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Angela Penbrook? Angel Stevens? A Scam by Any Other Name…

Hey, you! “Angela Penbrook!” We’re calling you out. You are deliberately misleading people desperate for legitimate work so you can sell your “rebate processing program.” We’re gonna expose you.

When we said we were going to review the “rebate processing jobs” that have become popular over the last year, one of the first commenters asked if we were going to look at Angela Penbrook’s system at or Or is it “Angel Stevens?” It doesn’t really matter because both “women” and their claims are equally misleading.

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[Update March 10, 2009: ABC News’s 20/20 program featured this scam on March 6. Click here to watch the segment.]

We didn’t sign up for her program because it was $197, while other sites are offering the exact same “opportunity” for as little as $29.95. And because we didn’t sign up, this is not a full review. It’s merely my opinion based on experience and based on the claims on “Angela’s” own website.

Read All About “Rebate Processing Jobs”
If you’re new to I’ve Tried That, you’ll want to click over to our full review of rebate processor jobs. We signed up for one of them and tell you all about what they’re really offering.

After you’ve read that original review, this one will make a lot more sense. It’s the same pig, just with different lipstick.

It’s Not a Job. They’re Barely Rebates
What Penbrook is offering you is not a job. You’re not going to get batches of work from Home Depot of Blockbuster or Netflix. It is internet marketing. And to call what you would be doing “rebate processing” is deliberately misleading. Here’s how the program is supposed to work:

  • The forms you fill out are used to create Internet advertisements for companies selling products through Clickbank, a large Internet marketing clearing house.
  • After you create an ad, you have to get lots of people to see it. You do this by spreading your ads all over the ‘Net. (Psst! That’s called “spam” and is frowned upon in polite societies.)
  • When lots of people see it, some will click on it.
  • When lots of people click on it, some will purchase whatever your ad is selling.
  • Then, and only then, will you get paid.
  • The “rebate” is you sending part of your commission back to the buyer.
  • Lots of Hype, Little Substance
    Here’s a clue you can use to spot misleading “job” advertisements every time: look for the sales tactics. Why are sales tactics a clue that you’re about to be taken to the cleaners? Because the scammer led you to believe that you’re learning about a job. But if you read the whole page, do you have a good idea of what you will be doing?

    Imagine going to a job interview and your potential boss tells you a sob story about how broke he was, how he finally “made it” and how you can make thousands of dollars a day. Wouldn’t you be suspicious he didn’t tell you what work you would be doing? The same principle applies to Internet “job” advertisements.

    Here are the sales tactics Angela Penbrook uses at See the looooong page that starts out with emotional hype? See the clock ticking down until your chance to buy expires? Those are designed to sell you something, not to get you to do legitimate work. Do you really think the positions are almost full and that “today might be the last day?” It’s a sales tactic. See the testimonials? See the pictures of riches and happy people? All are designed to push your emotional buttons to get you to click and buy.

    The Full Truth About Some of Her Lies
    $15 per rebate? If you make a sale from your Internet ads AND the commission is more than $15 AND you decide to send all but $15 back to the purchaser as a “rebate,” then yes, you made $15. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of “if.”

    Three easy steps? Yes, you can sign up at Clickbank, create ads, and see who has made purchases that are eligible for refunds. I guess those are three steps. But they are NOT easy steps. They’re categories of steps, each one requiring countless hours and clicks. You’ll spend many hours just to get started, let alone the complex steps involved in getting people to see and click on your ads.

    The reasons processing rebates is profitable. These reasons are about halfway down her page, after the table showing how much money you can make. They are deliberately written to make you think companies are dieing to “hire” you to work from home processing their rebates. I hope it’s clear by now that nothing could be further from the truth.

    If You Don’t Believe Me, How About the Better Business Bureau?
    The BBB report has this to say about

    Complainants allege false advertising, misrepresentation, inability to obtain refunds, and failure to honor their money back guarantee. Some customers complain that instead of receiving an employment opportunity, they received only instructions on internet sales tactics. Other complainants report they are unable to speak with anyone at the company or that company personnel is rude or fails to resolve their concerns. Most complainants allege the company fails to provide any information or instructions on obtaining refunds. All complaints are pending at this time.

    And this:

    We believe this company’s advertising is deceptive and misleading. They are not directly offering employment. They sell information, not viable work opportunities. In our experience, the only one collecting any money will be this company collecting your $197.00. We know of no work at home offer that has ever generated the amount of income implied or advertised in the offer.

    Scrubbing the Ick Off
    I could go on, but I’ve spent enough time with Angela Penbrook. I need to go take a shower now. I’m so thoroughly disgusted with her deception, I can’t even tell you. Here at I’ve Tried That, we hear from lots of people who are just trying to make a little extra working from home, and they get taken in by lying pages like this one. They usually spend money they don’t have to sign up for programs they don’t understand. Angela Penbrook knows this and plays your fears to make herself rich.

    We’ve written a book that tells you how to find real jobs online and how to spot deceptive advertising like rebate processing sites use.

    [Update: April 5, 2008]
    This is very revealing. Connie in the comments called “Angela’s” 1-800 number to demand a refund. The rep on the other end of the line took her name and information, put her on hold, and then came back and said her refund was being processed. But Connie never signed up to begin with! “Angela Penbrook’s” operation is probably being run from a kitchen table somewhere with a pencil and paper.

495 thoughts on “Angela Penbrook? Angel Stevens? A Scam by Any Other Name…”


    “Angela Penbrook” has officially been busted by the FTC .

    See the official court ruling here:

    From the court document:

    A. Judgment is hereby entered against Defendants, jointly and severally,
    in the amount of seven million six hundred thousand dollars ($7,600,000),
    provided, however, that this judgment shall be suspended and, subject to the provisions of Section IV below, shall be deemed satisfied upon completion of the following conditions:

    LOL they have to pay $7.6 million or satisfy the long list of conditions given in the document!

    Rest at ease people, justice has been served!!!

    From FTC website at:

  2. Same Here: wants to buy my car – from BELGIUM…
    Same story about the pick-up etc.
    I haven’t got a paypal account… asked him/her to send me the money via a normal bank transfer – will not happen I believe?!
    Thanks for sharing – and thanks Google for helping me finding your comments!

  3. Interesting…we have a 2005 Nissan Titan listed on Craigslist and got a text from the very same Same situation with the “pick up agent”, and offering to buy the truck sight unseen, “as soon as the payment clears”, with no price negotiation.

  4. We were trying to sell our car in Hawaii and only 15minutes after advertising it on Craigslist, we received the same email from

    He said he would get his agent to pick the vehicle up from us as soon as the money cleared into our account. He wanted to pay by paypal again and wanted to know our paypal email address. We thought it was dodgy as soon as he offered to buy the car without even wanting to see it! It just didn’t make sense that someone would take our word for it that it was in good condition, without even seeing it, esp on a small island where no-one’s that far away to drive to! Then when he mentioned his “agent” picking it up it sounded even dodgier….

    I suspect it’s either something to do with money laundering…whereby he pays you the money and then asks you to forward it to someone else or it bounces back again out of your account after he has already picked your vehicle up….as soon as I told my friend someone had offered to buy it off us, before I even had chance to tell her anything about it, she said “if they offer to get someone to pick the car up as soon as the money goes into your account it’s a scam!”….and apparently it’s pretty common over here.

    It’s a shame we don’t know how to scam the scammer….give them a piece of their own medicine for once!

  5. Thank you Alan Morse, i had the same scam by same guy in Hawaii… paypal and a mysterious agent definetly raises an eyebrow…

    I am currently trying to sell my car in Hong Kong, I got contacted by a Micheal Lowe who agreed to the price and wanted to pay me by PayPal, which I thought was a bit odd. He then asked me to transfer HK$3,500 by Western Union to his “agent” who would collect the car as Micheal himself was currently “at sea”. I told him that I would only transfer money to his agent AFTER the funds had cleared into my bank account and that was the last I heard from him. He’s clearly got some kind of scam going with stolen credit cards.

  6. I am currently trying to sell my car in Hong Kong, I got contacted by a Micheal Lowe who agreed to the price and wanted to pay me by PayPal, which I thought was a bit odd. He then asked me to transfer HK$3,500 by Western Union to his “agent” who would collect the car as Micheal himself was currently “at sea”. I told him that I would only transfer money to his agent AFTER the funds had cleared into my bank account and that was the last I heard from him. He’s clearly got some kind of scam going with stolen credit cards.

  7. I was desperate and willing to try this, and I can confirm it IS a scam. Fortunately, I kept a paper trail. . . I tracked every phone call I made, every email I sent, who I spoke to (and at what time and for how long, etc.) They stalled me for about 3 months on the promised refund until I advised them of the records I had kept, and of my willingness to get an attorney involved. I imagine I’m one of onlyl a handful of people ever to get the promised refund!

  8. The BBB is just a middle man between the consumer and company which is all they are and nothing more, which means all they can do is post an unsatisfactory report at best.

    Thank you so very much for this information. Man, I was about to become the latest sucker in this operation.

  9. hello readers:

    i seen all the postings and had to write everyone, i know these guys that are doing these scams, and i have proof that it is for sure Micheal Brooks and Kali Ashford (brooks now), her is a pic of her and a pic of micheal is on her myspace and, they have a few guys that work for them, they build a website and collect money and them move on to the next, i did contact the FBI with this info and they did already have a file on him, the SA that is working on the case asked detailed things about him, like size skin color and what kali looked like, i also told them they have a kid and also the overseas places he goes (since i have been with him on several trips) this guy has made a good life for himself on nothing but ripping people off, any one looking for help with this contact the FBI and look into the case number, last i talked to them they had more then 20 people in the complaint and gave great details as to who he is, were his mother is, and were his father is, last i knew the Newport Beach address JJ put down was in that report as well, i know they are building a case so when they grab him its for life, so rest easy and know hes going down soon.

    Also beware there are a few post here, that am sure is him, say that the guys name is different, dont belive that post, the name involved to list a few are: Micheal brooks, kali ashford now kali brooks and micheal lowe, theses three people are the core of this scam and will be moving on to the next soon, “angela Penbrook is a spin off name Micheal came up with, Anna a employee took a payoff so he can use her name, penbrook is a mix of micheals last name and a pin thrown at micheal when he was on the phone getting the DBA set…. it seems like a joke but i was there when i happen.

    i feel so bad i was even around people who could do this to people, and anything i can do to help i will, i have all there personal cell numbers and pics of them, also all the website’s he has made

    P.s make you famous consulting is another company he owed, also he has a credit card processing firm, that’s how he get the ability to process credit cards

  10. I found this old e-mail in my file cabinet re: Angela Penbrook dated 3/28/08. I decided to go to the website and I was so SHOCKED to see soooooo many people scammed by this Cunt! Unreal! Why does the BBB and FTC, etc. are still not doing anything? This Country has gone from a Democracy to FACISM…..It’s where the Corporations run the Conservative Media, Run and pay for Political Elections, especially since the Supreme Court has recently labeled a Corporation a living, breathing “person”, not an Entity! So I believe that small & large companies will now be exempt from any “Investigations” by the FTC!!!! Look what happened to the Private Iraqi Security Company BLACKWATER – They are Immune from Prosecution even though they killed Innocent Iraqi Civilians, especially Women & Children! They are free and have regrouped, and are renamed another company to do as they please!

    Yes…….FACISM is alive & well in America – It did not die when Benito Mussolini was Dictator of Italy during World War II!

  11. Geez it’s still happening and only now the FTC has the power to stop them, the CA Attorney Generals Office PIU Dept. sent Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens companies a letter back in 2008 and it was returned undeliverable so they sent me a letter back stating that since their letter was undeliverable they couldn’t go after this business’s/people in charge. Even though the BBB, 20/20 had the names of the people in charge with numerous peoples complaints and no county/city records clerks office has any of their business’s registered to do business at the address’s on their websites listed as their headquarters. It seems they now have many new company names doing the same thing to this day with numerous complaints starting against these new company names. The LABBB has given the CA Attorney Generals Office these hundreds of complaints too and we have also notified the CA Sect. of State several times and they act like it’s no big deal, even 20/20 has called these agencies to be told they never heard of these companies or are aware of any consumer complaints. When all they have to do is enter their names on any websearch and up pops how many websites with hundreds of complaints going back to 2002 I believe to this day. So I hope finally something gets done to these people, because 20/20 said the feds were checking into these people back when their story aired.

  12. Mike pass this informatiom over to the Federal Trade Commisssion they’ve gotten clearence to put the head of this Penbrook group away for good!! pass it on to them in an email or just type in the name and you’ll find the web site.

  13. Here the deal guys…

    i have inside info on this guy and how he works….his name is Micheal brooks, the guy joe ashford is his wifes brother (kali ashford who is micheals right hand person).

    he sets up overseas account to processs your credit cards, he has a guy makes a web page to take the card info and then u never gat anything from it, fearther more your info gets sold off to telemarketiers, this guy has start more of these sites and really is his only real sorce of income,

    In the end this guys is the worst of the worst if you would like to see what he looks like look up kali ashford on myspace both him and her or on the first pic…..also they live at the colony in neport beach cali. unit 1103 they have three units there two of them are used to make these rip off web sites

    Sorry if you see this guys but the truth needs to be said.

  14. I too was scammed of my hard earned money. What is with these people
    that pray on desperate people trying to make some money to pay their bills.
    I am so disgusted.

  15. It took me nearly 4 months to get my money back. (And from what I understand, most people never do!) Fortunately, I had saved every email exchange, so I had proof of their promises, and my efforts. I also had kept records of every phone call (whether I got through or not), who I spoke to, and what I was told. When I told them that, I actually got my refund, but there is no question in my mind that they would never have honored their refund policy otherwise.

    In general, it is not possible to actually connect with an actual person. The “Contact us” link on the site never worked, and the listed phone numbers did Not get me through. I consider it a small miracle that I was ever able to get through, although it was on another line. This is a completely dishonorable company, preying on people who are trying desperately to stay afloat. We ought to all contribute to a special fund to bring the person responsible down. . . someone should be doing prison time for what is very clearly fraud.

  16. Hi All,
    The way to get your money back is call your credit card co. and explain that THEY DIDN’T HONER THEYRE MONEY BACK GAR. if you tell your cc co. that you think they are a rip off it is a mater of opinion products come in a variety of flavors if you didn’t get your “expected flavor” it is a opinion and an opinion only Not honering a money back gaur. is black and white it is that easy I got succered in also and talked to a lawyer he said you have to show where an agreement was violated if you are led to wait 91 days your legaly out of luck I got my dough back 16 days
    good luck all PS I don’t think Mrs. stephens er what ever understands karma she will get what is comming to her She can’t hide behind money karma doesn’t do math I got my dough back so I’m going to sit back and let life take its course (while I work and make some dough….)

  17. thanx for the great insite….we all seem to be suffering from a financial crush of some sort looking for some supplement. I was a second short of becoming another one of these victims thanks for the help. this particular website or offer is not this “angela penbrook” but the process and promises are IDENTICAL. the wonmans name is Diana deAngelo! beware and hopefully this helps someone the way it helped me.

  18. The Work from Home Scams. net is a site run by supposedly Mike Taylor, who has allegedly checked these sites out. His second choice, I informed him is ran by either Angels Stevens or Angela Penbrooke.I’ll let you know what if anything is said. He gets a piece of the pie.

  19. Cathy Banks is another one and there is a website much like this on pointeing it out. Work From Home is one and the other is

    There are plenty of sites that pint out all these scam artist , yet the authorities do nothing. What do we have to do to get them to but a damper on these scam artist?

  20. To unsubscribe please go here
    or send mail to:

    401 West Broadway
    Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2 Canada,

    This is the address given for the Dianna Di Angelo website.

  21. Thank you, I said that some time back. I think there are some agsncies that have the muscle to stop some of them but they just won’t do it. They won’t and don’t want to be bothered by them.

  22. Thanks for the 20/20 clip. I am wondering if there is a way of getting the refund back now that we know the man behind it. Although he was denieing responsability. The claim by Angle Stevens site that they are not a scam and the problem is confussion with the others really bugs me. They are lieing about Angel Stevens being who she is and the sad stories that bate you. Then the whole process at home idea that is accually you giving your self a rebate. It is a fraud, a lie and missleading. They need to be forced to refund everyone. The employees who worked with them and knew they were misleading people should likewise be held accountable. The fact that all responses were by people with very thick Asian accents should have allerted me that it was a scam. I get emails all the time to send my personally enfo so I can get an inheritance from Europe or Africa or to help some poor widow or christian missionary. They have all kinds of ways, but they all ask for my personnal enfo. I know not to answer these emails. This whole thing has made me very afraid to trust anyone. The companies offering a 30 day trial of Leisure Liveing or any other, are also traps. They won’t put the money back if you forget to cancel and they offer to send you the free gas coupons and food coupons so you don’t go away with nothing but the real intent is to give themself legal leverage if you try to force them to repay you. I’ve been stung alot lately trying to find ways to get myself over my financial issues. I do not trust anyone now. There are nothing but thieves and liers out for self. It is pathetic.

  23. Thank yu for that clip.I hope and pray there were plenty of people wacthing. I am also glad that they pointed out there were others popping up all the time.I just wish they would have named a few more.
    Thank you again.

  24. Yep it started with Process at Home and moved into Penbrook Productions , Michael Brooks first denied any ownership and just a consultant till the interviewer gave correct info on who actually owens these sites. That is when he finally owned up to being the owner of these sites, looked like it was done outside at his Newport Beach,CA apt. bldg. It also said his companies were shut down last year , but I kinda doubt that since there is another one on Careerbuilder online work at home under sponsored links called Process Affiliate Rebates by Diana DeAngelo now talking. As long as Careerbuilder , Yahoo Hot Jobs , Monster and others don’t check any companies before advertising them they will stay in business as long as they can advertise and can use false address’s without anything happening to them then why would they shut down. Especially when the CA AGs’ Office stated that they use the USPS to deliver their letter and if it is undeliverable then that’s the only investigation they do and since a company has an undeliverable address there is nothing else they can do. So in other words any company in CA can do business without registering and use a False address without any worries from getting caught by the CA AGs’ Office or CA Sect of State. Even with hundreds of complaints with the BBB, FTC and numerous consumer complaints sent in to them with info of company name, phone number to contact the company that is answered by employees there is nothing they can do without an address to deliver their letter.

  25. there is no “angela penbrook” The company is owned by “michael brook” get it..pen BROOK..he is a scammer..I know you know the Family knows!

  26. **BEWARE**FYI NEW ANGELA PENBROOK/ANGEL STEVENS is “Diana DeAngelo” at Process affiliate which is Advertised on Careerbuilder as a sponsored link. Once again no company name,address or phone number listed anywhere you have to sign up first before getting any real information. Alot of statements in Privacy terms start with “Our company” this “Our company” that but never lists a company name. Also has a privacy & terms email that state when asking for this info enter “California Privacy Request” in email.

  27. I sent in my 197.00 after being laid of realized it was a scam contacted the attorney generals office in my state and got my money back. Do not give up Michael Penbrook is the contact person for refunds. Send a copy of your email to Michael and the attorney generals office in your state. Good Luck

  28. I’m sorry to say that I was sucked in by “Angel Stevens,” whoever she is. I wonder whose picture that really is on the processathome website. I can’t believe this program is still on the www. It’s still got the same sob story and the same misleading advertising, without telling anyone what they’ll really be doing. Just as soon as I realized what was really happening, I got my money back right away, and I did get the refund.

    Just don’t ask the government for any help in booting these criminals off the www. Politicians would like nothing more than to attempt to control the free flow of information. It can be a hassle, but it’s up to the individual to do his or her due diligence to keep from being scammed. Sites like this one and the BBB are a big help. Just don’t ask the government for their “help.”

  29. Thank you Jon!! I’ will be watching to see what they will say in defence after deceiving as many people as they have and ripping us off for all that money. $197.00 added up is a lot of money. Maybe we’ll all get some information that will get us all who have not received our money back!! Thanks again for the heads up about the 20/20 investigative report.

  30. FYI EVERYBODY THIS FRIDAY ABC 20/20 NEWS 10PM PACIFIC time will have their piece on ANGELA/ANGEL and an Michael Brooks is on their too. Don’t miss it should be interesting on what this guy has to say.

  31. AS stated above on Oct. 2 and Oct.8th Ebay didn’t know anything about it.Their adds are starting to show back up again about Process auctions at home.As you are pointing out.

  32. Check the date. Still not a word.Is anybody doing anything, besides a couple of websites allowing us to vent.

    You just have to wonder sometimes, what are some of these government offices doing that are suppose to protect and serve.
    Is this only if you are a hard working person and make over a certain amount of money, anything below…just don’t count?

  33. I also was scammed by Angie Stevens REBATE AT HOME Site. I paid the 197. on 11, 26,2008. She sounds very honest and a site I checked before I bought said her rebate processing business was one of the honest ones. I was offered a trial webpage for 14 days for an additional fee. None of it made sence to me. I cancelled the web page and got the money back (14.99)aprox. But had to call the 800-381-7820 # to find out how to get into accually process rebates. I always got people with thick accents who gave me enfo that still didn’t get to the point. I was given a web site to go to and it became apparent that after I read all the enfo I was to call and they would give me another “lesson” at the website. The enfo was overwhelming and I did not have the time nor the wifi to spend time reading. I had to go to a local coffee shop to see the sites. Nothing was clear and I tried to cancel at first but was convinced I needed to learn how to process rebate and I could make money. But this month, the end of my 90 day, I decieded this was taking to long and I still had not gotten to the point and I didn’t want to lose the 197. so I called to cancel. The woman who called herself Ann and had a accent and was the one who seems to always answer the phone told me she would have a representative call me and they would help me with concerns and cancel if I want. Well this was a ploy to delay my cancellation I discovered so I would run over my 90 days. No one called when she said they would and I called again and a man answered also with a accent and he said he would cancel and a representative would call. I said fine but I want it cancelled . I ask for a confirmation # and he said there wasn’t one but the money would be put back in my account. I weited a few more days and called again today because the money still isn’t in my account. The woman Ann said my account was not cancelled but I had gone past my 90 days and she could not do anything about it. She refused to cancel and told me I agreed to the program. I argued with her a bit but to not avail. She finally put me on hold and would not talk. She spoke as if I had not cancelled in time Then she said it was not cancelled because I agreed to the program. This made no sence as I told her since the guarantee was 90 days to cancel. I as to speak with a manager but she said they were with customers. She told me I could do whatever I want but it would do not good because I was past the 90 days. This infuriated me. I wish I had sent a certified letter to cancel so I have more to back myself. But I will try the credit card company as others have expressed and maybe the media. Thanks for the venting site. Victoria

  34. In a weakened state, I bit into this. Then I happened onto this website!

    I checked by credit card account and say that the transaction was still pending. I contacted Angela Stevens and “Mandy” told me he would cancel the transaction. Lo and Behold! He did. I was pleasantly shocked!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the good work you all are doing here.

  35. I apologise for the previous comment with incorrect wording in sentences, this subject just gets me very upset that no agency with power to stop these scam artists are doing anything to shut them down or take any action. These scam artists are really good in covering their tracks too and must have been doing this for a while and knows the loop holes.
    We(some consumers and ABC 20/20) are not giving up though BJ.

  36. I hear you BJ, aren’t they there to serve the people of their state against these scam artists that have a business in their state? I have received a letter back from the Attorney Generals Office of California Public Inquiry Unit signed by a S. Regalado stating Thank you for bringing attention to this scam and will write this company for a response. Well when I notified ABC 20/20 person about this letter she called this office and they told her there is no consumer complaints against this company(even with the PIU number on their letter to me) or do they have any knowledge this is company has a rebate processing scam going on, as well as the secretary of state of california who has been sent numerous consumer complaints to no avail either. The BBB are not an agency that does legal action though all they do is mediate resolutions between the consumer and company, then give out satisfactory/unsatisfactory reports on a company due to number of complaints resolved/unresolved. However all the other agencies you listed does have power to action against these scam artists but are choosing to pass the buck in this case, they have replied with notify this agency or this agency to consumer complaining and ABC 20/20 News it’s not in our jurisdiction. Seems like no matter how much information we’ve given these agencies on this Angela Penbrook Productions/Angel Stevens none of them want to do anything about it. Careerbuilder,Yahoo Hot Jobs as well as other job posting sites are still advertising these companies too , because they state it’s the consumer that uses our sites job to find out what is a scam then let us know(which we have notified them and the BBB as well but they still advertise them). Very suspicious that they have a department to report scams after the FACT but doesn’t have any department to check before they advertise, because the number of scam companies paying to advertise on their site is too many to check before hand.
    There is a person listed as an owner for Angela Penbrook Productions on the LABBB and a representative listed on the Secretary of State CA site that registered this company and still they nothing gets done even with people they can go after to find out who is behind this scam. The two people listed are claiming they just registered these companies and are not the owners , isn’t that false information on the forms registering the business listed with these agencies?
    Round and Round we go!

  37. Well, it’s been a while. The Attorney General of Illinois never got a reply they have sent it to Consumer Affairs they sent it to the Attorney Generals Office in California, who in all their glory didn’t get an anwer either, and are going to send another letter. Isn’t that nice of them?
    Sure didn’t take long for the Attorney General of Illinois to get involved with the Govenors impeachment though, imagine that!
    I don’t care if they are from another country or not, somebody needs to do something, this is redicules,all these goverment agencies that are suppose to protect us, aren’t willing to do anything. I haven’t heard enything from ABC nor a lawyer, the Attorneies of two states writes letters and they don’t answer, oh, we can’t do nothing, oh yeah, that reminds me I was warned by both, that they aren’t able to procecute. ??? What are they there for then? The Better Busines Bureau, the FBI, the FCC, Consumer Affairs and eny of the other agencies are going to tell us that they can’t bring pressure down on a country that houses and lets a company operate like this. I don’t buy it.
    The US could fill it’s coffers back up if they would fine these companies and anyone who would let them advertise on their sites,after getting complaints from consumers. They have lawyers who are in on this with them.

  38. Angel Stevens got me too- sent 3 e mails demanding my money during the 90 day money back warranty. Ignored all but the one sent 91 days into it and then told me that my time had expired. It’s called A.I.M. in sales. Acknowledge Ignore and Move on.
    Report all such c\scams to your attorney general’s office. If the use AIM on you sent it to the Governor and states Representative asking why you were ignored.

  39. Thanks,to everyone. I have pulled up her website several times over the past several months and I almost fell for it. I am just grateful I found this site. I have learned through bad experience that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

    Thanks again


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