Six Figure Yearly Review

“I Made $76,875.71 in 26 Days!”

Okay, I’ll admit it. That’s a pretty good way to catch a reader’s attention. Unfortunately, if you do the math, that works out to a little less than a million dollars per year. Do you honestly think this program will turn you into a millionaire with only a $60 investment? Maybe you need to keep reading.

Also, what’s with the name Six Figure Yearly? Could they really not afford the s?

The Claims

Six Figure Yearly makes the following claims:

  • Step-by-step instructions to turn your computer into a money making machine.
  • You can make $3,500 per day working only two hours.
  • You will automate your online income so money pours into your bank account.
  • There is no selling, surveys, or envelope stuffing.

They are entirely vague at answering what you will be doing to make a million dollars per year. Imagine walking into an interview with a potential employer. You sit down and he tells you he will make you a million dollars this year. You ask, “Okay, what will I be doing?” His response, “You’ll be making money of course!” You, “How?” Him, “IT DOESN’T MATTER DOES IT? IT’S A MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS.” You, “Uhh. I just remember I have somewhere to be.” Him, “GET BACK HERE AND GIVE ME $60 NOW SO I CAN GIVE YOU $1,000,000 LATER.

I can’t imagine that would ever actually occur, but that is what is happening when you read Six Figure Yearly’s website. The owner mentions over and over how much money he/she/it is making, but never spends any time discussing how that money is earned! In fact, there are only a few sentences that begin to describe what’s going on. Here they are: “Here’s what I do every day. I sit down at our computer. I check our emails. I return our emails. I check our income accounts online. I do two to four simple transactions. I turn off our computer. I have a nice day. This takes me about two hours a day or less!”

I read emails and check my bank account every day too! How come I’m not making a million dollars yet!?

The Truth

Six Figure Yearly works along the same lines as a rebate processor or data entry scam and we all know how reliable data entry and rebate processing jobs are. The scam here isn’t so much that the system doesn’t work. The scam is that they are blatantly lying to you in order to make a sale.

If you read through the presell page, they make the claim that all they do is fill in boxes and process transactions and money is literally thrown at their feet. If it is that simple, why isn’t every single person in the world doing this? We wouldn’t have any problems with our economy and foreclosures would be a thing of the past. Now, we all know that’s an impossible scenario.

Instead, you’ll be given instructions on how to promote Clickbank products via Google Adwords. Yes, that Clickbank and that Google Adwords. What they don’t tell you on the presell page is that this is going to cost you a lot of money. Way more than just the initial $69.97 price, even though the website says this exact phrase: “YOU WILL NOT SPEND ONE DIME OF ADDITIONAL INITIAL OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE to get started if you buy the platinum program.” (Tangent: Why the hell couldn’t they just charge $70?)

Essentially, you’ll be buying ad space on Google’s search engine results. For instance, do a search with Google. Search for anything at all. On the search results page, you’ll see sponsored ads along the top and the right hand side of the page. You will be buying ad space there in order to place affiliate links to products. Every time someone clicks on an ad there, the advertiser (you) gets charged, regardless of whether or not that user makes a purchase. Let me make this clear, you’ll be paying anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00 every time someone clicks on your ad. These clicks will happen often, and you will have to pay for each one.

The only way you’ll make money is if someone clicks the ad then makes a purchase through your affiliate link. At one point in time, this was a rather good way to make extra money. However, now the market is over saturated and you probably won’t make back your investment and you’ll fall deeper into debt. So, that leaves you with this question. Will you make over $1,000,000 per year? Absolutely not. No way. Never will you make that much money.

Save your money. Invest it in ING and actually make a decent return. Either way, don’t give it to the guys behind Six Figure Yearly.

Miscellaneous Ways to Make Money Online

Now tracking 8 miscellaneous ways to make money.

Miscellaneous Get Paid to Information

These job sites didn’t really fit into any other category and there weren’t enough of them to be categorized into their own posts. So, sift through them and see if there’s anything that might interest you.

8 Ways to Get Paid

  1. ChaCha – is hiring guides to answer incoming questions. You log in online and research answers for ChaCha users. Work whenever you want.
  2. KGBKGB – similar program to ChaCha, but you have to schedule hours to work. I recommend joining both.
  3. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Program – Complete short tasks and get paid. Pay is generally pretty low however.
  4. CloudCrowd – Similar to mTurk, but you need to login and do work through a Facebook account.
  5. Shoppers Confidential – Currently seeking new mystery shoppers to evaluate stores and restaurants.
  6. – Provide homework and schoolwork help online to families.
  7. SmartThinking – Hiring online writing tutors. Experience/degree preferred.
  8. TutorABC – Seeking online English tutors for non-native speakers. Experience/degree required.

I’ve Tried That Investigates: The Online Business

I started out looking for a J-O-B, and then I found this website. Now, I earn six-figures every year working from home. Oh yes, dear reader, you too can be earning over $100,000 from your home. It’s absolutely true. Wait, what’s that? You want to know what you’ll be doing to make money? Well, you’ll be earning money of course! Not satisfied with my answer? BUT YOU’LL BE MAKING SIX FIGURES FROM HOME. GIVE ME YOUR MONEYYYYYYYYY.

The above is an actual rendition of a conversation you’d have if you were able to contact the people behind The Online Business.

The Claims

Nothing new. For just $50, you’ll make tons of money sitting on your ass. You will collect thousands of checks working for yourself. That’s right. You send them money, they send you an “information kit” and you dance in the money that is literally pouring through your front door.

I couldn’t really find any information on what you would be doing. There was some mention how the business had over a billion dollar in sales back in 2005. Obviously, you’ll have to sell something but they never come outright and tell you that. I already know what you’ll be selling and if you read some of our previous reviews, you should know by now what it is as well.

The Truth

Surprise! Another Herbalife scam.

Click here to learn more about online scams and how to protect yourself.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Herbalife is a scam. The scam is that the guys behind, and Online Business Systems are deliberately hiding the word Herbalife from you. Not only that, they charge you $50 just to tell you about the company! That’s it! You’ll receive a packet stuffed full of fake testimonials on how great it is to work with Herbalife.

This review is short, but I’m sick of talking about Herbalife. Read our Partner with Paul and Crazy Fox reviews if you want more information.

Don’t visit their website.

Don’t give them your email.

Don’t send them your money.