    Bradley Boschma

    To make a little extra cash a month demonstrating products sounds like a good idea for someone like my dad who is looking for a retirement gig. He likes talking to people, and he can sit there and sell. Who would he contact in our area, Southern California, to set up a gig as a demonstrator?


    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      You’ll have to go through the list of companies above and see if there are any in SC that will hire him. I don’t know offhand which companies work in that area.

  • Doug

    Every day you can learn something new. I had no idea this kind of work existed. 

    I often wondered when visiting Costco or Sam’s club, who were these people preparing all the little food stops at the end of the aisle. I guess its part of this line of work. 

    Thanks for all the great information,

  • The Dad
    The Dad

    HI there, I had no idea that product demonstrating was even a possibility as a job. I’m not sure it’s for me though because I tend to be very shy and I don’t know how well I’d do having to get behind a product in person to get other people to buy it. 

  • John

    Very interesting article on how to earn extra money and freebies as a product distributor Steve, I must admit that I hadn’t really thought of doing this as an extra income source.

    You have certainly given a few great options to earn some extra money by doing this, I guess it just depends on what resonates with you.

    Personally, I like driving, so the Healthy Bites Demo Company sounds like a good option, just wondering if they pay for car running costs, otherwise, it may not be worth it?

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      You’ll have to contact them directly John and see what kind of compensation plans they offer. 

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