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5 Ways to Find a Book Typing Job from Home

Book typing jobs from home are on the rise because traditional book authors want in on the e-book and audiobook industries.

Everyone in traditional publishing industries are evolving to make way for the future.

This has been happening for a while now…from magazines turning their entire archived portfolio online, to classic recipe books of our grandmothers now readily-accessible straight to your e-book.

There’s no other way to turn these old books into passive-income-generating e-books or audiobooks without typing them on a computer first to create a digital version of their masterpieces.

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Fortunately, there’s a group of experts dedicated to helping authors, publishing houses, and other publishers make their work available onto the world wide web.

What are Book Typing Jobs?

Book typing jobs from home is in the same category of home-based data entry and transcription gigs.

They all transfer words from one format into another:

  • Data entry turns hardcopy text to digital text or formula
  • Transcription makes audio into text
  • Medical billing turns hardcopy bills into digital version
  • Captioning turns real-time audio from TV, radio, podcast, and so on, into text
  • Book typing turns traditional books into digital version

If you’re after a home-based job that relies solely on your reading and typing skills, online book typing is the perfect opportunity for you.

You just don’t earn money typing old books exclusively, you can also type handwritten journals and manuals, printed texts, old manuscripts, personal documents like love letters, or speeches, and earn money by the page.

Book Typing Requirements

There are no formal educational requirements to land a job typing old books.

You also don’t need any kind of training to fulfill this job.

You just need superb comprehension skills, above-average typing speed, and a love for reading because you’ll definitely be reading plenty of material during your job.

Of course, you also need equipment including a PC or laptop and a comfortable working space.

Where can you find Book Typing Jobs?

Here’s the tricky part:

You just don’t search “book typing jobs from home” and get swamped with thousands of results.

Unlike other online typing jobs within this category, you’ll need some digging since online book typing isn’t actually a formal name for a job.

The good thing about how general these typing jobs are is that almost every legitimate data entry companies can accommodate these job requests.

Here are great examples:

  • A pharmaceutical company is looking to dispose its physical library. A leader decides to outsource the typing of its books, manuscripts, journals, and other text-based documents to third-party company. Of course, the best people to tackle this job are from a medical transcription company.
  • An motivational speaker may want to be inclusive to the deaf community and seek out a company or virtual assistant to transcribe all his/her speaking engagements, seminars, speeches, and other audio or video-based content into books.
  • A law firm wants their case files uploaded into the cloud. They scan all the documents, but felt the image versions were too limiting. Turning these documents into text form means lawyers and other employees can search through the case files using keywords – something an image-based document cannot do. Legal transcription companies handle these types of jobs.


The versatility of typing old books into modern formats encompass a lot of jobs.

Aside from these lists of transcription jobs and data entry jobs, here are 5 websites you should check out:

1. FlexJobs

This job board is a must for any work-from-home employee.

If you’re interested in online book typing jobs, bookmark this site and search for “typing” to see which opportunities are available.

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You do need to dig a little deeper, since it is rare to exact-match searches of “book typing work from home” jobs.

I recommend you also tick the “100% remote work” box on “Remote Work Level” filter, so FlexJobs gives you results with only telecommute-friendly jobs.


This US-based company provides various transcription services across several states.

They hire part-time and full-time transcription service providers from anywhere in the world.

While they don’t disclose payment terms, they do publish how much they charge clients (FYI, it’s $2.63/page for book typing), which will give you an idea of how much you can earn typing books online for this company.


This website has been around for years, and is home to almost every job request you can imagine.

As such, it wouldn’t be surprising to find book typing work here.

Do note that is a bidding jobs site, so competition for work is always high, especially for entry-level jobs like these.

While past clients can give you first dibs on future projects, landing your first job on can be frustrating.

Payment for book typing jobs will also depend on the client.

The project budget will be posted along job details, so proceed only with applying only if you’re OK with the fees.

4. is the better alternative of, especially if you’re looking for more control fee-wise.

This is because lets freelancers post the services they offer, including details and pricing, which will then be seen publicly by everyone. If a client wants to hire a certain freelancer, the order button is right there.

As you can see from the link above, book typing jobs vary between service provider.

It’s up to you to showcase a bit of your writing and marketing skills, so you can promote your data entry/transcription/book typing service.

5. Build Your Own ‘Book Typing’ Business from Scratch

Here’s the thing – book typing work from home jobs are hiding under plain sight.

We know businesses have been using some kind of book typing services for years.

How else were PDFs and image-scanned books and other paper documents became available as digital copies, right?

Unfortunately, if you do try and earn from book typing jobs online, you may experience two kinds of people:

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  • scammers who prey on people looking for data entry and typing jobs like these because they know the demand is there
  • lowballing clients who price these job requests so low as if typing old books didn’t require your time and effort

The quickest way to avoid book typing scams and these two types of people is to build your own business from scratch and offer this specific service to your clients.

Setting up a business website is easy – even newbies can build one in a day, thanks to ready-made templates that you can just switch up content.

As a business owner, you have control over everything from pricing your fees to promoting your services.

How Much Can You Earn from Book Typing?

The amount you earn from typing old books depends on several factors.

If you joined a company as a freelancer, you’d probably earn somewhere from $1 to $5 per page of book typed.

If you offer your typing services to sites like, then your rate depends on what you posted online.

This is also the case for people planning to build a business website for their book typing business. You’ll dictate the fees you’re willing to work for.

Payment terms vary as well. Jobs posted on and are paid after tasks are done, while transcription companies may pay you on a weekly or bimonthly basis.

If you’re interested in other opportunities like these that are easy on the brain, here’s a list of jobs that pay weekly.

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