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Taking an Inside Look at One Week Marketing


What is One Week Marketing?

One Week Marketing is a system that will teach you how to successfully leverage article marketing to pull in affiliate commissions rather quickly. It was created by Wealthy Affiliate user PotPieGirl and it is the exact method that she used to go from nothing to breaking $100,000 per year in just three years time.

PotPieGirl is one of the most helpful members on the Wealthy Affiliate forum. She routinely gives advice to beginners and offers plenty of guidance for those looking to get started. She’s compiled her advice and has expanded on it to give us the One Week Marketing system. PotPieGirl writes, “Every element of One Week Marketing is broken down into daily items that last . . . yes, you guessed it, a total of one week. :) With my system, there’s no worrying about becoming overwhelmed. Just pull up that day’s action plan and follow the simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to making money.”

So, will One Week Marketing live up to the hype? Our lovely secret agent Cheryl will be putting it to the test. Cheryl has worked for us before on A Deeper Look Inside Project Payday and agreed to take a proper look inside the One Week Marketing program. She will be fully testing the program and methods taught and will report her findings here on this blog. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, be sure to click here and read more about the One Week Marketing system. You can read the first 18 pages for free, but the good stuff is going to cost you. If you have any experience with the program of PotPieGirl please share it within the comments.

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  1. One Week Marketing does work. I’ve seen a lot of newbies report that they made their first sale using the methods and some even follow it exclusively. There’s no beating that.

    Its one of the few products out there that I would recommend with a clear conscience.

  2. Ordered OWM and started reading thru the materials last night. I am definitely gonna work it and see how it plays out. Have already learned some things from the first night of reading. Will put an update post later on.

  3. Thanks Steve, I am learning about ClickBank now.

  4. Clickbank operates very much like Paypal, but they deal strictly with digital products. The refunds they guarantee comes out of the sellers pocket, not their own.

  5. Steve, if that was in response to my comment, I’m still a little confused.

    Because ClickBank/Keynetics handles the payments, does that mean they are guaranteeing the refund as well?

    Is that how they do things for the other products they handle payments for?

    Why would they guarantee a refund for a product that they “don’t sponsor or approve” (using the language on the sales page)?

  6. ClickBank/Keynetics handles all of the payments for One Week Marketing. Clickbank handles payments for thousands of products. It’s one of the most popular companies for digital products and affiliates. I deal with them regularly.

  7. I looked over the One Week Marketing sales page and earnings disclaimer…I found a discrepancy that doesn’t scream SCAM but just makes me a little cautious. On the bottom of the sales page, we are told that Keynetics (holder of the trademark ClickBank) is not affiliated with One Week Marketing. But in the money-back guarantee paragraph in the earnings disclaimer, the refund policy says:

    ClickBank and OneWeekMarketing.com offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

    I submitted a ticket to PotPieGirl to get more info, I’ll let you know what I hear back.


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