You won’t hear me say this often, but I was wrong. Quite a long time ago, I did a bit of an unfair review of Project Payday. I judged the book by it’s cover and warned people to stay away without looking in depth at the program. I’ve since been called a number of names for doing so and would like to right my wrongs.

No, I won’t be trying it myself. I’m biased. I didn’t like the program when I first took a look at it and that will undoubtedly affect my judgment and my review. Instead, we’ll be sending in our secret agent Cheryl from Cliopatra’s Writings to do a proper review of Project Payday.

I’ll spare you guys of my feelings on Project Payday and we’ll wait for the full write-up and opinion as dictated by Cheryl. If we deem the program a success, we’ll offer a complete and thorough walkthrough on how money was made and how you can repeat our steps and come out on top. I’m not getting my hopes up just yet and you shouldn’t either. Stay tuned and please stop calling me a jerk for not doing it right the first time.


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  • Linda

    What are better ways to work at and make money than Project Payday. If is is get rich quick it doesn’t happen. You have to work at something to get it going and them make some money. Let me know what is good out there, and if they help you make money or keep out one secret that will stop you from going further so you can make some money.

  • mosoi148

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for at least giving it a chance. I am sure you remember our conversations via email…($8k with PPD). I have stopped using it myself. It works, but it can be a pain as I said before.

    I think in this economy though….it might just help some people out here and there. People just need to remember that it takes work, and there is more money to be made when other people start going “green” for you.

    I don’t blame you for being biased either, I was too. Took me months before I even decided to try it out. It helped me pay rent and a lot of bills in ’08….but there are better things out there

  • Carol

    Way to go!! You are a fair-minded person. As I stated before, “Never say never”!! :0)

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