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Angela Penbrook? Angel Stevens? A Scam by Any Other Name…

Hey, you! “Angela Penbrook!” We’re calling you out. You are deliberately misleading people desperate for legitimate work so you can sell your “rebate processing program.” We’re gonna expose you.

When we said we were going to review the “rebate processing jobs” that have become popular over the last year, one of the first commenters asked if we were going to look at Angela Penbrook’s system at or Or is it “Angel Stevens?” It doesn’t really matter because both “women” and their claims are equally misleading.

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[Update March 10, 2009: ABC News’s 20/20 program featured this scam on March 6. Click here to watch the segment.]

We didn’t sign up for her program because it was $197, while other sites are offering the exact same “opportunity” for as little as $29.95. And because we didn’t sign up, this is not a full review. It’s merely my opinion based on experience and based on the claims on “Angela’s” own website.

Read All About “Rebate Processing Jobs”
If you’re new to I’ve Tried That, you’ll want to click over to our full review of rebate processor jobs. We signed up for one of them and tell you all about what they’re really offering.

After you’ve read that original review, this one will make a lot more sense. It’s the same pig, just with different lipstick.

It’s Not a Job. They’re Barely Rebates
What Penbrook is offering you is not a job. You’re not going to get batches of work from Home Depot of Blockbuster or Netflix. It is internet marketing. And to call what you would be doing “rebate processing” is deliberately misleading. Here’s how the program is supposed to work:

  • The forms you fill out are used to create Internet advertisements for companies selling products through Clickbank, a large Internet marketing clearing house.
  • After you create an ad, you have to get lots of people to see it. You do this by spreading your ads all over the ‘Net. (Psst! That’s called “spam” and is frowned upon in polite societies.)
  • When lots of people see it, some will click on it.
  • When lots of people click on it, some will purchase whatever your ad is selling.
  • Then, and only then, will you get paid.
  • The “rebate” is you sending part of your commission back to the buyer.
  • Lots of Hype, Little Substance
    Here’s a clue you can use to spot misleading “job” advertisements every time: look for the sales tactics. Why are sales tactics a clue that you’re about to be taken to the cleaners? Because the scammer led you to believe that you’re learning about a job. But if you read the whole page, do you have a good idea of what you will be doing?

    Imagine going to a job interview and your potential boss tells you a sob story about how broke he was, how he finally “made it” and how you can make thousands of dollars a day. Wouldn’t you be suspicious he didn’t tell you what work you would be doing? The same principle applies to Internet “job” advertisements.

    Here are the sales tactics Angela Penbrook uses at See the looooong page that starts out with emotional hype? See the clock ticking down until your chance to buy expires? Those are designed to sell you something, not to get you to do legitimate work. Do you really think the positions are almost full and that “today might be the last day?” It’s a sales tactic. See the testimonials? See the pictures of riches and happy people? All are designed to push your emotional buttons to get you to click and buy.

    The Full Truth About Some of Her Lies
    $15 per rebate? If you make a sale from your Internet ads AND the commission is more than $15 AND you decide to send all but $15 back to the purchaser as a “rebate,” then yes, you made $15. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of “if.”

    Three easy steps? Yes, you can sign up at Clickbank, create ads, and see who has made purchases that are eligible for refunds. I guess those are three steps. But they are NOT easy steps. They’re categories of steps, each one requiring countless hours and clicks. You’ll spend many hours just to get started, let alone the complex steps involved in getting people to see and click on your ads.

    The reasons processing rebates is profitable. These reasons are about halfway down her page, after the table showing how much money you can make. They are deliberately written to make you think companies are dieing to “hire” you to work from home processing their rebates. I hope it’s clear by now that nothing could be further from the truth.

    If You Don’t Believe Me, How About the Better Business Bureau?
    The BBB report has this to say about

    Complainants allege false advertising, misrepresentation, inability to obtain refunds, and failure to honor their money back guarantee. Some customers complain that instead of receiving an employment opportunity, they received only instructions on internet sales tactics. Other complainants report they are unable to speak with anyone at the company or that company personnel is rude or fails to resolve their concerns. Most complainants allege the company fails to provide any information or instructions on obtaining refunds. All complaints are pending at this time.

    And this:

    We believe this company’s advertising is deceptive and misleading. They are not directly offering employment. They sell information, not viable work opportunities. In our experience, the only one collecting any money will be this company collecting your $197.00. We know of no work at home offer that has ever generated the amount of income implied or advertised in the offer.

    Scrubbing the Ick Off
    I could go on, but I’ve spent enough time with Angela Penbrook. I need to go take a shower now. I’m so thoroughly disgusted with her deception, I can’t even tell you. Here at I’ve Tried That, we hear from lots of people who are just trying to make a little extra working from home, and they get taken in by lying pages like this one. They usually spend money they don’t have to sign up for programs they don’t understand. Angela Penbrook knows this and plays your fears to make herself rich.

    We’ve written a book that tells you how to find real jobs online and how to spot deceptive advertising like rebate processing sites use.

    [Update: April 5, 2008]
    This is very revealing. Connie in the comments called “Angela’s” 1-800 number to demand a refund. The rep on the other end of the line took her name and information, put her on hold, and then came back and said her refund was being processed. But Connie never signed up to begin with! “Angela Penbrook’s” operation is probably being run from a kitchen table somewhere with a pencil and paper.

495 thoughts on “Angela Penbrook? Angel Stevens? A Scam by Any Other Name…”


    Wow, I see that some of these posts date way back into March 2008. Here it is January 15th 2009 and guess what? I got one of her emails today. My husband and I work at home as independent coaches for a company that sells fitness products and we have our own little site for sports and fitness related items. We have been coaches since August of 2008, but that is irrelevant, (I just wanted to give you a little background to let you know that we do know a little bit about business, we’ve been around the block a time or two and in the beginning, we learned a few nasty lessons that no one should go through, just like yourselves).

    O.k, back to the topic of this Angela and how to bring her down:

    Every once in a while, for the purpose of research, I will open an email that is deemed spam just to see what others are into. I like to research what people are using as “subject lines” in their emails and that sort of thing. I chose to look at this Angelas email because the subject line was one that mentioned a “job” type of work at home thing as opposed to a home business opportunity. I knew that having a “job” at home is almost non-existent, and most impossible, unless you are telecommuting for a company that you already worked for. Everything else is a home business opportunity which is fine (you do have to research those too because along with some really good ones, there are scammers there too), or partnering with a company as an affiliate. I have found in my 6 years of working at home, that there is no such thing as having a “JOB” at home. Now if I had I gotten her email 6 years ago, I was so naieve back then, I would have gotten screwed too. I learned that you will not make money taking surveys, by reading emails, or by those “gifting” programs.

    I knew a lot of people were going to get hurt from her email that I opened today, so, I of course looked into it and found you folks. I am so sorry that you all got hurt, I know how it feels because I got taken for $3,500 from that stupid Russ Dalby (selling real estate notes, as seen on tv) back around 4 years ago.


    Each and every one of you should first contact your local TV news station and tell them you have a hot story for them (THEY LOVE THAT). They especially love to expose people who are running around like she is and ripping innocent people off. They will probably put one of their expose’ pros and detectives on it and look into it. Most every TV news station wants to boast on how “they” brought you that news FIRST, exclusive!! So if you have 3 stations in your area, contact them all.

    Contact your local radio news stations and news paper reporters.

    Every one of those media people are always hungry for important stories. Tell them that you know a lot of others (your friends here in this forum) that have gotten ripped off too and it’s getting worse. They are feeding off of people who are struggling financially and it’s got to stop now.

    Also, too bad Dr. Phil couldn’t put his detective Harold Copas on this. He did have a show one time where he exposed rip offs and scammers, maybe he could do it again and we could all find out who this Angela is for real.

    If enough people write into Dr. Phil, he will HAVE to look into it, it will make for a great show and put her away, finally. If Dr. Phil starts receiving tons of mail about this person, he will notice, and he will do a show on it.

    Sometimes you have to go to the big media outlets to bring a person down. Although the internet is nice, I can see that some people here have done the research online “after” they made the purchase. Don’t be afraid of the big dogs, they WANT to hear your story, and you will be helping so many people.

    Everyone, go now and call your local TV and radio news stations, write to Dr. Phil, Write to 20/20, write to 60 Minutes, write to any of those TV shows that expose people. They love to get stories and you will be helping others!!

    I just had to write this because I see that she is at it again, here it is January 2009 and still ripping people off. IT’S TIME SHE GETS EXPOSED BIG TIME don’tcha think?

    I hope you all get your money back and I hope she rots in hell where she belongs!!

    Warmest thoughts,
    Coach Brenda Wagner
    All Star Fitness

    PS, if anyone follows through with the ideas I gave you, I would LOVE to hear from you!! I want to see you get your justice!!!

    • Thanks, Brenda. In fact, a 20/20 story is in the works right now. It’s about Internet scams in general. I don’t know how much it will focus on Penbrook. Your advice is still good, especially on the local level. Local news outlets would love to follow up the 20/20 story with a local interest piece about someone who was a victim of an internet scam. Hit the phones, guys!

  2. I got taken also. I called my Credit Card company they will help me with the fight but it take 5-7 business days. So anyway of getting your money back. I called the number 1-800-381-7820 and Kevin said for me to call back their server was being upgraded in about an hour. So I called back to talk to Kevin again this time he said he would process my refund, gave me a confirmation number then I wrote it down along with his name, so I asked him how long before I would get a refund he said 24 hrs. I called back Kevin said 3 different times that the server was down, I called back repeatedly and finally Kevin talked to me about the refund. I have to wait the 24 hrs to see if anything happened. I will call Kevin back again and again and agin he will get tired of me. He acted like a robot because I tried to make conversation with him and he was so remote controlled when he talked.
    Please anyone let me know how to get our money back.

  3. You really have to do Google searches on a company like hers. Most people will have a hard time with click bank. Try something legit like Patent Pending Billion dollar product that you can earn reward money from. I LOVE IT!!!

  4. i don’t belive i was scamed.once i found out it was’nt true,i tried to get my refund back never happend and now you try calling there 24/7 suport line and you get a machine that tells you to go online for a support team you can’t even find the web site.don’t be a fool! don’t do it they SUCK!!!

  5. I wanted so badly to believe Angel Stevens claims that I almost clicked and paid before reading your blog…….thanks goodness it was an almost!
    Shame on these people that represent themselves as people that can’t afford to loose $197.00 (like myself) but will take that money and more from others that are desperate to make a buck.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work exposing these scammers.
    If not in this lifetime, they will get their’s one day!!

  6. I actually did this. I cannot even believe it myself. You don’t know me anymore than I know you, but I don’t do these things, I KNOW they’re all scams, I investigate EVERYTHING. ONE thing I didn’t check out, I seriously don’t even believe I did this. $197! Anyone who says anything derogatory about anyone else that “falls” for these things should stop right now. Because I’m the person that it stops with. This is exactly the reason that people have to speak up and fight back. These people have to be stopped. It’s utterly ridiculous that this happens. I recently also got taken for two $9.99 charges on my cel phone that I have no idea how they got me. But they can be stopped, however, the cel company will not credit you because it is not a charge from Them! FIGHT BACK AND GET YOUR DESERVED REFUND AND BE GOOD WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE WILL NOT FALL FOR IT EVER AGAIN!!

  7. According to the Secretary of State of California none of Angela Penbrooks Productions or Angel Stevens companies are Out of country Ron V.

  8. Hello

    Well ok i should be tell the world this, but the more i read about what this guy did and still is doing with new websights, this guy mike lives at the 5100 colony plz Newport beach Ca #1130

  9. Most of us already knew it was Michael Allen Brooks because Ann and Ruth of ABC 20/20 News found that out a while ago and let the LABBB know which has been posted on their site under Angela Penbrook Productions.

  10. wow…i found this guy the last writer was right…his name is micheal brooks…and this isnt the first rip off scam he has been reported for….get ahold of him and he will give you a refund….

  11. Joe, I am an honest business man who is offering information for a new cell phone company that is offering better deals than the competition. If you look at my About page, you will see that there was a public press release issued that has my full name, address and phone number. My interest in this forum lies in the fact that I was shafted by Angela before I found a real product that I could belive in and encourage others to become involved in.
    Ron Venema

  12. Lynne, The problem is that the “company” and it’s various different names are located out of country, so therefore the U.S. authorities can’t touch them. If you want a real opportunity, go to my web site, (Just click on my name above) and check out a new cell phone distribution company that is associated with Verizon Wireless.

  13. If someone would be willing to file a class action suit, maybe it would make some of the scammers think twice before they start a scam like this. Their has to be some real telecommuting jobs out there. My sister worked at home for years for a publishing company but she had a degree, etc., which I don’t have. So there has to be something for the rest of us. However, it looks like the lawyers are going to have to get a little richer and file a few more lawsuits before we can ever separate the wheat from the chaff. Good luck, everyone!

  14. Thank God I stumbled across this site,filled with complaints about the “processing rebates from home”. I was just waiting for my husband to have some extra money to give me so that I too,can help contribute to our families financial needs. And to think that I was so proud of myself, thinking that I can generate some money, without the obstacles of actually travelling to work.
    I was convinced(but my instinct told me otherwise)that this would be perfect for me, because it is listed as one of the top 3 best online jobs! Wow! I would have been so dissapointed to waste money that we really do not have. I have 3 kids in college, a set of 13 year old twins, and a three year old.Not only do I not have a sitter but we can’t afford one, but there is only 1 vehicle in the fam, at this time, and we are currently juggling, getting kids commuted back and forth to college and hubby getting to work also,I would have been totally pissed off to be scammed by such idiots, for I would have begged my husband for the money,and reassured him that this is rated highly on the internet, for top online jobs with money back guarantee, and to think that I would have used a money order!Most of us know, that if it sounds too good to be true that it usually is!But in these days and times with gas being so high, and the price of food has nearly doubled, we are all looking for extra income. In my opinion not necessarily easy money, cause if u read her outlandish testimonials and so forth, u will see that it takes about 4 minutes to process just one rebate!And to think that I told my college kids this would be my next endeavor(how foolish I feel, but oh so relieved)To the people who did get scammed for their money, I am truly sorry for ur loss, these types of people should be nailed to the cross!But remember, what comes around, goes around!

  15. I also signed up in MARCH of 2008. Many, many emails, phone calls, use of site … all of it to no avial to get my $197 refund. Since MARCH! Just today on the 1.866.583.7789 number, I got through to someone. WHO TOLD ME THAT THE PROGRAM FOR MY REFUND WAS NO LONGER SUPPORTED! And that nothing could be done.

    A class action suit is one answer. But, really, all I want is my lousy $197. Another answer is ….. not so legal but would get results, I’m sure. What a rip off.

    I’m gonna try the 1.800.381.7820 number and see if that works.

  16. Thank you so very much for this information. Man, I was about to become the latest sucker in this operation. I’m looking to supplement my existing income and just want to earn some extra money without spending time away from home. Joe and Steve – Question: The Cha Cha system – is that worth the time? Please reply..

  17. The BBB is just a middle man between the consumer and company which is all they are and nothing more, which means all they can do is post an unsatisfactory report at best. FYI The Secretary of State CA says it’s records show that Angela Penbrook Productions / Make You Famous Consulting Inc. is not an out of country company and both Angela Penbrook / Angel Stevens is registered as a US company with no out of country LLC’S/INC/CORP affiliates. But is kind of hard to believe them because they claim they’ve never heard any complaints about these comapnies or any other info until recently, just like the CA Attorney Generals Office Public Inquiry Unit who has sent out a letter on consumer complaints for Angela Penbrook Productions Rebate Process / Penbrook Productions and now claim to ABC 20/20 that they have no consumer complaints or ever heard of Angela Penbrook Productions. Which I guess is no surprise that we expected them to do their job that they were hired to do about a scam being run for years in the State they are working for unless it brings them fame in the media.

  18. I have been trying to get my refund back from Penbrook since March. I have emailed over 100 times and 50 calls. Same results as others. I am going to Irvine next week.

  19. This is a P.S. I tied googling pmidirect and didn’t find much. It stands for Professional Marketing International. My searches were pretty vague. Maybe someone else can help?

  20. This is to Paul from Oct. 1st. I too got a call from Angel Stevens’ “Success team”. They drilled me about credit card debt and promised me I could be debt free and one of their success stories within 6 months. They took me for the “conservative investment” of $13,880. $16,000 was my other option. If you received any emails, did they come from My “coaching” hotline # is 1-800-330-4352.
    I also called my 800# to get a refund of $197, but my # is different than others I’ve seen in previous messages. I called 1-800-381-7820. I got 2 different operators who both spoke with a thick indian accent and was put on hold for 6 and 8 minutes. (Hold music sounded like a cheap am/fm radio with bad reception). The 3rd time I called I instructed them not to put me on hold again and miraculously, I got a confirmation # for my refund. (Instead of a refund, they wanted to give me a $500 voucher for a Carribbean vacation!!!!)
    I THOUGHT I did my homework on Angel before buying into this, but I missed this site. I really thought this was for real. I live in Pa., but I’d love to be a part of any class action suit against these people.
    That leads me to Joe C. from Oct. 6th. You said you’re a PI who used to work with interpol. Hopefully, you have some kind of proof that all these people we’re all talking about are the same scam artists. Let me know.
    I am contacting our BBB here to see what they have to say and how they can help. I’ll let everyone know.
    Please, if we can all help each other, let’s do so!!!

  21. That’s OK that you made that slip, but I wouldn’t be as nice as Joe C. They go throught the motions only because we put them into office when really they just don’t care, it’s not big enough, it’s not concrete enough, and they can’t be bothered by the small stuff. It has to be something that will get them big Headlines. So they can get re-elected and brag about what a great great job they have done.
    If they would only look, really look into how big of a scam this is, they would get the Headlines and recognition they are looking for.
    These people are suppose to be Protecting us from things like this.

  22. http://WWW.CASH1234DOTCOM.COM / WEALTHDCI.COM is another Angela Penbrook / Angel Stevens Rebate Process scam being advertised on AOL Internet search site. CA Attorney Generals Office denies having any complaints against or ever heard of Angela Penbrook Productions / Angel Stevens even after I gave ABC News all the info off of a letter they sent to me saying they would send a request response and keep business name on file for future legal action if needed. So it seems they are just sending out these letters to try and make a good show to consumers complaining that think something is being done like BJ said their to busy to do anything about this SCAM. Looks like we have to chalk this one up to the scam artists , because nobody can/will do anything even with all of our complaints/proof about these DBA’s/websites for Rebate Process SCAMS. There is no business’s registered in California anywhere for Angela Penbrook Prodcutions / Angel Stevens except for Make You Famous Consulting Inc. with the Secretary of State CA who says this company has no complaints and sounds like they never heard of anything either which means they won’t do anything either. FYI people like BJ said all these agencies are too busy to do anything about this SCAM , ABC is going in another direction too because of no info anywhere to be found on these companies.

  23. Ebay has no information on Cathy Banks, and gave me information on how to report scam information. They say if you have the email address of the scum, ex: me@hotmail .com , put abuse in front of the and send it. Maybe this will help some or prevent others.

    Oh,JJ, I think that is what he is saying. They are like politicians always lying and getting put back into office, never having to pay their dues.
    Example: AFTER the bailout was signedthe executives at AIG went on a 400,000 junket. Are they going to get fired?? Do they have to pay that money back??
    Angela Stevens, can I get an application for a job, I want to be a politician.

  24. To Jon,

    Let’s make it like this! outsourcing has become a common pratice in the US.

    Since we have surrender countless jobs to foreign countries,

    the lack of regulations has made it easy for these crooks to operate.

    I’m not going to call them terrorists! since company like microsoft have 50% of their workforce abroad.

  25. Hi all,

    I got the refund by keep calling their phone# 866-885-8126. If they claimed they have already summit the refund transaction, ask them for the transaction ID and a copy. Then you can fax to your credit card company to refund. That’s how I got my refund back.

    Hope to help you guys.
    Good Luck.

  26. Sheesh kinda sounds like these people are terrorists too by running their scam from out of the country and setting up in the US. Joe C have you seen any of their offices or been to any of their address’s listed? Is that how you know it’s only mail boxes?

  27. To JJ and Jon.

    Fbi is overwhelmed with the terrorism threat,The different States doesn’t share information with each other.

    Process at work .com has an address in Califonia,which is a mail box.

    If you ask for a refund , you will talk to someone outside the country.In some country the law enforcement are so corrupt, they team up with the crooks

  28. Joe C. even if there’s hundreds of us that are willing to join together which makes it well over $300.00 , no agency will be able to do anything? WOW even if their out of country but operate business’s with offices all over the U.S. nobody will do anything about it because their out of their jurisdiction? Sheesh if that is true then whoever said crime doesn’t pay spoke too soon.

  29. So Joe C. basically what your saying is we can’t do anything about it? since the Kuwait and Nigerian scam is still around too.
    Site review owners are affiliated with Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens rebate process scam too?

  30. Reply to Ange.

    I’m a PI, prior to this occupation I was a well decorated Interpol investigator.

    I investigated numerous worldwide scams, from the so called job offer to rebuild Kuwait to the Nigerian scams.

    The California Attorney general has investigated this scam, for a long time without any results.

    As far as Mike or Andrew Stera whatever his name is! His IP adress is coming from a foreign country.

    It’s of my knowledge, Angel Stevens, or Angela Pennbrook has never existed.

    Look at Angel Steven’s video, and you will understand these computer programmer are the using the face software( wich is abilitates you to create a face in a few second’s.

  31. hey joe c.: just curious…where are you getting your information about angela/angel and mike stera? or are you just making these assumptions on your own?

  32. Dr. Mike Stera and Angela Stevens, or Pennbrook are the from the same con men scam .

    Just another name, behind that rebate processing scam.

  33. Angela Stevens, or Pennbrook does not exist,you are dealing with an electronic dummy created by some progamer in India.

    Instead behind this name, hid a bunch of international con men from another country.

    The different law enforcment agency refuses to prosecute any theft unde $ 300, so they are smart they are asking you only 197.

  34. Sandra Irle:

    I saved all of my e-mails to and from the Angel Stevens scam. Want to compare notes?? E-mail me!!

    HEY DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY PROOF THAT “Angel Stevens” and “Angela Penbrook” ARE THE SAME PEOPLE???? IF SO PLEASE FORWARD IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Tina Marie-

  35. For those of you that got tricked into sending more money to the scam artist, I am so sorry. They called me and tried their hardest to get me to invest more money but as a single parent of two girls I couldn’t afford it. I had already sent them to much as it was.

    here is the last that I have heard on my refund.


    We are sorry to inform you that we are no longer connected to Angela Penbrook Productions.

    You may send your emails to so that we’ll be able to assist you in every
    matter you have the best way we can. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thank you,

    Customer Support}

    If anybody is interested I have kept copy’s of all my emails to and from Angela Penebrook customer service.

  36. That I’m not sure of, but it follows the same format.I’m checking with Ebay to see if they know anything about it. Simple enough,I guess I could contact Cathy Banks and ask.I did that to a couple of the processingadvertising and I got no answer , later they were mentioned on this website as one of the off shoots of the Angela/Angela connection.

  37. Well, Jon I have contacted CBS, 60 minutes, to let them in on things. Let’s see if they are interested. Haven’t heard from Ebay , yet. The posting of Sept. 1st by and about IvyIsCenter does not work. The blog is gone, if it was there in the first place.

  38. Image Incentives aka Smart Advertising Solutions Tempe,AZ , Tafiti Consulting Co. , Ken Hayashi Co. has either been sold our info from Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens or bought it from a broker list that Cutting Edge Media Inc./True Wealth Magazine is selling to telemarketers and unscrupulous companies like Angela/Angel companies are. One way or another these companies are affiliated somehow and make each other money, like AOLS Careerbuilder and YAHOOS Hot Jobs who don’t check these companies before advertising but ask their customers/consumers to report scams/frauds on their site to a fraud dept after the fact. HMMMM WHOSE KEEPING WHO IN BUSINESS HERE? AND THEY SAY CRIME DOESN’T PAY?

  39. Yep BJ AOL has about the same amount of complaint sites too. These scam artists have been doing this for years and know what their doing by not leaving a trail back to them. Yahoo has Angel Stevens advertised on their Hot Jobs as well as 95% other scam/fraud/misleading companies even after being reported to them. But you know somewhere somebody had to register these companies that operate in California any business has to be registered with the State/County/City you operate in even Home business’ have to be regidtered in all Counties that you will work in, so these Offices in Los Angeles and Irvine has to have a registration somewhere by law. Emailed the Secretary of State of California Debra Bowen, CA Attorney Generals Office, LA/OC County Records Clerks Office as well as a few other places to find out how these business’s in LA,Irvine and Calabasas can advertise and use these address’ without registering anywhere because we are looking for the right people to go after and get our money back so help me flood these places with emails about the same question and just maybe they will help us find the people that have been making money for years scamming people.
    And to these exemployees that have info but won’t give it up your as bad as Angels/Angel guess you learned from the best on how to scam money, the people you helped get scammed in the first place are the same people you won’t help get back at these suppossedly unscrupulous procedures that you left but kept their ways of getting money. Just remember you will be judged this way when you go up in front of the Man above so don’t expect to be with us in his kingdom ,but you will end up with the people that you claimed had bad business procedures He sees and knows all so even if you claim to have left them and won’t help us the firey depths is awaiting U. What goes around comes around! It’ll be to late to ask for forgiveness when your judgement day comes!

  40. For everyones’ information if you put in Angela Stevens/Angela Penbrook in Yahoo’s search engine you’ll get 683 sites that have to do with them 4/5 of them are about the complaints on and about them. Google only came up with 47, for some reason.
    There has got to be more on here than 58 people, at least with that many complaints maybe, just maybe with ABC looking into it, it might be enough for something to be done. How about 60 minutes? They look into scams.IS’ll let it be known what reply I get from Ebay.

  41. Paul, they got me for about 1600, did you hit one to many zeros. This racket has a lawyer or law firm helping them work all they angles. Jon I know how they did it, they have an associate business that tells you that they want to make you one of their success stories, this group is going to be your coach, they want to know how much debt you are in and how much more you can go.The coaches are going to “teach” you how to manipulate your credit cards to become financially wealthy so they can claim you as their success. They will “teach” you a lesson alright. Am I right Paul?This is the line of bull they gave me enyway.

  42. Looks like there maybe another one to watch out for, they are like cockroaches, it’s Cathy Banks , process auctions on Ebay. I will contact Ebay and see what they have to say about it.
    I hate to say it but they found a good format to sucker people in there scam and they are playing the H*ll out of it.
    Tina you should be getting my story shortly.


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