Most people despise spam and immediately delete it. Very few would actually make a post about it. I am one of those few people.

Last week, I wrote that I was going to create a few fake resumes and post them around various job boards to attract a few scam emails. About a week had passed and I still didn’t receive a single fake job offer. I was starting to lose hope that one would never come in.

Finally, at 2:30 this morning, a fake job offer came in to my single stay-at-home mother offering her a job as a “Check Processing Manager.” The salary ranges from $100 to $500 per day. Over $100k salary for doing next to nothing, not bad, right? Here’s the job posting.

FROM: HR Department
SUBJECT: Executive Manager position for Jane Dosequis

Dear Jane,

Our firm – “Success Payment” is processing with substandard banking services within the world for more than 10 years. Now it is expanding its presence and a package of services in the United States. One of our new turns is transferring of money with the US check for non U.S. citizens. Therefore we need new employees for the job of “Check Processing Manager”.

Duties include:

  • Obtaining a check on USPS
  • Check cashing
  • Money transferring to the client the mean they choose
  • Reporting in the specific form for each check

Requirements , Demands , Claims:

  • Real US address
  • 1-2 hours of free time daily
  • Positive credit history

Benefits :

  • High income. From 100 $ up to 500 $ daily
  • Guaranteed payment of min. 3 000 $
  • Several working hours
  • Our firm pays all the taxes on workers’ done transactions.

In order to admit this motion, please, register at our webpage and follow the instructions.
Best wishes.
Success Payment Inc.

I’m a bit disappointed because this is one of the laziest attempts I’ve seen to scam someone. It is just the fake check scam we’re seeing constantly. Hopefully the next email will be a bit more interesting.

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  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown

    I second the Craig’s List item. I’ve post a number of items and get a lot of spam with get rich quick ideas.

  • Damie

    I’m disappointed that there are no statements insisting ‘this is not a scam’.

  • Sherri A.
    Sherri A.

    Did you try responding to Craigslist jobs postings? I get tons of scam BS that way. I post my resume because they’re looking for an administrative assistant or secretary or data entry clerk, etc, and what I get is people who e-mail me back with horrid grammar wanting me to run to my nearest Staples and buy a printer, some checks, and software that lets me print out checks. Clearly legit, no? ;]

    It’s either that one, or they want me to run around town grabbing the license plate numbers of residents to input into a “completely legal government database”. Mmmhmmm. I just bet.

    The rest are downright out and out spam. You can have all of it if it makes you so excited xD.

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