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11 Great Stay at Home Mom Jobs to Try

Being a mom to a colicky newborn, a fussy infant, an adventurous toddler, or all of them can be a handful in itself. Throw in working a full-time or part-time job in the mix and it’s a formula for disaster. Instead, many moms gravitate towards stay-at-home mom jobs for extra income.

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The problem is stay-at-home moms can’t just take any work-from-home job because they have to work around their kids’ schedules and needs.

Today, I’ve compiled a list of the best jobs that allow stay-at-home moms to earn a living while caring for their children at home.

7 Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

1. Brand Ambassador

Stay at Home Mom Brand Ambassador

As a parent, you probably have a lot of products that you can recommend to other parents.

Now, you can make money from it.

If you’re the type of person who loves to recommend new products or trends to others, and maybe try those things out for yourself too, then this is simply a way to make money by doing what you were going to do anyway.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to baby products. For instance, you can recommend skincare products that fit a new parent’s regimen and won’t harm their precious babies.

Becoming a brand ambassador is a great stay-at-home mom job because it doesn’t bog you down with too many hours at work at a time or require a strict schedule.

Your mission as a brand ambassador is to spread the word about a brand through word-of-mouth marketing, as opposed to direct marketing.

Your main tools are your social media accounts, so it’s best to start building your followers as early as you can.

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2. Voice-Over Artist

If you have a good speaking voice, can act or otherwise manipulate your voice, and have a spare room or space that you can soundproof, being a voice actor may be an option for you.

People who produce games, advertisements, cartoons, videos, and movies are constantly on the lookout for talented voice actors.

You’ll need to invest in high-quality recording equipment, your studio, and your training and education, but once you get clients, you can earn around $250 to $300 an hour.

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3. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Tutoring is one of the most flexible options for anyone looking at stay-at-home mom jobs. You get to choose which subjects to teach, what time and which days you work, and your hourly rates.

There are so many types of tutoring that it’s easy to find a niche you’re good at. You can tutor students in certain school subjects, or become a music tutor, a language tutor, or an art tutor.

Then, you can schedule your tutoring sessions for when you know you’ll have time away from the little one. For instance, you can open up your schedule during play dates, nap times, or when they’re in daycare.

You can start by applying to an online tutoring company. Here are 10 companies currently hiring online tutors.

You can also go on your own. Online tools like Skype have made it easy to set up live online tutoring sessions. You can branch out by creating a website for yourself where you can sell pre-recorded courses.

4. Data Entry Specialist

A data entry specialist generally involves inputting data from various sources, which may or may not need to be edited, into a computer for processing, management, and organization.

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Data entry jobs have had a bad rap in recent years, but if you know where to get legitimate data entry jobs, you get a chance at a highly flexible job that requires little more than typing skills and attention to detail.

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5. Search Engine Evaluator

You might not have guessed it, but people actually get paid to search for things on Google!

A search engine evaluator’s job is to search for certain key terms and evaluate the search engine results for accuracy and quality. Companies like Lionbridge AI, Appen, and FlexJobs regularly hire search engine evaluators.

Search engine evaluators are also called internet assessors, web search evaluators, or internet judges, so search job boards for these phrases as well to get more openings.

This work is usually project-based so there will be times when you have lots of work and other times when you might not have any at all.

There are also usually tests and training to go through before being approved as a search engine evaluator.

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6. Online Proofreader

If your spelling, grammar, and syntax are on point, your attention to detail is strong, and you don’t mind reading for hours at a time, online proofreading may be a good fit for you.

Proofreading used to be the responsibility of the writer who created the content. However, as online content continues to grow in volume, online proofreaders become more in demand.

Online proofreading is also one of the most flexible stay-at-home mom jobs as you literally can do it whenever, wherever, as long as you meet the deadlines.

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7. Writer

If you have the skills and the talent, hundreds of writing jobs are available to you with one quick Google search.

The problem now isn’t so much the opportunities as finding the right writing job that fits your skills, schedule, circumstances, and salary expectations.

Think about what style of writing you’re best at: technical, legal, scientific, sales copy, casual, storytelling, etc. Then think about how much time you’ll realistically have to write per day so you know whether to take a full-time, part-time, or freelance job.

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# Stay-At-Home Mom Side Hustles

Maybe having a regular or semi-regular job doesn’t thrill you, or you don’t really need a stable income but would like to earn extra spending money for the household. Perhaps a gig that you can pick up and drop at any time sounds like a better option for you.

Here are some side gigs you can do as a stay-at-home parent.

8. In-home Daycare

There are many different types of parents; some are stay-at-home moms while others work out of the house and need someone to take care of their kid for a few hours.

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You’re already taking care of your own babies and doing a great job of it. So you’re likely to be well equipped to take on a few more little ones.

Not only will you get paid for a little extra work but it’s also great for your children, who’ll get to socialize with other kids.

You’re probably already part of a group or social circle of friends with kids of their own, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find daycare clients. You can charge them competitive rates and they’ll probably feel more assured by leaving their children with someone they already know and trust.

If not, you can always try your hand at advertising on your neighborhood Facebook groups or offline through pamphlets and flyers on your community board.

Just make sure to check the laws in your area for opening a daycare center in one’s home.

9. Sell Your Crafts Online

If you’re a creative person who wants to share that creativity with the world, then this is the right path for you.

The internet has made it ridiculously easy to set up your own business as a crafty person. Stores like Etsy and Amazon Handmade helps crafters easily connect to willing buyers who are on the lookout for handmade items.

But these are only two examples of the many options out there.

There’s no limit to what you can make or earn. From small handmade gifts to big artsy decor items, and even jewelry or clothes.

If you’re brave enough, you can even create your own online store to sell your crafts from. It’s pretty easy to create your own website these days and you need minimal knowledge about design and programming to get it done.

Website platforms like WordPress and Squarespace have made it really easy to get things set up.

Plus, if you’re looking for creative designs for marketing material like flyers, email headers, or social media posts then you can quickly and easily create beautiful designs yourself with Canva.

10. Direct Seller

This is a great opportunity to generate a lot of income if selling is your strength. Direct sellers sign up with a company to distribute their products to clients in their area.

You have to set up your own network of clients and you can’t change the pricing on the products, but working with a direct sales company with existing products that are already proven to work is an easier way to set up your own business; one that allows for flexible workloads and less stress.

There’s usually a monthly sales quota to meet and you’ll usually have to buy some or all of the products in advance to resell. It’s important to make sure that the company has a buy-back policy for the products you end up not selling.

Most companies will also allow you to earn bonuses through the earnings of other resellers you’ve recruited. However, you’ll need to do research to ensure that what you’re joining is a direct sales company and not a pyramid scheme or an MLM scam.

Every company’s policies and compensation plans will differ so you’ll have to carefully assess each. Companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Amway are big retailers that make use of direct sellers.

11. Rent Out Your Baby Gear

If you live in an area that’s a popular vacation destination then you can build up a nice nest egg by renting out your baby equipment.

Stuff like strollers, cribs, car seats, and changing stations all can fetch you some extra money.


This is mainly for those situated in the US, and you’ll have to set up an account on BabyQuip where you’ll outline the locations you can cover, the type of equipment you have to offer, and your rates.

Renting out your baby equipment is a great way to get your money back on all the expensive baby gear you bought, especially after your toddler has outgrown them.

Find the Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs Today!

It is entirely possible to juggle staying home to be the primary caregiver for your child or children and working from home.

The stay-at-home mom jobs and side hustles I outlined above are just to get you started. There are plenty of other opportunities out there!

If you’re hungry for more, check out our massive lists of work from home jobs and side hustles and see if one of them is a good fit for your interests, skills, and your kids’ schedules.

Are you currently looking for stay-at-home mom jobs? Does anything from our list interest you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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