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Angela Penbrook? Angel Stevens? A Scam by Any Other Name…

Hey, you! “Angela Penbrook!” We’re calling you out. You are deliberately misleading people desperate for legitimate work so you can sell your “rebate processing program.” We’re gonna expose you.

When we said we were going to review the “rebate processing jobs” that have become popular over the last year, one of the first commenters asked if we were going to look at Angela Penbrook’s system at or Or is it “Angel Stevens?” It doesn’t really matter because both “women” and their claims are equally misleading.

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[Update March 10, 2009: ABC News’s 20/20 program featured this scam on March 6. Click here to watch the segment.]

We didn’t sign up for her program because it was $197, while other sites are offering the exact same “opportunity” for as little as $29.95. And because we didn’t sign up, this is not a full review. It’s merely my opinion based on experience and based on the claims on “Angela’s” own website.

Read All About “Rebate Processing Jobs”
If you’re new to I’ve Tried That, you’ll want to click over to our full review of rebate processor jobs. We signed up for one of them and tell you all about what they’re really offering.

After you’ve read that original review, this one will make a lot more sense. It’s the same pig, just with different lipstick.

It’s Not a Job. They’re Barely Rebates
What Penbrook is offering you is not a job. You’re not going to get batches of work from Home Depot of Blockbuster or Netflix. It is internet marketing. And to call what you would be doing “rebate processing” is deliberately misleading. Here’s how the program is supposed to work:

  • The forms you fill out are used to create Internet advertisements for companies selling products through Clickbank, a large Internet marketing clearing house.
  • After you create an ad, you have to get lots of people to see it. You do this by spreading your ads all over the ‘Net. (Psst! That’s called “spam” and is frowned upon in polite societies.)
  • When lots of people see it, some will click on it.
  • When lots of people click on it, some will purchase whatever your ad is selling.
  • Then, and only then, will you get paid.
  • The “rebate” is you sending part of your commission back to the buyer.
  • Lots of Hype, Little Substance
    Here’s a clue you can use to spot misleading “job” advertisements every time: look for the sales tactics. Why are sales tactics a clue that you’re about to be taken to the cleaners? Because the scammer led you to believe that you’re learning about a job. But if you read the whole page, do you have a good idea of what you will be doing?

    Imagine going to a job interview and your potential boss tells you a sob story about how broke he was, how he finally “made it” and how you can make thousands of dollars a day. Wouldn’t you be suspicious he didn’t tell you what work you would be doing? The same principle applies to Internet “job” advertisements.

    Here are the sales tactics Angela Penbrook uses at See the looooong page that starts out with emotional hype? See the clock ticking down until your chance to buy expires? Those are designed to sell you something, not to get you to do legitimate work. Do you really think the positions are almost full and that “today might be the last day?” It’s a sales tactic. See the testimonials? See the pictures of riches and happy people? All are designed to push your emotional buttons to get you to click and buy.

    The Full Truth About Some of Her Lies
    $15 per rebate? If you make a sale from your Internet ads AND the commission is more than $15 AND you decide to send all but $15 back to the purchaser as a “rebate,” then yes, you made $15. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of “if.”

    Three easy steps? Yes, you can sign up at Clickbank, create ads, and see who has made purchases that are eligible for refunds. I guess those are three steps. But they are NOT easy steps. They’re categories of steps, each one requiring countless hours and clicks. You’ll spend many hours just to get started, let alone the complex steps involved in getting people to see and click on your ads.

    The reasons processing rebates is profitable. These reasons are about halfway down her page, after the table showing how much money you can make. They are deliberately written to make you think companies are dieing to “hire” you to work from home processing their rebates. I hope it’s clear by now that nothing could be further from the truth.

    If You Don’t Believe Me, How About the Better Business Bureau?
    The BBB report has this to say about

    Complainants allege false advertising, misrepresentation, inability to obtain refunds, and failure to honor their money back guarantee. Some customers complain that instead of receiving an employment opportunity, they received only instructions on internet sales tactics. Other complainants report they are unable to speak with anyone at the company or that company personnel is rude or fails to resolve their concerns. Most complainants allege the company fails to provide any information or instructions on obtaining refunds. All complaints are pending at this time.

    And this:

    We believe this company’s advertising is deceptive and misleading. They are not directly offering employment. They sell information, not viable work opportunities. In our experience, the only one collecting any money will be this company collecting your $197.00. We know of no work at home offer that has ever generated the amount of income implied or advertised in the offer.

    Scrubbing the Ick Off
    I could go on, but I’ve spent enough time with Angela Penbrook. I need to go take a shower now. I’m so thoroughly disgusted with her deception, I can’t even tell you. Here at I’ve Tried That, we hear from lots of people who are just trying to make a little extra working from home, and they get taken in by lying pages like this one. They usually spend money they don’t have to sign up for programs they don’t understand. Angela Penbrook knows this and plays your fears to make herself rich.

    We’ve written a book that tells you how to find real jobs online and how to spot deceptive advertising like rebate processing sites use.

    [Update: April 5, 2008]
    This is very revealing. Connie in the comments called “Angela’s” 1-800 number to demand a refund. The rep on the other end of the line took her name and information, put her on hold, and then came back and said her refund was being processed. But Connie never signed up to begin with! “Angela Penbrook’s” operation is probably being run from a kitchen table somewhere with a pencil and paper.

495 thoughts on “Angela Penbrook? Angel Stevens? A Scam by Any Other Name…”

  1. My wife will never let me live this one down
    So I tell her “don’t worry this one has to be the real deal.
    The real scam was what happened next.

    I get a call from
    “ the success team” which is a bunch of lowlife telemarketers
    The get me for 16k and refuse to get my money back
    I now filing a class action law suite on these guys at Summit Consulting, with Thrive coaching…….

    Watch out guys I have 34 people already…. You will go to jail
    By the time My wife sinks her teeth into it. She is a crazed
    Retired social worker.

    Stay away from the whole deal Is my best advice…

  2. BJ Your not the only one whose gonna have to eat his words , me too. Yea I know it’s kinda strange that the FBI hasn’t gotten involved sooner since the number of people is in the thousands and goes back years not 1-3 years either more than that some websites that I’ve stumbled across is in the year 2003. Which has to have been another company/persons name used back then because according to 2 agencies Angela Penbrook Productions was started a couple years ago. Sending all the info I have to Anns’ email now getting a little excited too, but I know it’s still gonna take a lil more to get this Stopped.

  3. I think I will. Tina Marie has my email address but I will send the whole story. I have posted it on the site that it called for back on July 1st and I added it to Rip Off Report.
    Well I’ll have to eat some of my words , which I will not mind doing if something happens to help stop a lot of this fraud that is on the internet.
    I am really surprised that the FBI hasn’t done something by now, it has crossed state lines , it’s the internet, it’s fraud, wonder what all it takes.

  4. Hey BJ check out Tina Maries comment it’s true this Ann producer of 20/20 newsmagazine actually contacted me too and works with Ruth the lady Joe and Steve talked to that you were wondering about, Ripoff Report directed her my way and I informed Tina Marie. So Ivetriedthat and Ripoff Report is trying to help with these comments by our experiences , so get on board with us and send your info in. At the least what is it gonna hurt? Sounds like you’ve tried everything else like us so why not do this too and send in your story to Tina Marie.

  5. That’s great, Tina. 58 people are subscribed to this thread and will see your announcement, so hopefully you’ll get someone to share their story.

  6. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Abc’s 20/20 producer just contacted me via phone! She wants to do a special on work at home scams and wants information about how I was scammed by Angela Stevens.

    I sent her the web site address to this blog. However, if you want your story to be REALLY told, send your story to me with a contact number or best e-mail to reach you and I will only forward it to her.

    My e-mail is INCLUDE YOUR STORY!!!!! I will be more than happy to forward it to her. I would give you all her number but I dont think she wants a dozen phone calls. But if you want her to call you or contact you, include your number or best e-mail address to get ahold of you.



  7. Totally with you BJ , I also received a letter from California Attorney Generals Office Dept of Justice about investigating Angela Penbrook Productions/Angel Stevens rebate processing scam back on August 15, 2008 stating they would send a complaint letter requseting a response that I never heard from again either. The BBB doesn’t do anything but show a companies rating ,but that’s where the CA Attorney Generals Office refers you to because they don’t take complaints. Hot Jobs/Monster all don’t have to check any companies that they advertise because their getting paid and it’s up to their customers/consumers that use their service has to check out, still to this day 98% of companies advertised on these sites are scams/frauds/misleading unscrupulous companies. They however , offer a fraud dept after the fact to report these scam/fraud/misleading unscrupulous companies to but won’t have a dept. to check before advertising them. “WHO IS KEEPING WHO IN BUSINESS HERE”? Then you ask them to take your info off their site ,which they claim to do but still receive scam/fraud/misleading job offers only to find out that other job placement companies have your info now like HiringMax that claims CB sent your info to them but CB says they do not send out/show any company your info. Next you find that telemarketers(like Image Incentives aka Smart Advertising Solutions Tempe,AZ/Tafiti Consulting Co./Ken Hayashi Co./ETC.) are buying your info from a broker list that a company called Cutting Edge Media Inc. is selling stating you signed up for some kind of home business offer when you NEVER did , now your getting telemarketing cold calls on a DNC listed home number, at work and cell phones.
    Even after complaining to the BBB and getting a response that shows a companies false claim that you signed up for something with “their company” but they actually bought your info from a broker list still doesn’t help the consumer because they want more proof than that to give a company a bad report. As long as a company pays donations to the BBB to keep them in business it is very hard to complain about a company get a bad report so others don’t go through the same thing you did. Post complaints on these fraud reporting websites doesn’t help either even though some claim that authorities use them to find out about scam/fraud by the stories we post about our experiences. No wonder these scam/fraud/misleading scam artists stay in business for years nobody ever does anything about numerous consumers complaints , but they send letters out claiming they will check these scams/frauds out to make us think something is happening to them.
    No matter what we find out and post,fill out complaints to that these agencies say to do and don’t let these scams get away with it just doesn’t look like it helps anybody but get more advertisement for the scam artists. Just check these job posting,job placement places out and you can write down 10 companies offering jobs and see them on the BBB , Scam/Fraud websites with a unsatisfactory report-scam/misleading comments that are still being advertised even after reporting them. Why? Because they pay to be advertised and that’s what it comes down to , if these sites would check out who they advertise they wouldn’t have anything to post/offer simple as that. These companies refer you to their policy that says we are not responsible for anything that happens to you when using our service, you have to check out these offers we provide “BUT WE ARE A LEGITIMATE COMPANY”. They are no more legitimate than the scam artists they advertise and they will be known for that sooner or later. I’ve been saying the same thing you said about if your a truly legitimate company you will check out any service/product before you offer/advertise it to your customers/consumers. One last thing about these companies that buy a broker list and say what’s wrong with that like Image Incentives aka Smart Advertising Solutions does, don’t claim we signed up for something with your company when you actually bought peoples info from a broker list that 99% of us NEVER signed up for anyway THAT IS LYING/FALSE CLAIM. You also claim to be a legitimate company too but when you’ve had a postcard fraud and had to pay the States Attorney Generals Office then now claim we signed up with your company for info when we didn’t is showing your company is still up to it’s misleading/scam ways.

  8. Hello, everyone. I called the # on my cc statement and spoke to a James and he sent my info to corporate and gave me a fax# to send in a copy of my statement that shows the charge and said to give it 7-10 days for the refund. I did everything he told me to do and low and behold I checked my statement online and I received my refund. Good luck everyone and thanks for the advice and research information.

  9. Oh, by the way. What ever happened to ABC wanting to do a story on this scaming program,huh? I haven’t heard anything and probably won’t.It has been said that 99% of the offers on the net are scams and I for one believe it.
    Makes you wonder if this website isn’t so that everyone can complain and get tired of it seeing that nothing gets done and we all go away with our tails tucked. Nobody is willing to do enything about these people, but you let one of use say something a little stronger, like a threat or something and they would hall us of to jail.Something just ain’t right about this whole mess.

  10. If you look bck on Aug 14th you’ll see that it has been announced that Mary Anne Kennedy had started the same program.
    The big news, I received a letter from my States Attorney and it informed me that they have not recieved a reply from Angela Stevens as of yet.(Duh, that is one of the things that I pointed out about these scam artist.)They are going to send a reminder letter.
    Now, I hate to say this but it looks like ever since Bush has been in the White house business of any kind has been able to give us all the wedgeies that they want to.I can understand the oil companies being able to rape the American public since he and cheney are oil people,you scratch my back and I’ll fill yur pockets but do they have to let people like this suck the very life out of the working, or at least trying to, class.What ever happened to having to verify that what you claim or advertise has to be legit or truthful.It’s just like the White haouse has 5 pages of letters from leading top economy advisers in the states telling them that they DON’t NEED to bail out wall street, that it might and can do more damage then good.
    Are they going to listen, probably not, the White House probably has to fill their pockets also because of putting his butt into office.I’m all for getting rid of the whole buch and starting over. The house, Congress and the White House.
    Sorry for the rant , they all make me sick.It seemd , anymore, that big andlittle business isn’t isn’t establishing an honarable name it’s bend them over and see how far we can stick them. Enough said!

  11. I tried the rebate processing thing… boy was I stupid. I have been trying since March to get my refund. For the first 4to 5 months they kept saying I would get my refund in 7-10 business days. Than they said it went to their manager for review. Now I have been sent a email to this fast support ticket place. I have open two different support tickets and they close them as soon as I open them. I get no reply.

    I used my debit card instead of a credit card and the bank said there isn’t anything they can do to help me.

    Anybody have any suggestions?

  12. I got took by this scam today and knew it the second I read the crummy e-book. It presented itself as filling out rebates for companies and get paid 15 dollars per. But its just instruction on how to do PPC advertising and put a rebate on the advertisement. First site I went to was blog then then was there number one recommendation there were also there top affiliates to make money with which where and which are the same thing different names I’m sure. It’s especially insulting because it plays to the emotions of someone who has already been scammed and totally lies about what it is. It presents itself as the opposite of what it is these people belong in jail. It’s all google adwords with a different name to make you think its a legit data entry type job.

  13. I’ve sent in a complaint to Careerbuilder about Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens/Maryanne Kennedy/Angela Christianson and they still are advertising these scam/fraud/misleading DBA’s/websites. I also sent in a complaint to ChicagoBBB on Careerbuilder for recieving these scam/fraud rebate job offers,HiringMax claiming to get my info from CB after they said nobody sees/gets your info from us , out of country job offers cashing checks keep 10% and mail the rest out of country to business to no response back so now they have an unsatisfactory rating due to many complaints/unresponding to complaints/BBB. These Job offer/posting companies don’t check before hand but have a fraud dept. for after the fact so you have to do the work for them , which makes one suspicious that they would let these scam artists advertise on their site without checking them out but let their customers get scammed/contacted. Yet they claim to be legitimate , if so then why not check out the company/service before advertising it on your site? Doesn’t ‘LEGITIMATE’ companies check companies/products before they offer it to their customers? I don’t think it matters to them if you let them know about a scam/fraud because they still advertise other ones that are owned by the same owner of Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens which is listed on LABBB site. Yahoos’ Hot Jobs sends out emails for Maryanne Kennedy On-line Data Entry and Process at Home to this day which is the same exact program as Angela Penbrook rebate process just a different name , which again any of us regular Joes can find easy but they won’t check on companies before advertising them. HMMM sounds like they have the same operation as the scam artists and keep them in business but claim to be legitimate…????? It just doesn’t sound right that they would have a fraud dept. to report to after the fact but won’t check companies out before they advertise on their site. I bet it’s because 90% of their companies that are paying them to advertise are scams/frauds/misleading like the complaints everywhere are claiming and they would be out of business , so who is keeping who in business here? You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.

  14. Angela Penbrook / Angel Stevens / Maryanne Kennedy / Angela Christianson Rebate Process programs scams/frauds as well as other well known scams/frauds all make their living off advertising on Careerbuilder, Hot Jobs and Monster as well as others because they do not check for scams/frauds it’s up to their customers/consumers using their site to tell them it’s a scam/fraud after customers/consumers do their investigating for them or get scammed. Granted everybody should check out anything/company before trying it , but if they let them advertise/contact their customers before checking it out these job placement companies are just as bad as the scam artists they are keeping in business. And for these employees at these companies saying it’s not their fault these scam/fraud companies are on their site and we take them off after the fact , your company is as SHADY and Money grubbing as the Scam Artists that you support.

  15. OH…Yeah….this “company” was advertised on – the social networking site, so if you get on Facebook, MySpace, or any other like it, look out for these schemes.

  16. That was too close. I feel like sighing a huge sigh of relief right now, and at the same time feeling like a tard for even almost falling for it. I’m a cop….yes, we sometimes fall for scams too…probably the pay we get has to do with it….anyway…I feel like I’m usually on top of things like this from the get go. I checked it out while my wife was at work. Showed her when she got home. Not sure which one of us was more excited. Sent her to the bank to make sure funds were available (why not use the net? – long story). While she was out, it occurred to me: every good legit company will have a phone number and address. I went to the bottom of the page to the “contact us” link…guess what – no number, no address – just email. I looked at their “disclaimer and warranties” link at the bottom too. They put there that it’s only for information purposes….AND…that any issues arising should be dealt with according to their local laws – in Nicosia, Cypress. HA! Angel Stevens and Process from Home are evidently based there. I googled Angela Stevens and came up with several sites that instantly labeled the whole thing a scam. I never checked the BBB, b/c if that many sites were devoted just to “her”, then I didn’t need to go any further. I called my wife just as she was doing her thing at the bank. If I had spent the money, I would have been pissed, but mostly I was just disappointed over my bubble having been burst. My cop mentality kicked in, and saved my butt…but only barely. It’s easy to get scammed, and we partly scam ourselves, really. I really hope this helps someone before they make the costly mistake. We were about to go out on a limb for some extra money, and would have ended up borrowing money from a relative just to make the next payday if we had gone through with it. Too close.

  17. The biggest problem is that they keep creating additional scams with different names. Until Mark and company are actually caught and convicted I’m sorry to say it won’t end.

  18. Good news! I was refunded the money today. To those people unhappy I recommend you call them and get your $$$ back. If you used your cc have a 3-way call done. The description on your cc will be this: 800-381-7820PROCESS(Travel). I’ve also read where alot of PayPal users got refunded. Please report this to the BBB to keep this scum from gatting any more $$$. They are still calling my cell but I send it to vm and of course no message is left.

  19. I just thought you should be aware that there is a new Angela Penbrook in Town. Same scam, same outrageous price of $197, but she goes by the name Maryanne Kennedy, and the website is Online Data Institute. I just got an email about it today using the same tactics as Angela Penbrook’s site did.

    The countdown clock is still there “Hurry, you better waste $197 now or else the offer will be gone in 60 minutes”; she has a caption that the program has been seen on 60 minutes, CNN, New York Times, etc.; she also posts an address, which also convinces you that it must be a real program because she posted her name: Maryanne Kennedy, 1240 Lincoln Way East, Massillon, Ohio, 44646; Thursday, February 20th, 2008, 2:14 P.M.; September 5, 2008

    There’s a heartwarming essay written about her by a Peter Johnson, painting her as a poor hardworking girl who has a wonderful rags to riches story and you can too!

    I would really like to know why there isn’t a crackdown by our government on internet criminals, because that’s exactly what these people are. The way the Penbrook website was designed is the same way this new one is designed, and it’s targeted towards people who really do need financial help. They are banking on desperation and laughing all the way to the bank when they take advantage of people who are really looking for a way to make an honest living.

    If she makes $197 on every purchase, then I’m sure she is telling the truth about being a millionaire by now, and she’s probably laughing her fat ass off somewhere from the Bahamas about how many suckers she’s conned.

    Hopefully Maryanne Kennedy, Angela Penbrook, or whoever she really is will be eaten by ravenous sharks on her next trip to the beach when she goes to celebrate yet again for how ‘successful’ she is.

  20. I too fell for the “process rebates at home”. I thought it would lead me to a list of legit companies to work for. After researching (after the fact- dumb, I know) and feeling sick everytime I though about it for 2 weeks, I called my credit card company and requested a 3-way call to the number given in my credit bill. I had previously sent an email to request cancellation to on behalf of Angel Stevens ( and got no response. The call is obviously outsourced and my credit card company talked to them after I gave my reason for cancellation. I was told that they will refund my $$ in 5 business days. They made it sound legit- giving me a reference number and all but we shall see…my credit card company has put a hold on the charge.

  21. Ron
    Sorry to hear about your problems. I was scammed by Angel also but afterwards I discovered MyWirelessRep. This is a real company that offers less expensive cell phone services than the big four.
    Click on my name above and visit my website.


  22. I guess it’s safe to say that Angel-Whomever is a scam. And thanks Joe by the way, I’m glad I did research first too. My question is has anyone found that “work from home” job offer that actully pay’s. I’ve been injured on the job and my income has been cut in half I could use some insight.

  23. I have been working for the company for over 6 months already and realized that this is really unfair. The company is really unfair. Not only that the company don’t process refunds but also because of their misleading advertisements. I was once then a telemarketer for this company and now, I resigned because I don’t really like their line of business. If you would like to know all of the company’s information, try to visit my blog at and learn about this company’s scamming activities. Thanks!

  24. I too have bought in to this scam. Have emailed two time for support with no response from them. Emailed the personal email address with no response either. Put me on the list to expose this injustice and not just Angel Stevens “or whatever her real name is” but also all those who scam people who are just wanting to better themselves.


  25. Ny brother got scammed by angel Stevens too. This is awful. he just wanted to get some income because he is unable to work. He is a vet and just wanted alittle something coming in. I am trying to get it back for him, But there are so many addresses and numbers. It probably isn’t even her real name. I would add my brothers name to any class action suit, if there is one out there..darlene

  26. Well, I looked at my cc statement today and they got me PROREBATE $157.00. 1-800-381-7820P m6 Whatever that means. I have put in a dispute with my cc company today stating I never authorized this purchase, that I did not finish it. I am going to try to call that # and see if it is legimate or not.

  27. I am still very angry. I am getting a daily e-mail from Tafiti telling me I need to address the problem of my credit card failing. It’s going to keep failing because it is cancelled. They have threatened to cancel my non-existant website if I don’t fix my little problem. I smile everytime I see the e-mails. In surfing the web, I found that Tafiti has opened a new website with an address of 230 E 400 S, Springville, UT 84663-1922 with a CEO, Steven Sonnenberg. Also another address: 21721 Roscoe Blvd., #9, Canoga Park, CA 91304 with a CEO, Alonzo Dominguez. I hope someone in Utah or California, can find these guys and maybe, turn them in to whatever agency we can find.

  28. Ronald not sure about Anthem, AZ address haven’t seen that one it’s new to me, maybe drive by and see I am about 45 minutes away from Irvine address and have emailed City of Irvine plus numerous other fraud agencies and finally got a response from California Attorney Generals Office that his Dept. of Justice is going to investigate Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens/Angela Christianson/Maryanne Kennedy rebate process company in California. I have found numerous other address’s I put up on this site too but haven’t come across the Anthem,AZ Address in any of the complaints or BBB complaints I’ve checked out. Beware that you might get emails from a Image Incentive (aka Smart Advertising Solutions Tempe , AZ) , Tafiti Consulting Co. or Ken Hayashi Co. which are Website Design Companies that gets our info from Angela Penbrook and the other DBA’s/websites that they started to stay ahead of scam/fraud reports. I actually talked to City Hall of Tempe, AZ and the Arizona Attorney Generals office about Image Incentive which they had no records or any info on this company so I went to Ripoff Report website and found out they are actually Smart Advertising Solutions who paid Arizona Attorney General $250,000.00 for a postcard scam. When I told both of them about Angela Penbrook Productions or their DBA’s both said they never heard of APP rebate program, but Arizona Attorney general office does have my info check/complaint about Smart Advertising Solutions on file in case something else comes up with them. I still get calls at home every now and then still but I don’t answer and just let it go to answer machine. Check out Ripoff Report too just put Angela Penbrook or Penbrook Productions and you will see there are hundreds of complaints there too, LABBB site has over 300 complaints with them too. I found another webpage that claims there Las Vegas branch is the HQ which if you go to VEGASBBB and check Penbrook Productions Process there are no complaints on them there so I filed one that is pending for 14 days before complaint is entered onto their company site as a complaint. The website for associated content when you enter Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens in websearch one guy name hero posted one guys name who he thinks is one of the owners (which he posted name on this site but they took it off because it hasn’t been proven yet) also a Penbrook Employee comment is a few below heros’ comment and talks about 2 young white guy’s in there 20’s own Penbrook Productions Process and there is no Angela/Angel who use the Vegas office alot and drive their 120,000 cars. There are other stories that it’s run by a out of country company too and not in any agencies jurisdiction but I have complained to FTC,FBI,Criminal Justice Dept and many of times in hope some agency will find these guy’s/gal’s running scam for years.


  29. Hi Joe, What about the Anthem, AZ address? I’m about a hour away, and I’m also retired Phoenix Police Dept and know the State Attorney General (Terry Goddard) personally.

  30. FYI Ronald 19800 McArthur Blvd address according to Irvine Police Dept is fake. Check out we want to hear from you on this site the ABC news post it shows one person talking to Irvine p.d. they’ve been checking it out already and can’t find Penbrook Productions at that address.

  31. Hey folks, got another scam letter from Angel, but here are a couple of addresses.

    19800 MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 300,
    Irvine, CA 92612

    3434 W Anthem Way – Suite 118-425 | Anthem, Az | 85086

    Maybe someone would like to visit them.

  32. Those of you that have NOT gotten your refunds should go to and put in your complaint also.It helps to spread the word. I was the only, can you believe it, only one with a complaint about Angela Stevens/Angela Penbrook/Angela Christianson/ and possibly Maryanne Kennedy.

    If enough people complain we will eventually be heard and then maybe something can be done about this fraudulent company practice on the internet.

    And may I ask give your name to Tina Marie to give to a lawyer for a class action suite. You didn’t just step in a pile , there is a whole puddle you stepped into.So, why not help be the rag to clean the mess off the shoes, istead of just leting it stay there stinking.

  33. I was really taken in with Angela’s website. I have wanted to work from home for so long. I went through the process of purchasing this program until the last page and then I stopped and clicked out. I hope I still didnt purchase it I hope I quit it in time. I am so glad I decided to look her up before I did this. Thank you all so much for saving me the problems you are all facing now. (Let’s hope I didnt purchase it)

  34. After complaining to BBB,FTC,FCC,Criminal Justice Dept and various other scam/fraud agencies I now am getting twice the emails/phone calls from scam/fraud/misleading companies claiming that I subscribed to or filled out a request form from their company and none of these agencies can help me now. So I will from now on just move on and not complain to any of these agencies ever again about a scam/fraud because it’s not worth it it just makes life more uncomfortable knowing who now these unscrupulous companies are sending/filling out my information to and nobody can do anything to them. It started with filling a resume with then to one of Angela Penbrook Productions numerous DBA’s that at that time didn’t have any scam/fraud reports and HiringMax Fred Omivdar somehow getting my information and posting it without my knowledge or approval(suppossedly claims that sent it to him when they said to me careerbuilder does not send any information to anybody)now receiving numerous phone calls/emails from unscrupulous companies/websites. 2 days ago I started recieving calls from a Globalreach Int. (213)228-8111 constantly morning to night until 11:00pm never leaving a message and answered once and just listened for a second and said hello then was hung up on. When googling the number it was a number that numerous people have been getting calls from with so many different claims of what the company is and a claim it’s a convicted fraud felon that just got out and is running a scam out of a house in Las Vegas Jay Sherbondy with his sister Nancy and a Margerite “Peggy” Smith for Govt. grants. After this I just realized it’s not worth it to complain and go through this BS when BBB says they cannot help me now with this problem or add complaints to my original complaint, so after doing my own research on these scam/fraud companies and giving information to proper agencies these scam/fraud companies are going untouched to do what they want and more now. TO ME IT’S NOT WORTH IT ANYMORE TO COMPLAIN OR POST BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY OF US THAT WAS SCAMMED AND COMPLAINED BUT THESE COMPANIES JUST KEEP GOING ON AND ON WITH NUMEROUS DBA’S/WEBSITES OPENED EVERYDAY AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING TO THEM. HAS ANYBODY SEEN ANY INVESTIGATION/ARRESTS IN NEWS AT ALL ON THESE SCAM/FRAUDS?

  35. Chris, check my home page. MyWirelessRep is a reputable company partnered with Verizon Wireless that you can sign up for free and upgrade to Manager later if you want to or quit if you want to.


  36. Yes! Thanks to google and this website, I also SAVED $197 by not doing this Angel Stevens crap. I’ve read almost all these posts and i’m just wondering….out of all these comments, has anyone actually FOUND a way to make decent money on the internet from home? Surely out of all these people, someone is making at least a little extra cash. That’s all I’m looking for. C’mon people, help us out….

  37. They may be changing their tactics or else this company is following closely to the same format it’s Maryanne Kennedy. Same style, offer is a little different, 1/2 off if you hurry and some of the testimonials are similar.

  38. In April, I read an advertisement that arrived in my e-mail from Penbrook Productions. I sounded just like something I was looking for: part-time work on my computer from home. As I am getting ready to retire this would bring in some additional income. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I feel used, naive, and very, very stupid and embarassed. I did get my money back because I put this on my credit card. I understood that I was supposed to download an instruction manual and start work and earning right away. When the manual did not download-only blank pages I became suspious. I called the “customer care line” and talked to a girl whose accent was so pronounced that I had to have her spell what she was saying. It turned out to be “WealthDIC”. This was just another unworkable website. I called my credit card company and explained that I received no instruction, no service, nor no product and was granted a refund. That however, is not where my story ends. I was then contacted by Tafiti Consulting which lead me to believe that they were there to set me up in business within 30 days or before my first payment on my credit card was due. Again, their promises were no better than Penbrook’s. Again, I am in the process of receiving credit from my second credit card company. I have filed complaints with every place I can think of including contacting the Attorney General of the state of California. Please, be very careful.

  39. I have a complaint with Chicago BBB on for recieving scam/fraud/misleading company job offers like Angela Penbrook Productions/Angel Stevens, numerous out of country companies looking for US representatives to cash checks keep 10% and mail the rest back to them, insurance companies that are wanting to interview you for a job but actually want you to get your own insurance card invest in company and if you want to leave after the fact they will charge you what you earned from investment. even told me they don’t give out your resume information , but I recieved an email from HiringMax Fred Omidvar saying he recieved my information from careerbuilder to post my information. Plus the emails/phone calls from Image Incentive(aka Smart Advertising Solutions),Tafiti Consulting Co. and Ken Hayashi Co. claiming to help you build websites for small business’ selling products which I believe information was forwarded from Angela Penbrook Productions/Angel Stevens company for their scam/fraud/misleading Rebate process program.I have also complained to Customer Svc. and Trust and Site Security a few times on Advertising Scam/Fraud/Misleading companies , but still see these companies on their site. Some of my friends are recieving email job offers from these misleading companies from, HiringMax and Monster so even if you only did a resume with one your information might be shared with all three and that’s why we are recieving repeat emails from scam/fraud/misleading companies even after complaining. So anyone going through the same problem Careerbuilder is based in Chicago and send complaints to ChicagoBBB,HiringMAX is in California so the LABBB is the place to send complaints to on them FYI.

  40. It’s spreading out, now there is one called Angela Christianson, a little different but the same deal.There has to be a way to stop this Rip off, it’s a business of fraud.Is there a way to get everyone to know about them and warn people?
    If people don’t know about this site then they aren’t going to be warned and we are considered disappointed consumers and the Angela fraud will continue to spread.

  41. We got our money back, finally!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! :) :) :) Yesterday, my husband called our credit company, and we already have our refund!!! :) :) :) I praise God for that!!! :) :) :) We did it in a different way… We got our credit bank statement and we saw the 197 dollars charged, and next to the description there was an 866 phone number (866-885-8126), so, my husband called them and requested them our money back… It was the only way that worked! :)

    I had sent many e-mails requesting technical support first, but no answers, then I sent many more requesting my money back and I got no one answer, then I talked to a supervisor and he hanged me up when I requested my money back, I made many calls and nothing happened… Until we received our credit bank statement, we saw that 866 number and we called them.

    So, they gave us a number like a confirmation one and told us to allow them 5-7 business day to receive it back!!!

    Keep trying! Try the number I gave it to you!

    Good luck and praying for you all.

    Angela Penbrook Complaints – I got my $197 Refunded!!!!
    Review all Angela Penbrook complaints
    Angela Penbrook
    Posted: 2008-05-08 by Gina [send email]
    I got my $197 Refunded!!!!
    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    Angela Penbrook
    United States

    I got my $197 refunded. I am writing to tell you how to do it. It will take some work on your part. I had no success with Process from Home/Penbrook Productions. I called CareerBuilder and complained to them because the advertisement for Process from Home/Penbrook Productions was on their web site and I wanted it removed. You can call Careerbuilder at (866) 438-1485. It has a Trust and Site Security Team (TSST) it will transfer you to, or you can fill out a complaint online. Go to, then click on Help-Contact us (bottom), then in the Email section, click on Trust and Site Security. Type your complaint, and copy and paste the Process from Home/Penbrook Productions add found on their website. I keep seeing it when I do job searches in the 95677 area code. Here are what they look like:

    (1st ad)
    Work at Home
    Make $225.00 And More Every Day…No prior experience, education or special skills required…

    (2nd ad)
    Make $225 a day from Home
    If You Have 60 Minutes a Day, Here’s a Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Way To Make $225/day…

    I also emailed Careerbulider the email receipt/confirmation that I paid $197.

    I was paid because Careerbuilder threatened to pull Process from Home/Penbrook Productions ads if it did not refund my $197 as promised.

    I am taking the time to tell everyone this because Careerbuilder is still running the ads. I hope if enough people complain it will pull the ads forever.




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