Amazon has their Black Friday deals starting today! You can spend your Black Friday frustrated because of rowdy crowds and lack of parking spaces or you can start shopping today online from the comfort of your own home and still receive amazing deals.

A reader writes in to complain about people selling prepaid legal services taking over her bar without buying and without tipping. In my book, people who harm someone’s legitimate job (like tending bar) by trying to boost your own job of questionable legitimacy (like hocking an MLM) are jerks.

Six Figure Yearly works along the same lines as a rebate processor or data entry scam and we all know how reliable data entry and rebate processing jobs are. The scam here isn’t so much that the system doesn’t work. The scam is that they are blatantly lying to you in order to make a sale.

I have seen numerous reports popping up around the web lately on this company called Swiss Espe. They apparently want to setup stores and need you to do all the work and purchasing for them. Why can’t they do it themselves? Who knows.

I’m sure most of you agree that the title is pretty unusual. If you have a credit card, you’re probably losing money due to interest fees. If you have a bank account, the interest generated in your savings is hardly enough to make any money. Well, if you’re smart and signed up for the right […]