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47 Different Jobs That Pay Weekly

Working from home continues to be an attractive option for many people, even more so if you can find jobs that pay weekly.

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The work environment is totally different from traditional jobs, but most work-from-home jobs still pay twice a month or monthly.

If you’re hunting for the jobs that pay every week, whether to catch up on bills or add to your grocery fund, I got you covered.

I compiled a list of jobs that pay weekly (some even pay daily) below. Check it out and see what jobs fit your skills perfectly.

47 Jobs that Pay Weekly

I’ve broken down this list into 8 different categories.

Jump directly to the section that catches your eye:

Each category has multiple companies that are currently hiring and pay out quickly.

Call Center Jobs

Customer service jobs may involve all calls, chat-only, or a mix of both. Some may even just require you to man a company’s email account. These are all home-based, work-from-home call center jobs.

  • A Better Call – B2B telemarketing. Pays a base rate of $20/hour, plus commissions. Applicants must have experience in the contact center industry.
  • Accolade Support – Customer service agents are paid from $7.25 to $9 hourly. Work hours are flexible – you can choose what time to work.
  • Apple @ Home – You should have knowledge about Apple products (Mac, iPhone, iPod, etc.) Pays $10 and $23 an hour. Must commit to a minimum of 20 hours of work. Learn more about other work-at-home opportunities from Apple here.
  • Blue Zebra – Appointment setters are paid $15 to $25 an hour.
  • Blooms Today – Assist people ordering flowers and get to earn from $15 to $24 an hour.
  • Brighten Communications– Appointment setters and lead generation experts can earn $12 an hour. You need to commit at least 20 hours weekly.
  • Call Center QA– Get hired as a telephone mystery shopper and earn $5 per call. Payment are sent weekly via PayPal.
  • Gametime – As a “Fan Happiness Associate,” you make sure that inquiries, concerns, and complaints about orders, ticketing and returns are completed. Pay is $15/hour plus benefits.
  • Infocision – Hires work-from-home sales representative to make calls on behalf of non-profit organizations. Pays weekly. 
  • LunarCow – Available only in the US. You are assigned to cold-call businesses and invite them to place ads within LunarCow’s guides.
  • NextWave – Hires outbound political call agents, Pays at least $10 an hour.
  • OnPoint@Home – Transcribe and make outbound calls on behalf of politicians. Pays weekly, but you must commit to at least 24 hours a week.
  • Pleio – Help patients remember to take their meds by calling them from home. You can earn anywhere between $8 and $20 per hour.
  • Westat – Work from home collection agents are paid $8.25 per hour. Get paid more if you’re bilingual.

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs won’t lead you to your first million, but if you’re not doing anything, might as well earn some cash on the side while passing time, right? I don’t recommend these data entry jobs as a full-time job, but they’re definitely one of the easier ways to make money online.

  • Amazon Mturk – This micro-task website lets users earn quick change for tasks that you can complete within minutes. Payment is done weekly via gift card or direct deposit.
  • Clickworker – Similar to Mturk, you can perform a bunch of small tasks like browsing the web, tagging photos, and so on. You can earn up to $9/hour, paid weekly.
  • Sig TrackUS citizens only, since you’ll be processing voter registrations and petitions. Must know how to work spreadsheets. Tricky payment scheme, but pays weekly via PayPal.
  • Lionbridge – Data entry specialists are paid $5 to $6 an hour. Payments sent by check only.

Tutoring Jobs

If you have a heart for teaching and want to get into what jobs pay weekly, check out these online tutor opportunities that send payment every week.

Tutor jobs range from teaching English to people from another country, or helping a student get through Algebra.

  • Cambly – As a tutor for Cambly, you get paid $0.17 per minute (that’s around $10/hour). You’ll be teaching English to people from around the world via video chat. No teaching experience necessary, but you have to be a Native English speaker. Receive payment via PayPal every Monday.
  • Chegg – Tutors here earn up to $20 an hour and they can work when they want. The company accepts 18 years old and up with some kind of teaching experience. Payments are sent every Thursday morning via PayPal.
  • NiceTalk – Teach English via an app. The company prefers experienced teachers, Payment is $10/hour paid weekly as long as you earn a minimum of $20 for the week.
  • Studypool – This website is quite different than other tutor sites, since you help students by bidding on their questions and giving the best answer. You’re paid via PayPal weekly.

Interested in more jobs like these? I’ve got a list of the best online tutoring jobs here.

Transcription Jobs

Transcription involves listening to audio files and transcribing the content into text format. You’ll have to be a good listener and have super typing skills to perform these kinds of jobs.

  • Allegis Transcription – Transcribe interviews for insurance companies. No experience needed, but you have to complete training before starting.
  • Babbletype– Transcribe content for market research. Earn around $10/hour.
  • Daily transcription – Accepts only Canada and US-based transcribers. Earn from $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute and get paid weekly via check.
  • Go Transcript – As a transcriber for Go Transcript, you can earn up to 60 cents per audio minute. Payments are sent weekly via PayPal. Get to work as little or as much as you want.
  • – This is a popular transcription site. Pays low (around $.40 – $.65 per audio minute), but work is available constantly. Receive payment every Monday through PayPal.
  • Scribie – One of the oldest companies here (launched in 2008). Pays $5 to $25 per audio hour. You can withdraw your “income” anytime since there is no minimum payout threshold.
  • Speechpad – Get hired to caption and translate content. You can earn from $0.25 to $1 per audio minute and get paid automatically to you PayPal account every Tuesday and Friday.
  • TranscribeMe – No experience necessary, but those with specialization like law or medicine can earn higher than the regular $20 per audio hour
  • QuickTate – Jobs here are unique because you get to transcribe voicemail messages or letters. It’s flexible with work hours – choose when to work since the company operates 24/7. Earn $0.25 cent per word for general transcription and $0.5 cent per word for technical transcription. Payment sent Mondays via PayPal. There’s no experience necessary, but you have to pass a $15 background check before you begin working for QuickTate.
  • WeLocalize – Transcribe song lyrics and get paid $4 per song. You just need the iOs app and iTunes to begin. Weekly payments sent via PayPal.

Of course, the faster you are in completing a task, the more tasks you can work on and the higher income you can “take home.”

Website Testing Jobs

As a website tester, you just visit websites and navigate as normally as you would any site. Click links, check out posts and find possible errors to report. You don’t need technical knowledge, since the target of these website testing is common folk like  you and me.

  • – Review websites and get paid $10 after 2 days. No experience necessary, but your internet connection must be excellent.
  • – Also pays $10 per test, but you need to pass a test before getting access for website testing jobs. Once accepted, you will be sent an email every time there’s an opportunity available for you. Pays $10 via PayPal 7 days after test completion.
  • Userfeel – Those with good ratings receive more tasks. Get paid $10/test every 7 days via PayPal.
  • TryMyUI tester – Each test gets you $10, sent every Friday via PayPal.

These jobs that pay every week are in demand, so bookmark these sites if you really want to cash in one website testing.

Writing Jobs

For those who have a knack for writing, I hand-picked what jobs pay weekly for you.

  • Boost Media – Those who have strong copywriting skills can make a killing writing Pay-Per-Click ads. You’re paid $15 to $20 per hour, with payments sent via PayPal every Tuesday.
  • Hire WritersAvailable for writers based in USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand, this company has a tier-based fee for writers. You can earn up to $20/article, plus bonus from clients if you impress them that much. Payment is sent every Friday.
  • iWriter– The problem with iWriter is that everyone starts with very low rates. However, if you work hard to go up the ranks, you can earn as much as $40/500-word article. The company also pays weekly through PayPal.
  • Online Writing Jobs – Payments are sent every Friday via PayPal or check. Writers earn somewhere between $15 and $40 per article.
  • Textbroker – This one also works on a tier system and only accepts writers from Native English speaking countries, but they’re one of the highest paying sites. top-tier writers can earn up to 5c per word and paid weekly via PayPal, direct deposit, check or other methods.
  • Verblio – Formerly known as BlogMutt, this company hires writers and pays via PayPal every Monday (as long as you sent invoice for all your submitted work). Tier-based rates, so the higher level writers get to earn more.

Translation Jobs

  • Unbabel – Hires translators from around the world. Double-checks work of robots. Pays via PayPal or Payoneer weekly.
  • – Founded in 2011, workers here are paid to translate social media posts, blog articles, support tickets, and more. Users report downtimes with work, but you can “withdraw” your earnings via PayPal whenever you like.

Earn from Mobile Apps

There are jobs that pay weekly which you can do straight from your phone. You don’t need much experience or specialization – you just need a bit of time to commit and to download the necessary apps:

  • Field agent – Tasks are easy, but they’re not work-from-home. You have to get out as a “field agent” and complete tasks like taking photos of grocery items for $3 to $12 per task. Get paid via Dwolla or PayPal weekly.
  • Gigwalk – Similar to Field Agent, which means you can get to earn $3 to $100 completing simple tasks around your area. It’s available as Android and iOs app. Payment is available via PayPal.

The Bottom Line

If you’re new to the work-from-home space, I recommend you try these jobs that pay every week so you can dip your fingers into each industry and see where you want to focus on.

Of course, you can also just sell things to make money online, or look for full-time jobs that you can perform in the comforts of your own home.

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