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Scam-X is Garbage.


Ever notice that when you happen upon a scammy presell page, there is always a nice little collection of logo and badges certifying that the website you’re on is absolutely, entirely not a scam? I have recently and it is stupid sales gimmicks like these that sucker people into throwing away money.

Scam-X can kiss my ass.

Scam-X boasts that any website displaying the ‘Scam-x seal of approval’ is certifiably not a scam. Yet, the seal is found on known-scam websites such as workathomeemailprocessors.com which makes claims that you can make thousands of dollars per day reading emails. A quick search for reviews yields plenty of user-generated reviews claiming of losing money to a sales-page that outright lied to them. How can this be? Did they not see the Scam-X seal of approval?

Marketing gimmicks like these are often created by the owners of illegitimate companies to hide the fact that their own website or product is a load of crap. It takes years and a lot of positive reviews to build a good reputation online. This amount of effort and work can’t be replaced by a simple button that could be made by anyone in about three minutes flat.

What about the Better Business Bureau?

Surely if a website has the BBB logo and a link back to the website, they are a legitimate worth-while online business, right?


The Better Business Bureau is actually a great way to determine whether or not a website is a scam. HOWEVER, a picture of the BBB logo appears on a website DOES NOT mean that particular website is endorsed by the BBB. Hell, anyone can put up a picture of the BBB logo and link to their website. If you come across a BBB logo and there is no link to the business’s profile, it is probably a scam.

Always, always, always do your research when it comes to online products and programs. Don’t trust simple buttons or logos.

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  1. illicit Gains says:

    The BBB is a scam itself. Like most scams it started out legit, then became corrupt due to the fact that people are involved. $1000 will change an F rating to “A+ Accredited” in seconds.

  2. The BBB does not “endorse” any business. A business can be listed, and if they jump through a few more hoops, it can be accredited. If you look around their ‘help’ stuff, you’ll read where the BBB specifically states that they do not endorse any business.

  3. So how do you use BBB to judge if something’s for real?

    If Scam-X is used by fraudsters, why hasn’t it been shut down itself?

  4. I hadn’t heard of scam-x.com before and immediately thought it was junk when you see all the Google ads for similar work at home services. Goog Post

  5. Reply
  6. could you send me the names (or seals) of companies that i can trust

  7. Have you ever done any research into igomogul.com?


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