This post is only indirectly about Niche Blitzkrieg.

It is more directly about the tactics that marketers use to capture your interest and sell things to you. One of the first shady practices we attacked here when we launched this blog was the dishonest sales page. You know the kind: you click on a job link or a work-from-home link and land on a loooong page that tries to sell you something. We called out those pages as misleading for hyping their offers as “jobs” when they are anything but.

But sales page dishonesty does not stop there. I’ve learned after three years of swimming in these waters that unscrupulous marketers will say absolutely anything to make a sale. No lie is too far fetched, no earnings snapshot is too shamelessly photoshopped. People sometimes ask in emails to us or in the comments, “Don’t they care that the economy is bad and that we’re struggling to make ends meet?”

No, they don’t. Of course not. All they care about is separating you from your $197 (in the case of a recent “auction processing” offer).

That’s why Niche Blitzkrieg is so refreshing. It is one of our recommended programs for several good reasons, and one of the top reasons is its honesty.

We have gotten to know the creator, Michael Brown, quite well over the months. He recently wrote to let us know about the exciting new and improved Niche Blitzkrieg that is about to launch. It is clear that the Niche Blitzkrieg people are going to great lengths to make sure their sales page is 100% honest. Unheard of lengths, in fact. Here’s what Michael says:

I am having a top notch copywriter work on the sales page and it’s been challenging having someone not over hype us and convey our message at the same time.

We’ve taken several steps to make sure that we are not only 100% compliant on this but we are also 100% honest and upfront with people on our sales page, the order page, and immediately inside the course. For a member to cancel their trial it literally takes about 30 seconds.

I’ll tell you more about the NB updates and 7-day trial in another post. My point in this one is just to emphasize how rare Brown’s approach is. He’s not just trying to stay in the ballpark…he’s working hard to be absolutely honest with the claims he makes. And not only on the sales page, but also on the sign-up form and inside the course itself.

Believe me, that’s a rare thing in the world of online marketing. When you find someone who works that hard to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you should take a very close look at what they have to offer.

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  • bb

    when, please, will niche blitz krieg be updated?? is it updated now? please let me know. thank you. bb.

    • Joe

      BB, yes: it’s ready to go now and you can try it out for just $4.95. Click here to check it out.

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