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  • Ron

    Being deaf and hard of hearing makes things difficult. I haven’t use sign language at all. But what’s going on now is scary. Is there’s something I over looked? I would need something that brings home a good paycheck. Thanks


    Hi Dave,
    I have a physical disability that makes it hard to get around. I walk very slow with a cane. This has led me to not be able to work in my field and to go on disability. I was an on the road Sales Person and Factory Rep. for industrial groundskeeping equipment. With many related duties and skill sets. From Sales, to training and product knowledge and operational demonstrations. Also field troubleshooting and product development/improvement working with high end techs in the field and being a liaison between them and my companies R and D dept.
    I was a valuable asset in the field, my truck and trailer were often my traveling office.
    How would I matriculate this into a part time work from home career.
    I am 61 and collecting SSDI.

  • DeAnna

    What opportunities are available for an adult with developmental delay? I’m trying to find a place in the world for my high functioning but delayed daughter.Services are unavailable with 5 year or more waiting lists due to budget cuts. What do I do with her now? Yes, she volunteers already.
    Honestly, I feel lost!

  • Gary N Tipton
    Gary N Tipton

    Hello is there a Work from Home for me as a Hard Of Hearing? Im from Texas

  • Paul

    If you want to find a job working from home there are lots of them but it depends on your skills and experience.
    It is worth looking at a site like The Resourcing Hub, or We Work Remotely as they advertise legitimate work from home jobs every day and you may end up finding one that just fits your needs eventually.

  • Paula

    I am disabled. Can’t work at a job due to degenerative arthritis on my spine and is getting worse. Is there a work from home job that I can do that does not require any up front fees or being on the phone? My husband is the only one working right now. I have no experience.

  • Ms. Catherine Vasquez Ortiz
    Ms. Catherine Vasquez Ortiz

    I’m disabled with the degenerate disease called fredrichs ataxia I am looking for a job but I am home bound also due to my disability I have a speech impairment is there any hope for someone like me

  • Rahul Roy
    Rahul Roy

    Hey. You are doing a great job. You are enlightening thousands of disabled people by sharing these kind of stuffs. It will not only inspire them but this is a sure shot method to earn for themselves. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Appreciated

  • anamika power
    anamika power

    Hi, you not only providing great information but also helping lot of unemployed disabled people out there. Keep up the nice work!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks Anamika! Glad to help :)

  • Dave

    Hey there Steve,

    I was intrigued to get some good money making opportunities for a few friends of mine who are visually disabled after they told me how hard it is for them to survive.

    I will show them this post. I know they are going to love it, especially the home based opportunities section. On behalf of them, I say a big thank you.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Sure thing Dave! Thanks for spreading the word!

  • Ruth

    This is a very informative article on ways to earn a decent amount of income. I am one of those who have some limitations in the workforce. It has really made a steady income hard to accomplish. Your article has helped me gather some new ideas to resolve my financial dilemmas. Thanks you for providing many ways to approach these work limiting challenges and become financially stable.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      You’re very welcome Ruth! Wishing you all the best.

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