So, you accidentally sent a lot of money out for that “job” that was going to make you a millionaire in just a few weeks time only to immediately regret it. The “job” you bought into most likely consisted of a website or book that insists that you spend money to do some form of […]

Okay, I think I very well may have uncovered the greatest scam of all. This website is heavily promoting an eBook that supposedly teaches it’s readers how to find real work at home jobs. Given the nature of these claims, I’d like to send one of our readers in to take a look and report […]

We’ve slowly come to the realization that if you’re visiting this site, you’re most likely looking to make some money from home. Obviously you’re pretty savvy as you decided to do some research before spending your money. Unfortunately for you, that data entry job wasn’t exactly what you were lead to believe. We do make […]

Can you make money typing at home for cash? Well, yes and no. There are genuine jobs out there that need skilled typists. But there are many more suspicious web sites that promise you unlimited wealth just for typing at home. Don’t believe them.

The most common question asked on I’ve Tried That is “How can I get my money back?” We don’t have the time or money to sign-up for every single program and attempt to get our money back. So, I’d like to make this an active community effort to compile a list of known scam websites […]