Have you been a victim of a work at home scam? I know a few of you have been taken by Angela Penbrook and the rebate processing scam she has been running. Please share your story so we can work together to ensure that no one else becomes a victim of this scam.

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  • vonda

    i was scamed by something called yellow rose.com of about 3500 dollars. I e=mailed them and they claimed that they would reinburse me but you know that didn’t happen. my husband is a disabled vet and we are about to get 8 chidren in the house. our grandchildren are coming to live with us. I want to pay my own way. I have an associate degree and I am a certified nursing assisistant and our state of virginia does not pay enough I was working for min. wage. now I am working in a quickie mart as a cook. I do not want to go down like this. how can I get better. don’t say school because by the time thaty you finish that course will be outdated and the job is not in demand. cute as you know what is’nt it?

  • Jim Vowles
    Jim Vowles

    Because there are many who have not posted an entry here
    that should have, allow me to add this one:
    While checking my charge card statements for the past
    quarter, there were some smaller amounts I had not noticed
    before, from LibertyFunPas and another company. These
    were charges for less than $20, but between both of them,
    and repeated charges to my account, totaled around $200.
    Repeated calls and emails to the companies were and are not
    answered or responded to.
    I was able limit the damage only by canceling that account
    and getting another one issued for a nominal fee, which I also had to pay.
    What I recommend now is to write down exactly what company
    was charged, the date and time you authorized it,
    and you absolutely MUST check your monthly statements.
    Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes.

  • Paul Schlegel
    Paul Schlegel

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve been emailing back and forth with Anne Varney at ABC and they haven’t forgotten about this aspect of their story. In fact they have someone doing extensive research on it, so please keep posting away with your stories.

  • B. J.
    B. J.

    Looks like there maybe another one to watch out for, Cathy Banks,Process Auctions on Ebay.I haven’t contacted Ebay , yet, to see what they have to say about it.

  • Marion Monica
    Marion Monica

    In April, I received an e-mail that sounded too good to be true and it was. It said that I could make money from my home computer processing rebates from well-known companies. The name of the company that sent the e-mail was Penbrook Productions/Angela Penbrook. I sent my payment of $197 by credit card. The way the ad read I was supposed to be able to download an instruction manual and start working and earning right away. Well——the download did not work. I tried calling the “customer care line” and it was either busy or no answer. When I finally was able to talk to someone, the girl’s accent was so pronounced that I had to have her spell what she was trying to say and it was WealthDIC which turned out to be just another worthless website. While I was still reeling from this mess, I received a phone call at work telling me that these people could have me up and running an Internet business in 30 days. Believing that this was still Penbrook, I had them call me back at home that evening. This company was Tafiti Consulting from Provo, UT. I kept telling them that I just wanted to process rebates. I was pressured into letting them charge me $3500. to get this business started. It turned out to be some kind of drop shipping. The password to the instruction videos did not work and soon I received an e-mail telling me how terrific I was doing with all the instructions. I had called repeatedly to get another password and no one seemed to want to help. I told this Brian Pier that I was no longer interested in the program and I wanted my money refunded. He said he was sorry I felt that way, and someone would call me. No one did. I did receive a refund from my credit card company for Penbrook. With Tafiti, I had to cancel my card and get a new one issued. That got their attention because they were charging me $39.95 monthly for what I still do not know. So far they have not been able to charge anything more to me. Never did I contact Tafiti-Penbrook Productions must have sold my information to them. I hope I never hear from either of them again. I walk away a much wiser person, but I feel very naive and abused. I hope that stories can be printed to help others. Thank you.

  • Crystal M
    Crystal M

    Well sheesh on, you are right about some people with degrees who don’t get a job right away or not at all, but when you plan to do schooling you have to pick and go for a job that is in demand. However like I said before you need to look into the schooling & what’s right for you before you sign up for it. Just check out what jobs are in demand right now and see what fits you best. Yes I know people with degrees do work their little butts off, my husband is one of them and he has a bachelors degree in what he does and he works really hard. Both with and w/o degree people do work hard. Even if you’re a mom you work hard and you don’t even get paid for it. :) Everyone just has to remember life is not easy & not fair, it takes hard work to get where you want to be.

  • Sheesh

    Sounds good Crystal and I agree sometimes schooling does help , but not all the time. I know alot of people who have degrees and have a hard time getting a job after their companies went under , they say their told either their over qualified or asking for too much wage wise. A degree is not a guarantee you will get a job , especially nowadays alot of companies look for experience/hire from within over a degree. It goes both ways and just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you won’t be working your ass off too.

  • Crystal M
    Crystal M

    Here’s something for everyone,
    DO NOT waste your time looking on the internet for a stay at home job (THEY ARE ALL SCAMS) and DO NOT give anyone your credit card number or send them any money. More then likely you will not get it back. Come on everyone you have to be smart these days…you know you can’t work at home and make lots of money in one week or a whole month. It’s just not that easy. What we all need to put our time into is looking for a college, tech school or schooling online. Now I know everyone throws in the saying “well I don’t have the money for that” and what I say is “If you don’t put some money into education then you will never do it and you’ll never get to make the money you want.” I would use my time and look on the internet for stay at home jobs and find out they are all scams, so I stopped and started doing schooling online and the job i’m trainning for I can work from home or in a office. I will make something of myself and I will make the effort to make the amount of money I want to make. If I can do it you can too. So stop the looking and wasting your time and put that time into education. Look at what you want to train in before you sign up for it so it’s right for you. Oh and yes there are some people out there who don’t even go to college and make a whole lot of money but i’m sure they have worked there butt off to get where they are now. So good luck to whom may listen to this letter on your schooling!

  • IvyIsCenter

    I have been working for the company for over 6 months already and realized that this is really unfair. The company is really unfair. Not only that the company don’t process refunds but also because of their misleading advertisements. I was once then a telemarketer for this company and now, I resigned because I don’t really like their line of business. If you would like to know all of the company’s information, try to visit my blog at http://ivyiscenter.blogspot.com and learn about this company’s scamming activities. Thanks!


  • neha shah
    neha shah

    i am register with googlecashkey programme, they offer me lots of work which i can do from home only, for that they charge me 1250/- and they send me one cd in which they provide me my reg code. after that i mail them for more then 25 times , that how can i start work, guide me but there was no responce, same way on their site they have written that one month money back gaurantee, for that now they are denying, what to do with this type of fraud people

  • Paul Schlegel
    Paul Schlegel

    No problem. I was starting to have an identity crisis though. ;-)

  • Jon

    Sorry Paul should have reworded question about what is real. I actually called ABC news channel 7 after having trouble sending email to Ruth. They didn’t know any Ruth who was doing a work at home rebate process article , but seeing your info on who contacted you makes sense now. But with all their different news affiliate shows it would be understandable that just asking a part of the company would not know what another dept is doing. I know who you are after seeing your name and info you posted in your comment I checked out your website and couldn’t believe I didn’t find it when searching/investigating info on scams/frauds. I actually got my money back through my credit card co. but just wanted to help others like you guys do get their money back too and complain to get these scam artists. I made 2 mistakes by joining careerbuilder.com which lead into wealthdci program that looked like a descent company because it didn’t claim to get rich quick and at that time didn’t have a scam/fraud report. But I wish I would have found these scam/fraud websites before joining careerbuilder and wealthdci , I have found a roofing seal company to do my own home business with and is legitimate after making money for Security Door & Hdwe companies, 4 going out of business and 1 being sold to people who had no credit with vendors or knowledge of a Hdwe business and ran it into the ground. Which made me want to get out of the Industry and find my own thing because tired of hearing about they can’t give you any more rasises because their is a maximum you can make in sales job but no maximum on how much you can sell and make for them a year. Especially when customers want to talk to you and hold for 15-20 minutes because others aren’t as knowledgeable or don’t offer good customer service but are lazy and want people to them the answer to problems and not learn product.
    Anyways my apologies you are definitley for real and not part of those guys from Georgia Bigfoot hoaxers.

  • Paul Schlegel
    Paul Schlegel


    Are you asking if I’m real?

    I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’m a fictional character created sometime in the early 1960s. I was part of a US research project stationed beneath the Arizona desert, where two scientists used their amazing time machine to project man to any given point in the fourth dimension…or maybe that was a T.V. show – I’m getting so confused and having an identity crisis now.

    Ann was the first to contact me (well, technically BusinessWeek had contacted me earlier about the article they did on ASD Cash Generator, but I didn’t get to their message before they ran the story).

    Anyhow, Ann E. Varney’s BIO is on this page…although now I think her years of study at Columbia University and subsequent work as a producer of 20/20 was just an elaborate setup to make her move into the world of rebate processor opportunities…it was only a matter of time!

    But how can one lone individual tackle the competive nature of the “Rebate Processing Industry” (heh, I just called it an “industry”)? Enter Ruth – “alleged” reporter who secretly managed to get a full story published called Military Medical Team Makes the Toughest Call. Yes, this is the power of fictional identities.

    In fact the only person we can be sure is 100% real in the rebate processing “industry” is Dr. Richard Andrew Stera – founder of that gosh-darned respectable review site “SiteReviewAuthority” and who also stalks the night under the secret identity of a superhero known only as…“ChairMan”.

  • Jon

    Just by your comment makes me wonder now about if Ruth/Paul is real…????

  • Jon

    Hope it doesn’t come to that Joe but I have something for them always ready after sending in complaints. But your right that is why I am not sure of complaining on “some sites and why they want us to repeat our stories to networks that can see hundreds of stories, complaints by entering the name of company on websearch or doing their own investigation by checking with BBB too”. Especially when they post their email and it doesn’t go through….????

  • Joe

    Good work, Jon! Keep this up and you’ll put them out of business. Or else some goons with baseball bats will show up at your door.

  • Jon

    Michael Allen Brooks is also owner of Angel Stevens Process at Home on LABBB site. We were right that these Angela/Angel companies were connected after employees from both sides saying they were not connected. Somebody/agency has been doing some investigating and posting info, it’s about time.

  • Jon

    Just saw on LABBB that Michael Allen Brooks is the owner of Angela Penbrook Productions/Penbrook Productions Process at the Irvine address which Irvine P.D. say is a false place. Sent in 3 complaints to VEGASBBB also since there is no complaints against Penbrook Productions Process on their site ,but since them telling me they have hundreds of complaints that come into their office about all different companies it would be processed in order of date/time. Well it was mid July when they said that and I haven’t seen a complaint id #, email saying complaint was sent to company and is pending or any other message. So if all the other BBB offices in different states have numerous complaints on Angela Penbrook Productions and Vegas has no complaints listed at all, I now know why they didn’t process any of my complaints at all. This is why some people talk bad about BBB sites most don’t do anything about complaints or take months to forward to company or post to companies info for consumers to check on scam/fraud programs.

  • Jon

    B J that’s what weve been going through too , with all this information/complaints about these rebate companies for years nobody has been able to do anything about it. We’ve all been sending complaints to every fraud/scam agency and scam/fraud websites posting our similar stories be it with Angela Penbrook or Angel Stevens and it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere.
    However I have recieved a letter from the California Attorney Generals Office stating that their Dept of Justice will investigate Angela Penbrook Productions/Angel Stevens. So file your complaint at FTC, FBI , Criminal Justice Dept, Enforcement@sec.gov, LABBB, VEGASBBB, Your states BBB office and Attorney Generals office, Ripoff Report website and any other agency you can find like the thousands of us have done. And just keep the FAITH and HOPE( which is a good thing) someday they’ll catch these scam artists from our complaint information. Don’t let these people get away with it at least file complaints.

  • B J
    B J

    My story:
    I’m disabled wanting to still make some type of income, and realizing I would have to make quite a bit to make up for S.S.D.I., if it panned out. Anyway,I answered the add, sent my money, and received a couple of emails”welcoming me” to the program.Telling me of this course I was to go through.I didn’t remember any mentioned about a course and I read that whole advertisement,so I copied it down,contacted Angela Stevens@ processathome.com. I was given my 1st “lesson”.It had to do with other job opportunities that might interest me, and some words of wisdom. I waited for the next “course”, in the mean time I receive a phone call from a group associated with Angela Stevens,mentioned the name but was rattling off so fast I didn’t catch it.Told me that they wanted to help me and explained some of it. I told them I just wanted to process rebates as advertised, I didn’t want to sell, advertise, nothing, just process rebates from the internet as was advertised.I then hung up on them.
    A week had gone by and I emailed Angela Stevens, funny I never got a hold of her it was always somebody who worked for Angela Stevens. I emailed wanting a refund, that it seemed like a scam. I got an email telling me that I didn’t want to quit because I needed to finish the course to get the database of names to rebate at home. The next day I received “course 2”.
    Well,after the first incident I decided I would see how far this would go and I got to course 7, after they jumped a couple of weeks in there, to make sure it went past the 90 day gaurauntee, of which I was gien the names of a few places to to rebates for by Mail, not the internet I emailed them explaining that I had finished the course, I wanted my certification and the internet database of companies who wanted rebate processors.This is after being in contact with a firm to help me get incorporated to look official to a company and they wanted me to be coached, who happened to be the company before, this time wanting me to be a success and to play around with my credit cards just like before.
    Guess how it ends, yep, they tell me I have gone over the 90 days and I have no refund coming.I copied every email, everypage I was given as a course, the addresses of the two other businesses that I was contacted by to the Attorney General’s office of this state.
    They are going to make copies to send to these places to see what they have to say for themselves.
    I found out about Angela Stevens, Angela Penbrook scam or no scam, then I found Ripoff.com.
    These people have made a very very large business out of screwing people out of $200.00 a whack.
    I wonder if they have turned it all in to the IRS, somebody needs to put a stop to this. You are going to convince me that with all this evidence, they could even have someone”join”to see what happens, that’s why I kept careful records, in hopes of putting Rip off artist in jail and off the net,they can’t do something about it? Something is wrong, very wrong.


    The rich stay rich because they have a lower tax percentage while the middle class works their butts off trying to keep up with gas prices, and most of us have to work an entire day just to pay for one weeks worth of gas, and the poor become crimminals and start to make fruad web sites and become rich.

    WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? Oh yeah, they are in their mansions sitting on their behinds in their big cushy chairs or playing gold in their office while the rest of us become more and more in debt.

    I HATE THIS COUNTRY and I have no money to move anywhere else!

  • Jon

    Actually the BBB relies on conpany donations to keep it in business , so if your filling a complaint and the company donates to BBB your probably gonna lose your judgement or complaint might go to the way side. Since we cannot find out if complaints are actually being sent or track any complaint information with BBB who knows what actually goes on with complaints.

  • Jon

    Delores yep the BBB is just there to file complaints to and will send it to company but does nothing else, in a way it’s a place to file complaints but no action usually happens. The BBB has no real power to do anything unlike the FTC,Ctiminal Justice Dept, IC3 (FBI)and some Attorney Generals Offices (Californias Attorney General Office will refer you to the BBB for frauds/scams because they have so many criminal activity in California to handle and are not doing a good job at that) I’ve learned that by doing my own investigations on scams/frauds and having so much information to give to these agencies but still yet nothing gets done,their under manned,pass the buck replies, etc, etc. Just look above to Pauls comment and mine scam artists are smart enough to stay ahead of these authorities and are well equipped to elude prosecution nowadays it’s a sad comment but it’s not worth it to complain anymore to any agency either you will get more grief from complaining(like more scam/fraud emails/phone calls from unscrupulous companies saying you filled out a request to get company information and who knows who they give out your information too) or nothing will get done to these scam artists because you see their advertisments still or emails. Just enter any scam/fraud in websearch and you will see thousands of people complaining to every agency and it stills goes on even when networks talk about it on TV,thousands of people posting in scam/fraud websites they just create new DBA’s/websites to stay ahead of scam/fraud reports. I look at IVETRIEDTHAT and RIPOFF REPORT plus other webistes everyday and still see people signing up with Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens rebate process scam , 85% is because there is no names on new websites/DBA’s to check for till after the fact and the other 15% just don’t check website/DBA’s out. So to me it doesn’t matter how much information you gather and send it to BBB,FTC,FCC Criminal Justice Dept., enforcement@sec.gov in Washington , etc, etc. it seems to be a waste of your time and moving on is the only solution. Even with the FTC suit you still haven’t gotten paid ans your not the only one that’s happened to , this is why I started to realize what’s the point of complaining or posting anymore? It could be thousands of complaints with a suit and what get’s done? The consumer still doesn’t get paid but the scam artist just moves on to another scam/fraud because “NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM” or they get 3 months in jail and we have to pay for that too. What’s the saying “Crime doesn’t pay” well it has been lately , instead of the rich getting richer it’s gonna be the criminals getting richer and the law abiding citizen getting poorer.

  • Delores Komst
    Delores Komst

    I ended up sending money to several organizations that claim to make great money

    Global Travel International Maitland Florida
    paid $495.00 for their progam and had to pay $99.00 per year for the travel id card. I received my first commission check for booking a flight and received a check in the amount of 92 cents. They take out an additional fee to send you a check. If you booked a flight once a week for the entire year you would never receive your $99. yearly fee back. I complained to the BBB and the company refused to return my money. This company now charges $129. Advertised in the Wall Street Journal.

    Diamond CLub of America Bayshore NY

    Paid $250.00 for a 1/4 carat diamond ring which is worth far less than that. Claims you can make money selling diamonds. Complained to the BBB with no results.

    John Stefanchik Organization Salt Lake City UT
    Claims to make big money in real estate. Paid $2995. for program which included a box of tapes and was charged $29.95 per month for 12 months for tapes to listen to. Requested money back thru the BBB and no response. Federal Trade Commission filed suit for company to stop advertising and ordered company to pay money back in 2007. I have not yet received my refund.

    Many of these companies take your money and then go out of business.

  • Paul Schlegel
    Paul Schlegel


    I hear your frustration. I go through it every day as I’m sure Joe & Steve do, too. I’ve personally helped (for free) quite a few people recover money over the past couple of years and you’re right, the scammers can mostly stay ahead, because there just isn’t the Official Manpower – FBI, FTC, local law enforcement – to make them a priority.

    It sounds like you’ve done a lot and you’re exhausted. You deserve a break.


  • Jon

    I tried to send it again and same thing does not go through, why doesn’t she just enter Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens name into websearch and see how many stories there are?
    Anyways I saw most investigations from complaints on this site and others have found that it’s an out of country company/scam artist running it and is out of most or all authorities jurisdictions that we are sending complaints to.
    No disrespect Steve & Joe ,Paul but it looks like she just wants to read stories about rebate processing at home so why do we have to repeat our stories when there are thousands of stories out there by just entering Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens names in websearch she can read? Besides no matter how many places we put our complaints of Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens/Angela Christianson/Maryanne Kennedy there is numerous DBA’s/websites that are ahead of scam/fraud reports still more people are getting scammed and not everybody watches ABC news. I used to be gung ho on trying to stop this scam but after sending hundreds of complaints/website reports to agencies/networks/and whoever scam/fraud emails still come in from this scam and numerous others , it just seems like they are better equipped to stay ahead of scam reports and authorities that we consumers are fighting a losing battle here. By sending complaints into BBB it just made it worse by recieving more scam/fraud company offers,website designer companies and other stuff coming since I’ve complained. I never recieved this kind of emails before signing up with careerbuilder.com and one of Angela Penbrooks emails it feels like a losing battle and the more I stop complaining and just move on the emails/phone calls have started to slow down, I even told BBB,FTC, Criminal Justice Dept. that I’m done complaining it’s going nowhere and it’s getting worse the more I complain. No wonder so many others have just moved on they were the smart ones probably didn’t recieve 90% of the scam/fraud emails/phone calls I did by complaining and who knows who they sent my information to now.

  • Paul Schlegel
    Paul Schlegel


    This is the real deal. I pointed them over to Joe and Steve because Joe & Steve have the best info on Rebate Processing.

    I can call them, too, if need be. This list has some dupes of the above, but some more as well:

    * 3 Steps to Home Processing
    * Angel Stevens
    * Angela Christianson
    * Angela Penbrook
    * Angela Penbrook
    * Anna Partridge
    * Automated Daily Profits
    Processing Profits
    Steve Sonneberg
    * Brenda Meyyers
    * Cindy Dalton
    * Internet Profit House
    * Input Vouchers at Home
    * John Jacobs
    * Make My Income At Home
    * Mary Nichols
    * My Rebate Processor
    * Paid Refunds
    * Penbrook Productions
    * Process Ads at Home
    * Process for Pay
    * Process from Home Direct
    * Process Rebate Center
    * Process Samples from Home
    * Process Vouchers at Home
    Kelly Armstrong
    * Rachel Williams
    * Rebate Processor Jobs
    * Rebate Processor Tools
    * Rebate Work
    * Sarah Johnson
    * Stephanie Edwards
    * Submit at Home
    Kelly Armstrong
    * Voucher Cash Secrets
    Kelly Armstrong
    * Wealth DCI

    There are a few others I’ve found that haven’t gone live yet.

    Paul Schlegel
    Founder, WorkatHomeTruth

  • Steve

    That’s odd that your message aren’t going through. I’ve talked to Ruth through that email address and I’ve spoken to her on the phone. I can guarantee you she’s not looking to collect your private information to sell to scammers.

    I sent her a message to see what’s going on with her email.

  • Jon

    I tried to contact Ruth too but it doesn’t go through either, so not sure if this is for real or just aan attempt to find out whose complaining and we get more scam/fraud/misleading emails.I have emailed this Rebate Process Scam/Fraud to all local news channels ABC, NBC, CBS, KTTV ,Etc. etc. and nobody responded before so this might be another way for scam/fraud companies to see whose complaining and sending their information to more unscrupulous websites/scam artists.

  • Rosanne

    I tried to contact the lady above, but it states it isn’t a valid email address!

    I was scammed a few times – but some gave me my money back!

    1.) Tried MANY MANY times to get my $ back from dataentrymadeeasy – pd. $39.95 in 1/08 and received NOTHING and I don’t know how to get my $ back – they never answer.

    2.) The other is ICash – they bad mouthed SMC, and they still owe me over $200 and I never receive a response:)

    3.) The third is Seller’s Lounge – don’t even know where they got my info. from and will not give me $2.95 plus $39.95 for selling on EBAY – which I won’t do – can do it for free with Ebay’s help!!!

    I don’t know where to turn anymore – doesn’t seem like anything is legit:(


  • Jon

    Did a resume with careerbuilder.com and was emailed by a wealthdci.com for a Job Offer to do rebate process from home and that if you sign up in the next few days you will only have to pay $197.00 and not $1500.00 that is actually charged for this program. After checking for any scam/fraud reports on wealthdci.com I couldn’t find any reports and there was no other ID/Names till after I signed up with Wealthdci.com and saw Angela Penbrook Productions ,which is when I did a websearch on Angela Penbrook Productions and saw hundreds of complaints that this is a scam.

    So at that point after tryying to make rebate process program work and couldn’t I started to ask for my 90 day money back guarantee before my 90 days was up, which I called customer care number first and no answer or put on hold for 25 minutes then disconnected. At that time I started to email Angela Penbrook that I wanted my refund back because rebate program doesn’t work and companies listed for product rebates haven’t heard of this program , it took 2 emails to get a response for my refund. On June 18,2008 they claimed that my refund was sent back to my credit card co. and to wait 5-7 business days for it to go thru, waited 8 business days and called credit card co. to no refund from Penbrook Productions. I tried to call again no answer again so I emailed Angela Penbrook/customer care again and again with promises that refund was sent and it’s in our database, according to my credit card co. no refund was sent again and again.

    I then informed my credit card co. of what was going on about my refund problem and they would keep an eye out on my account for refund and call me when it came in. Which it never did as my 90 day was coming up I complained again and was told a manager would call and they would do my refund again this time wait 3-5 business days and check with credit card co. because they are the ones not putting refund on my account , so I forwarded their email with that information to credit card co. and let them know what was going on again. Well 3-5 business days later same old story no refund and same old generic email from Penbrook Productions sorry for inconvience and we can assure you this is not a scam and a manager would call (which no manager ever called at anytime)and we’ll do another refund again.

    Next email had a printed document suppossedly from their database showing a refund attempt but no confirmation of it being done or business name,address, phone number showing where/who it belongs to, probably so no legal action can be related to Penbrook Productions but email shows where it came from. Finally I had to fill out a payment dispute form with mycredit card co. to try and get my refund back so they are investigating my refund problem with Penbrook Productions to try and help get my refund back because it is now past the 90 day date for a money back gaurantee. I sent emails to Angela Penbrook Productions stating to report them to FTC, FBI , BBB , Criminal Justice Dept, Enforcement @sec.gov and other Internet fraud agencies and recieved the same generic email saying sorry for inconvience and that credit card co. is not putting refund on my card, it’s in our database for a refund so wait 3-5 business days again. After 6 business days I emailed again no refund to credit card co. and they replied with we don’t have any of your information and need your information again, so I sent original email they sent me stating my refund went through and asked how can they not have my information after all these emails for months? Sorry it will take another 7-10 business days and again check with your credit card co., it’s them not us we show a refund already. When asked why it takes 7-10,5-7,3-5 business days to send refund response was it has to go through a standard refund process and management has to approve, so I asked even when it’s been months and I show the previous emails from months ago it still goes through a standard process or am I being scammed?

    Next email is this is not a scam we assure you and we do offer a 90 day money back guarantee? Which just made me furious and tell them off and show 2 month previous that I was trying to get my 90 day monay back guarantee back and nobody has called me or credit card co. to comfirm their refund procedure works, if it was there money and they were trying to get it back what would they think this is? Just same generic answer wait 5-7 business days more and on and on it goes, the runaround. After doing my own investigating on internet with BBB and other scam/fraud websites this is what I found:(ANGELA PENBROOK PRODUCTIONS/ANGEL STEVENS/ANGELA CHRISTIANSON/MARY KENNEDY ARE THE SAME PERSON)
    Make You Famous Consulting/Penbrook Productions
    19800 McArthur Blvd. Ste 300
    Irvine, CA 92612
    Penbrook Productions Process
    2510 E. Sunset Rd #5
    Las Vegas, NV 89120-3055
    P.O. BOX 35110
    Las Vegas, NV 89133-5110
    Angela Penbrook Rebate Process
    1437 Denver Ave. ste 225
    Loveland, CO 80538-5226
    (800)324-9708(866)885-8042 (866)885-8126 (800)785-8126
    Angela Penbrook Productions
    7345 N. Winchester Ave
    Chicago, IL (723)842-7198
    Success Team/Penbrook PRODUCTIONS pROCESS
    244 E. Tabernacle St. ste 200
    ST.George, UT 84770-2968
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    Los Angeles, CA 90069
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    San Marcos, TX 78666
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    Calabasas, CA 91302
    International Data Entry/Process at Home
    1240 Lincoln Wy. E
    Massillon , OH 44646
    Process at Home
    3874 Michael John Dr.
    Swansea, IL (618)235-6284
    Angela Penbrook Process
    203 Knodishall Dr.
    Warner Robins, GA (478)929-2227
    (866)876-5777 (800)699-4829 (800)381-7820 (213)514-5323
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    GO TO http://WWW.ASSOCIATEDCONTENT.COM/ARTICLE/423881 click on Paid Rebate Processing Jobs and scroll down to heros comments and Penbrook Employee comments you will see owners and unscrupulous procedures
    So far reported complaints to BBB, FTC, Criminal Justice Dept and other agencies but nothing has come of it.

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