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  • OptiJ

    What about live streaming?

  • Michael

    Hello everyone! I would not agree that game testing is not profitable or you rarely play games that you would enjoy. In fact it can be really profitable if a) You manage to build reputation and trust and be professional game tester. Or b) you need to find a grate company that will grant you solid amount of money. Both have pros and cons, and if you thinking if you should go and try building from nothing or just getting instant access to games and their tests. For 1 you going to spend a lot of time and you need to be 18 yrs old, and for other you would have to invest about 20$(which is not a lot compered to that, that it might be your main money source and be your dream job) I putted few sites that left me best experience and i hope it will leave you to. Peace out future game testers and i wish you all good luck ;)

  • StarFighters76

    When it comes to creating game guides and walkthroughs, I wish a lot of places would be equally okay with paying people who make mapthroughs as well. I’m a game mapper, and have been for nearly 16 years (2,400 maps created under my belt) and well, no one wants to budge on paying me to use/host them. Sad, we game mappers are a small group within the game guide writer community, and we’re usually looked past.

  • BoundAndTied

    Guys….Youtube monetization… The like of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye for example. They make LOADS each month just from ad revenue! If you have a passion for playing games, record yourself playing them, but make sure the video quality is good, too!

  • Hamideh

    I really would like to know if some one is really good in video games and loves to spend hours playing the game. The skill he gains playing the games can make him decent earings also.



    • Daniel

      Hello! I would definitely consider myself an elite gamer. All I’ve ever wanted is to be able to make money and not feel like I’m wasting my time with what I love.

    • Joey

      Id consider myself an extremely talented gamer never been one to give up on any games i wasnt talented in, i usually play on consoles what i’ve been great at is sports games an rpg or story based games but also always lkve trying new genres or anything really

    • Mitch Kozloski
      Mitch Kozloski

      Hi! Not sure if you are still looking but video games are a huge passion of mine, and I consider myself to be fairly decent at a few of them. It would be great if there was any way I could possibly generate some, if any, income towards this passion of mine!

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