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Miscellaneous Ways to Make Money Online

Now tracking 8 miscellaneous ways to make money.

Join These for Some Quick Wins
  1. Inbox Dollars - Get paid to check your email. $5 bonus just for signing up!
  2. Survey Junkie - The #1 survey site that doesn't suck. Short surveys, high payouts, simply the best.
  3. Nielsen - Download their app and get paid $50!

Miscellaneous Get Paid to Information

These job sites didn’t really fit into any other category and there weren’t enough of them to be categorized into their own posts. So, sift through them and see if there’s anything that might interest you.

8 Ways to Get Paid

  1. ChaCha – is hiring guides to answer incoming questions. You log in online and research answers for ChaCha users. Work whenever you want.
  2. KGBKGB – similar program to ChaCha, but you have to schedule hours to work. I recommend joining both.
  3. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Program – Complete short tasks and get paid. Pay is generally pretty low however.
  4. CloudCrowd – Similar to mTurk, but you need to login and do work through a Facebook account.
  5. Shoppers Confidential – Currently seeking new mystery shoppers to evaluate stores and restaurants.
  6. – Provide homework and schoolwork help online to families.
  7. SmartThinking – Hiring online writing tutors. Experience/degree preferred.
  8. TutorABC – Seeking online English tutors for non-native speakers. Experience/degree required.

10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ways to Make Money Online”

  1. I have been a Cash Crate Member Since 2008 and It’s not a scam,The reason you guys don’t make money from it is because You think you are supposed to give away your REAL info. You are supposed to use an Alternate phone number and use disposable email addresses when doing the free surveys. NEVER do OFFERS where you have to pay or use your credit card. Also use a program like Roboform and ALT + function to fill out survey forms with yes and no questions quickly. Also make sure you clear your cookies after every offer or survey is finished to get credited. The best way is to get referrals but yes It did take me a long time to get where I am today.

  2. I’ve had a lot of luck with MTurk, but you definitely have to be smart about it. Every transcription job I’ve ever done has been accepted and paid up according to the terms, every survey has paid. It’s so, so important to be smart and use common sense when checking the listings. Treat Mturk like Craiglist. Do they offer too much for something anyone can do? Definitely a scam. Do they want contact and/or bank information? Scam. Do they want you to test links? …could be scammy and put your computer at risk.
    Basically, check out client reputations on message boards, and skip over anything you’re really unsure about. It’s worth dropping a few dollars and avoiding a bigger consequence.

  3. I know that whole CashCrate discussion is a little old, but I thought I’d say something about it. You don’t necessarily have to sign up with those sponsors. Technically, all they want you to do is stay on those sites for 20 to 30 seconds. You don’t have to put in any of your info on the sponsor pages.

  4. I love the swagbuck, I just got on with the KGBKGB, i’ll be getting info re training in a few days. Mturk is not recommended, some of the higher paying tasks per HIT, the authors will find a way to say “unsatisfactory work” . even though the work is good.

  5. I hate Discover EXCEPT that you do get cash back on purchases and points worth more than cash, so I use the card and pay it off immediately (not at the end of the month). I also use ING Direct and LOVE them. Even through our huge recession, I’ve made a better interest rate on a regular savings account than every other bank, local or national that I’ve shopped. Simple, no hassle, no ruffles–just money on your money.

  6. As with ANYTHING you do on the internet you need to be smart and do your research. I’m a member of CashCrate and average about $20 a month. Not much but I only do the trial offers. Yes you need to keep track of when to cancel but nothing a responsible adult can’t handle I’m sure. Always skim the terms and conditions; I use the “find” feature to find keywords such as “charge” and “fee” to see if there are hidden fees that aren’t stated on the website. Trial offers are also less time-consuming. Each offer takes about 5 minutes to complete (find your auto-fill form on your computer to save even more time; it automatically fills in your information) and the lowest payout is $7 per offer. Not bad.

  7. I checked out Cashcrate, it seemed to be a total SCAM. The so called “surveys” just wanted my contact information, not my opinion. Then in order to complete the “survey” I would have to sign up for some offers which would of course end up costing me money.

    Why doesn’t I’vetriedThat give a little more info about their actual experience ‘trying’ it out????

  8. Cashcrate isn’t a total scam but it’s a waste of time. I was doing a suvey (about a million pages long) that promised me a $200 visa gift card if I filled everything out and signed up with sponsors on their different levels. After doing EVERYTHING I was supposed to do. All I ended up with was a $78 charge from Ivory Teeth whitening and an $89 charge from some book company. After I got the items I contacted the companies and was able to return the stuff for a full refund, but it was a huge hassle and waste of my time. I think I have $3 in my cashcrate account. To make any money on that site you have to sign up for free trials you’ll forget to cancel!!

  9. Hi guys,

    I did try Cashcrate. I did around 50.00 in surveys and received, you guess it 9.00. Not sure what I did wrong, gave a lot of my personal information away, but did not get anything but the 9.00 in return. Am I doing something wrong? I went through several pages for each one but would not pay for anything.


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