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  • Terri

    I for one use the toothpaste and my teeth have not been whiter than they are now. I previously tried strips, OTC paste, and gel/trays sold by my dentist and the results were poor.

    As far as, the people at the top making more than those below them. That’s with any business, it’s not exclusive to NuSkin or any other MLM. I used to be a VP at a very well known, solid bank. I traveled and worked very long hard hours. Yes, I made good money but those above me all the way to the top made out like a Bandit!!

  • Patty

    I have seen several people on FB who sell Nu Skin and they seem to be successful, taking a trip to Africa as a reward for their sales! I have personally tried the AP 24 toothpaste with not very much success.

  • Serena Bramble
    Serena Bramble

    Hi, twice in the last two weeks I’ve seen people on Facebook hawking a super mysterious, magical toothpaste that’s supposedly going to whiten your teeth after just a few uses. I’m fairly certain it’s Nu Skin’s new AP24 toothpaste after researching natural toothpastes that are sold directly only (there aren’t a lot). It looked super weird that when you ask what the brand is they’ll only tell you via private message, and when I tried to voice my concerns that this was a pyramid scheme, I got blocked by this person, which only raised higher red flags.

    Thanks so much for a well-researched and documented page, it’s made me more confident that my suspicious were correct.

  • Jojo

    So far I have not read any reviews about MLM programs that are worth promoting.
    These kind of programs seem to good for those at the top of the line (owners for example) but not for the others.
    A simpler, more direct way of earning commissions seem to be far more effective for most people. Affiliate Marketing for example or an running an online store. There are plenty of opportunities these days.
    Thanks for a good review.

  • Pierre Alex
    Pierre Alex

    As far as I can remember my parents have spent years trying to build an income with over 20 MLM-companies and they never succeeded.

    The most blatant mistakes they’ve ever made was with a money chain company names skybiz. I think it’s off the map now.

    Too bad this website wasn’t online back then. Anyway, I gotta be thankful to my parents to for showing me by example what I should trust and what I should not.

  • Jack

    It’s good to know what’s positive and what isn’t about this company, but in my opinion anything that’s run like an MLM is can only be a scam. It inevitably happens – the guys at the top make lots and lots of money, and the guys at the bottom are running around trying to sell worthless products to their friends and family and making no money. I think MLMs are best left alone.

  • Angela

    What a great review, I have heard of Nu Skin through advertising but did not realise it was only sold online and a MLM company. Good to know all the pros and cons and the history behind it, also saves me time by not having to search for this information before deciding if I want to buy.

  • Mike Jay
    Mike Jay


    Once again, you rocked on a review. I enjoy your reviews because they are full of facts, relevant images, and links to give the reader plenty of ammo to pull the trigger on a decision.

    Great research and clearly presented. I appreciate all your hard work.

    Mike Jay

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thank you Mike! I appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment. 

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